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  1. youre not wrong, but I hate this so much. Edit: and this web is great, thank you guys.
  2. Except for the five days you nuked Bundy and then bragged on another medium that you were reducing his damage taken deliberately.
  3. I can’t believe you put in enough effort to actually type out this nonsensical and disingenuous post. You want to see the logs of FAN asking for help? Find me on Discord and I’ll happily show you the screenshot. You don’t actually care though. FAN doesn’t do treaties, but we’ve long been informal allies. Firingline helping? How many times did yoi chuckle typing that? He’s either one of the worst fighters in CN history or was deliberately hindering the war effort. Based on the outcome there’s no guess as to which actually happened, but you spinning it as a positive effort on his part is about par for the course. I’d say your better than this Hershey, but you’re not.
  4. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, unless you were coming to try and sign a treaty? That being said, congratulations on your treaty. Somehow this relationship seems fitting.
  5. Finally, it’s about time this happened. I’m very pleased this got done and I’m excited to see what this treaty leads to in the future. Obligatory roll Velo.
  6. So many words, so many inconsistencies. You declared war on NG, asked for peace a few days later, and expected that to be granted. When you had been agitating for war against us for months. I told you we’d be happy to grant you peace when the conflict wrapped up with Kashmir. I told the same to Korlath. Devo never came to me and advocated for peace, so not sure what you even mean there. You also wanted to give up and leave this planet (delete,) what would it have mattered if we kept you at war until that time? More importantly for what reason would I have had to trust you, a ruler who had been a direct antagonist to me for months, that you weren’t simply going to go to peace, restock, and continue to be a problem for me? Instead you decided to flaunt a decade of CN precedent, abused your senate power and sanctioned a bunch of uninvolved nations, and lead yourself down the path you are on. You talk tough and declare “you’re never approaching us for peace” which is fine since somehow you can’t understand that the nations who are hitting you are enjoying themselves immensely (besides Lucius who for some god unknown reason feels bad for you.) However no matter what you know damn well that this entire situation was 100% of your own making. You can only blame yourself for the myriad of awful decisions you’ve made.
  7. You sound mad. Remember when I told you not to do anything stupid? That you would have been allowed to surrender with Kashmir at the conclusion of the last war? That would have been the reasonable thing to do, but no you decided to try and blackmail Non Grata into giving you peace by threatening to sanction our allies, which you then did in a hissy fit when I didn’t act on your bluff. We all could have walked away from the last 8 months of idiocy relatively unscathed besides a normal few weeks of war. Instead we find ourselves here: TPF is rebranded and you’re a rogue who will be at war until CCC decides you’ve earned the opportunity for peace.
  8. With GK gone and Johnny much less active the meme game on Bob has really declined this year. We are all the losers on that one.
  9. Once again we were approached to hit Bundy as was FARK. We didn’t go to them and ask for slots. I know this is hard for you to comprehend but we defend our friends when asked.
  10. Your friends in CLAWS are smart, I’m not convinced they’d want to deal with the drama of accepting a nation at war with a number of alliances. But yes, please continue to give us your opinion on what we can and can’t do. I’m always willing to get diplomatic lessons from the powerhouse that is Doomsquad.
  11. This was not offered to me, I would have taken this deal in a heart beat. Congrats to the both of you, this was a long time coming.
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