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  1. You know, since I joined CoJ I noticed Crymson's fascination, but I had no idea it went back as far as 2011. I can only assume he's butthurt you left TOP
  2. It would be interesting to see it over a longer period of time. Perhaps a year? Then it would also be interesting to see the same stats for as long as the game has existed.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a general forum issue or just an issue for me personally, but whenever I quote another user, it shows the quote twice. It did this before the upgrade and I could just delete the quote, but now it's not letting me delete one quote without deleting the other.
  4. I think OSRaven thinks he actually understands CN politics. After a two year break, I think at this point I can say with ease that I understand CN politics better than he does. That's pretty embarrassing to him.
  5. Damnit. I'm only a month off from being one of the oldest nations in existence. You older people need to delete and start new nations so I can take my rightful place.

  6. Then good thing Vox was never on the side lines. Real battles are won by the people who can convince others to join their side. That's what Vox Populi did to win our battle. That's what NPO did for years to get to the point where they were. It's what alliances like MK and GOONS have done to get where they are now. Real battles in Cybernations are not won militarily but by words.
  7. I have to admit, I just heard about one of these particular incidents today. I was greatly surprised that nobody did pick up the Vox Populi banner. The timing would have been almost perfect. However, the incident has come and gone and so has the timing for the formation as well. Oh well. I guess people forget that when there are oppressors, it's just as much the fault of the oppressed for not doing anything about it as it is the person or group of people doing the oppressing.
  8. Sorry to not getting to this sooner, as I've been busy with school and work and now my new video game, but I will now take a break from all that to respond. What I'm getting at is that if those conditions were to exist again (which they haven't) then Vox Populi would most likely be back to face them, regardless of who the perpetrator was. This is so far from the truth that I if I didn't know any better, I'd say you completely skipped out during the years of Vox Populi's existence. Most of Karma didn't actually care for Vox Populi that much. Before the Karma war, even leading up to it,
  9. NPO was part of the reason we had traction for Vox, but not the only. Would Vox Populi have existed with out the NPO? In all honesty, it's hard to tell. Many of the Vox founders were indeed personally affected by the NPO in a way for them to become Vox founders, and the few that weren't were affected in directly by the influence NPO had on it's allies at the time. I'd like to think Vox Populi would have been able to exist even with out NPO having existed at the time, but with out NPO at the time, it's difficult to know if there would have even needed to be a reason, since NPO is what held
  10. While I can admit, that typically This Week in Pacifica was obviously aimed at Pacifica, saying that a overwhelming majority of our efforts were aimed at NPO is simply not true. In fact, I don't remember that many Tattler issues aimed at the NPO, and I certainly remember a majority of of efforts were aimed more at TPF/Valhalla/GGA. Obviously, NPO had it's moments in the spot light due to this week in Pacifica, but I remember even several issues of those were dedicated to other alliances and Pacificans would complain because of it. A couple of links I'd like to mention at this point. http:/
  11. Except I don't remember reading any former Vox members state anything about being ready for NPO's action or w/e. All I saw was Starfox making a small comment that could have been directed at any number of alliances. And yes, those alliances have made some serious crimes against other alliances, but nothing like the hegemony of old. And it hasn't been years of silence. Many former Vox members have spoken up against those actions in the last several years, and many more are returning now to speak up against them now. Except we haven't been as silent as you like to think. As stated, forme
  12. I think its been made clear that vox will only ever be an anti-NPO movement and cared more about hurting that alliance than freedom. I think every member was someone that came up against NPO in the old days and lost. I doubt you will have popular support next time because your message of fighting oppression is a lie. Your true message is we hate NPO. Source: Waking my inner Reaver So I was reading the CN forums today, and came across this quote and I wanted to address it. However, I felt the particular thread that it was in was not quite the place for it, and so here I am at 43 minutes a
  13. These new forums are pretty fancy

  14. Between the hours of about 12:30 AM to about 4:00 AM is when I'm at my peek. It's when I think the most. It's when I get the most work done. And it's generally when I'm most efficient and effective. I'm not sure what it is about the night time. Perhaps the serienity, calmness or just general quietness of the hour. Or perhaps I'm just weird. Who knows. It was during those hours on the First of July in 2008 (My brother's birthday no less) that I read one of the most epic threads in Cybernations history. A thread that helped start it all. De Profundis. During this thread, Doitzel broug
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