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  1. I’m also assuming the vast majority of m these are NPO nations. They seem to be the only fairly active alliance left.
  2. Get yourself back into my range and we can hit FTW together!
  3. Steve, you do realize that your alliance was one of the few who had the ability to actually change some of this if you were so inclined.....right?
  4. kerschbs

    The 'C' word

    Get well soon Daj, we are all pulling for you.
  5. I just like the fact that IRON was complaining about hitting GATO's upper tier. Makes me warm and tingly on the inside.
  6. I'm still rebuilding the tech that Umbrella (and some other folks) took off me last war.
  7. That is actually kind of mind blowing.
  8. Chim seriously? An interview with Junka? Hell, you don't even like Junka.
  9. Congratulations Tywin, you got Goldie and I to agree on something.
  10. I'd like to here more about why you are no longer hand.....I heard it was entertaining.
  11. DBDC is an outlier, albeit a really awesome one to watch operate. Like Caladin said, I don't think you can get a large enough concentration of strength in any other NS range but the god tier to make it work like DBDC does.
  12. kerschbs

    Chimaera Callout

    Happy Birthday Old Man!
  13. It can be fun knowing that the hammer is coming for you. Can't win all the time.
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