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  1. Later guys. LOSS was a good alliance and a good ally when I was in GATO back in the day. Best of luck in your new home.
  2. I don’t know what Squanch is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.
  3. Who the $%&@ let us sign a treaty with those hooligans in Cobra? We’re doomed.
  4. I gave up as well and got my laptop out.
  5. Anyone have a good way to enter the moon base coordinates on a mobile phone?
  6. I didn’t I’m just willfully ignoring it.
  7. You do sound like a groupie, but you’re not wrong. I wish people were still motivated, because I’d love to watch Polar steamroll some of their detractors.
  8. What else is there? My nations soldiers wait for the next glorious day they can sacrifice themselves in glorious jihad
  9. Wars are fun down here, lots of action.
  10. Sherg is probably the best fighter CCC has, I spent many a day trading nukes with her years ago. However you’re conveniently ignoring the other war she’s currently involved in and everyone with eyeballs knows it.
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