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  1. Anyone surprised Tank’s questions have been ignored? I can hear the crickets chirping. Good thing DA brought this up with LOD though.
  2. Wait what? Facts? We both know that isn’t how this works, or at least hasn’t for many years
  3. I was able to buy one nuke, but not the second. (I have a WRC.) I’ve been playing this game a long time, I don’t ever remember this bug being such an issue.
  4. As much as I like NPO (and I do) if those are your goals I think you may be in the wrong alliance.
  5. I only wish you guys did more of the heavy lifting. I’d much rather nuke Velo than the kind folks from NPO.
  6. How do you figure? NPO/FTW have made it pretty clear that EZI is the only ending in the cards for Non Grata.
  7. You heard the man, nothing to see here besides NPO and IRON continuing to do the heavy lifting for their ally.
  8. Our cause has been vindicated and our honor satisfied.
  9. Last I checked asking to start dialogue is a far cry from dictating the nature of a war Joseph.
  10. Come on, you’re not new here. Looking at NG’s war screen for 10 seconds would point out how silly this idea is. Maybe a quarter of our existing wars are FTW, and that’s being generous.
  11. Have fun fighting FTW while you can. Your defensive slots will be primarily NPO, IRON, and Legion unfortunately.
  12. What was GATOs role in asking for reps? Don't make me come home and run for AC. I might win.
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