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  1. I don’t mind DBDC, they’ve been living in a different world for ever and I respect them for what they were able to become. The entire world has either feared or avoided them for years. I wish they’d have done a little more than torment XX/SF and their underlings for the last decade or so but it is what it is. However to see WC take their banner and crow like she’s not someone who runs and hides at a moments notice is a little rich.
  2. Yes. Mainly because I’m bored and it might spark enough anger that these useless ass alliances on this planet wake up and defend themselves.
  3. Played that game for far too long. Few people left worth putting in the effort. Besides Thrash and Stewie are much better than about it than I am.
  4. You may one day want to demonstrate having a spine however.
  5. Your mistake is thinking I’m taking about this raid event. I’ve burned my nation to nothing multiple times, you’ve tucked tail and run every chance you’ve ever had.
  6. WC will never understand our way of life. She’s much more interested in protecting her nations self interests (read pixels) than anything else.
  7. Yet no one bats an eye as DBDC literally declares war on the planet. Bravo you guys, it’s amazing how many faint hearted alliances around here tremble in fear of you.
  8. We both know they’ve never had the stones to hit someone who presents a challenge to them.
  9. I like this. I’m tempted to volunteer as tribute. Need more casualties.
  10. Walford has long departed unfortunately, he was an.....interesting fellow. Seeing as Ivan has already posted, I believe we can put the Franco matter to rest Junka.
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