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  1. That and the regularly scheduled radiation cleanse.
  2. 1700 or so days ago I was ready to leave this planet, having watched my former alliance go down in flames for the third or so time. Speaking to Caustic he asked me to join Non Grata, to try a different style of alliance than I had been in before (plus he promised me casualties.) I was tempted and made the leap, never looking back. The last few years have been some of my most enjoyable on this planet. The roguish behavior that became a year long crusade, the war with FTW over our flag, and then the rebirth and growth of a Non Grata reborn have been both invigorating and entertaining. It’s been a long time since I’ve served with such a competent and engaged membership. Love us or hate us, no one can deny the role Non Grata has had on Bob over the last decade. I’m so glad I made the decision to join this cast of marauders and malcontents. o/ Non Grata Blood for the Blood God
  3. I wish you the best of luck Korlath. I think not keeping the TPF name is the correct decision, easy or not.
  4. On behalf of Non Grata I accept the surrender of TPF based on the agreement above.
  5. You’ll look good with a Non Grata tag. Obligatory roll Velo
  6. He has petitioned for peace and plans to join FTW when his wars expire.
  7. Sure, or a poor attempt at humor. Take it as you will.
  8. 15 years in I haven’t started an OWF topic, not about to start now.
  9. A lot has happened in the last few weeks/months that has brought us to this point. I’m not proud of some of it, and I’m angry about others. Friends became enemies and that’s a terrible way to operate. That being said, an act of war was committed against Non Grata, and despite everything else there has to be an answer for that. No one gets to hit us and walk away. May the blood god bless us with casualties for all.
  10. I make no claim to either the Pope or Blood God title. I may be the leader of the alliance, but the church and state remain separate as they should be.
  11. Please ignore Londo, his brain operates on different frequencies than most humans. Anyone whose been on Bob long enough knows as such.
  12. This isn’t what I hoped for Kap, I honestly thought a blood letting could have been cathartic despite everything that happened. I’ll second Stewies comments and leave it at that.
  13. Something we all can agree on.
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