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  1. Hoo and I have a seat for you, right over here. (Hint: it’s in NG.)
  2. Yes but once you get a taste, there’s no going back. Hell I was a democracy loving GATOan for a decade and I still ended up here.
  3. You can message Stewie on discord for your pending NG application. Enjoy.
  4. You’d be surprised, there’s quite a few old folks left. I think half of us are here in spite.
  5. I think I’m supposed to say something about the approval of Cole Hammels here.
  6. ahem got a seat for you right over here friend
  7. Oof I knew it was bad. Poor Javier, no more raids for him.
  8. How many non Oculus targets do you even have at this point?
  9. side note we have an embassy, I’m in NG GOV and post there. If you want to have a more substantive discussion we certainly can, I normally just say hello to all my old friends.
  10. Plus a beer review. Haven’t seen one of those in many a year.
  11. please get someone to hit me, I’m in anarchy and don’t want to miss out on the fun.
  12. Indeed. I’m mad I can’t declare any more wars, can you get someone to hit me?
  13. We’re all a little confused. If it’s the annual curb stump they should have the fortitude to just say so instead of hiding behind some false pretense of a legitimate CB.
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