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  1. You know, since I joined CoJ I noticed Crymson's fascination, but I had no idea it went back as far as 2011. I can only assume he's butthurt you left TOP
  2. It would be interesting to see it over a longer period of time. Perhaps a year? Then it would also be interesting to see the same stats for as long as the game has existed.
  3. I think OSRaven thinks he actually understands CN politics. After a two year break, I think at this point I can say with ease that I understand CN politics better than he does. That's pretty embarrassing to him.
  4. Damnit. I'm only a month off from being one of the oldest nations in existence. You older people need to delete and start new nations so I can take my rightful place.

  5. Then good thing Vox was never on the side lines. Real battles are won by the people who can convince others to join their side. That's what Vox Populi did to win our battle. That's what NPO did for years to get to the point where they were. It's what alliances like MK and GOONS have done to get where they are now. Real battles in Cybernations are not won militarily but by words.
  6. I have to admit, I just heard about one of these particular incidents today. I was greatly surprised that nobody did pick up the Vox Populi banner. The timing would have been almost perfect. However, the incident has come and gone and so has the timing for the formation as well. Oh well. I guess people forget that when there are oppressors, it's just as much the fault of the oppressed for not doing anything about it as it is the person or group of people doing the oppressing.
  7. Sorry to not getting to this sooner, as I've been busy with school and work and now my new video game, but I will now take a break from all that to respond. What I'm getting at is that if those conditions were to exist again (which they haven't) then Vox Populi would most likely be back to face them, regardless of who the perpetrator was. This is so far from the truth that I if I didn't know any better, I'd say you completely skipped out during the years of Vox Populi's existence. Most of Karma didn't actually care for Vox Populi that much. Before the Karma war, even leading up to it, just as many people from Karma alliances were calling us out for our opinions as there were people in the hegemony of the time. During the war, they were quite nice to us, mostly because it would have been a PR disaster for them had then not been. After wards, they continue to call us out for our ideas to this day, and it's quite disappointing for me to see where some of our ex Vox Populi members have wound up. Perhaps it's because I'm not on IRC as much as I used to be, but I have not seen ANYTHING since I came back even close to what I saw leading up to the formation of Vox Populi that helped enforce my decision to join Vox Populi. I remember people who would go out of their way to make people's lives miserable just because they opposed their alliance or their bloc. Like I said, perhaps it's because I'm not on IRC much, and perhaps I'm just not in the right channels when I am, but I have seen nothing like what I saw the first two months leading to the formation of Vox Populi.
  8. NPO was part of the reason we had traction for Vox, but not the only. Would Vox Populi have existed with out the NPO? In all honesty, it's hard to tell. Many of the Vox founders were indeed personally affected by the NPO in a way for them to become Vox founders, and the few that weren't were affected in directly by the influence NPO had on it's allies at the time. I'd like to think Vox Populi would have been able to exist even with out NPO having existed at the time, but with out NPO at the time, it's difficult to know if there would have even needed to be a reason, since NPO is what held the hegemony of the time together. But yes, I admit a major part of the reason we had traction for Vox Populi was NPO. However, it was not the only reason and just to right against NPO was not the main reason a majority of the alliance fought. As for your proof in two forms, 1. I admit this is true, however not because of what oppression. This has more to do with the who than the what, and the timing. For an entity such as Vox Populi to exist, it has to have the right people behind it. No one individual has been greatly affected by the current hegemony such as people like Doitzel and Starfox were affected by the previous hegemony. Because of this, no one person has the drive or influence for such an alliance to exist. Let's face it, people like Electron Sponge and Doitzel were quite popular in the community and because the Vox Populi announcements had their signatures attached to them, more people read them. Another thing to note is that Vox Populi hasn't done anything regardless of what oppression rose to power against anyone, including NPO. This is for a lot of reasons, as I've stated, including but not limited to the fact that a lot of former Vox members, just aren't on Planet Bob anymore. This also helps prove a point I've made in the past about the current hegemony not being as bad as the previous. They haven't ticked anyone off enough to get them to that driving point. For Vox Populi to exist and to be successful, the timing and people involve have to be just right, and so far, the correct time just plain hasn't happened yet. People have to get to that breaking point, and people haven't gotten there yet. When the timing is right and the people are ready, I'm sure Vox Populi, or an entity similar will rise to represent the people against the forces of tyranny that oppresses them. 2. This I can't debate and quite frankly, I'm not quite sure why it's the case. However, I do know it's never former Vox Populi members that bring it up. While I'm sure that means very little, I stand by my point. Vox Populi was never meant solely as a movement against NPO. If it was, you wouldn't have people like Starfox and I telling these people it wasn't every time they ask for Vox Populi to rise again against NPO. Heck, maybe I am a mass minority, but I know most of the Vox Populi members I've talked to since I've returned to activity within the game, have stated their opinions against the current hegemony. A majority of them are the few people left on Planet Bob who were in Vox Populi from the day it started, to the day it ended, and regardless of what the world may think, I know how those former members think about it. Now, I know there are former Vox members who's opinions differ from mine, most of which are now in the current hegemony. A funny thing about that is that I have not been in contact with any of them since I came back and a majority of them left Vox Populi at some point or another because Vox Populi was not anti NPO enough for them. So yes, I understand why one might think Vox Populi was solely an anti NPO movement, but I also know that's just not the case. Right now is just not the time, and it's not the same conditions that lead to Vox Populi in the first place.
  9. While I can admit, that typically This Week in Pacifica was obviously aimed at Pacifica, saying that a overwhelming majority of our efforts were aimed at NPO is simply not true. In fact, I don't remember that many Tattler issues aimed at the NPO, and I certainly remember a majority of of efforts were aimed more at TPF/Valhalla/GGA. Obviously, NPO had it's moments in the spot light due to this week in Pacifica, but I remember even several issues of those were dedicated to other alliances and Pacificans would complain because of it. A couple of links I'd like to mention at this point. http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tattler/Bastion http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tattler/Operation_KILLDOZER http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tattler/%E2%80%9CI_OBJECT.%E2%80%9D http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tattler/The_Song_Remains_The_Same http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tattler/Sound_And_Fury http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tattler/Slouching_Toward_Francograd That is every issue of the Tattler, only the last two of which mention the NPO at all. I'll admit, it might seem like Vox got on NPO the most because NPO was the biggest alliance at the time. It was the powerhouse behind the hegemony of the time, however Vox went after all the alliances of the hegemony, not just NPO and stating that Vox was only an anti-NPO movement is totally inaccurate. This is true. It's also mentioned in my blog. And I admit, there were members like that, but that is not to state Vox Populi as a whole was that kind of movement. You also mentioned Doitzel. Another big problem with why you don't see many former Vox members speak out against the current hegemony is because there quite frankly aren't many of us left. Vox Populi was the most fun most of us had in this game. There's nothing that can quite compare to it. When the Vox charter was suspended, many (including myself) just got bored and stopped playing. But I assure you, many of those people would be voicing their opinions now if they were still playing and since I remember a lot of the conversations had on the forums and IRC, I'm sure many of them would be disappointed to see how the world currently is. The point is, Vox Populi was never strictly an anti NPO movement and to state that is to misunderstand the point of our movement completely. Yes, some members of Vox Populi didn't like NPO, but that was because they were leading the oppression taking place. Our message of fighting oppression was never a lie and the majority of the Vox members left today continue to speak out against it today. You know what's really funny though? You mentioned Schatt, me, Starfox and Doitzel being people who have spoken out against the current power structure. While I myself was not a founder, I joined Vox Populi the day it started. Those others were founders. They were also all members of Vox Populi for the entire existence of the alliance. Of the people you mentioned that have mocked people speaking out against the current power structure, RV, Kingzog and Cheyenne all surrendered within 3-6 months of the war starting. CSM was only there for the last 3-4. Those people left because they realized that Vox Populi wasn't the anti NPO movement that they were looking for.
  10. Except I don't remember reading any former Vox members state anything about being ready for NPO's action or w/e. All I saw was Starfox making a small comment that could have been directed at any number of alliances. And yes, those alliances have made some serious crimes against other alliances, but nothing like the hegemony of old. And it hasn't been years of silence. Many former Vox members have spoken up against those actions in the last several years, and many more are returning now to speak up against them now. Except we haven't been as silent as you like to think. As stated, former Vox Members have spoken up and more are continuing to come back to the game and speak up now. My question, is why we are the only ones expected to speak up against it? Anyone can speak up against the voices of oppression to do the right thing, yet somehow only Vox Populi is ever expected to? That is the hypocrisy of this entire situation.
  11. I think its been made clear that vox will only ever be an anti-NPO movement and cared more about hurting that alliance than freedom. I think every member was someone that came up against NPO in the old days and lost. I doubt you will have popular support next time because your message of fighting oppression is a lie. Your true message is we hate NPO. Source: Waking my inner Reaver So I was reading the CN forums today, and came across this quote and I wanted to address it. However, I felt the particular thread that it was in was not quite the place for it, and so here I am at 43 minutes after update, writing a blog about Vox Populi again. While I'm sure many people are just plain tired of the subject (after four years of it popping up at least once a month, I'm sure I would be too) I happened to be in Vox through out it's entire life time, and I'd like to think I might know something about it. Of course, if you are one of those people whom are tired of reading about Vox or seeing threads or blogs about it, you are more than welcome to click that little x at the top of the tab and exit out of this particular blog entry. It's your decision. First off, Vox was not an Anti-NPO movement. In fact, this was made clear even in the introduction topic. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=30981 The first two alliances declared war upon were GGA and Valhalla. It's true, we declared war on "all others who seek to crush freedom, and those who force you to live in fear," which at the time in the context that Starfox was speaking in, would indeed include NPO. However, we didn't even actually start actual combat with the NPO until NPO made an announcement about how they were outlawing the rebels known as Vox Populi, or something along those lines. I was unable to find the actual announcement. The second part was also quite untrue. Not every member of Vox Populi had fought against NPO and lost. Of our well known members, the best one to name would be Schattenmann, whom never faced down NPO until Vox Populi. Another prominent member, Chunky_Monkey was a former GOONS member, whom had also never been declared on by NPO. There were also several other members, most of which I don't remember by name that had never cared about NPO in any way. Many members of Vox Populi had different reasons for joining. Some did indeed do it for revenge against NPO, and many of them happen to be a part of alliances in the current hegemony Some people did it for their friends. Some people joined because they wanted vengeance against other alliances in the hegemony such as TPF, Valhalla or more popularly, GGA. Many joined because they were tired of being oppressed. Their ability to speak their mind was being forced away by them, and joining Vox Populi gave true political freedom. And then of course, some peopled joined just because they were bored. But what Vox wasn't, was full of NPO haters. You heard us speak mostly of NPO because they were the driving force behind the hegemony. They were what held it all together. It was only natural to speak of them the most. As for the third part, I'll state it again, our goal was to fight oppression and there was no lie about that. If you don't believe me, you can read the membership's reasons themselves, word for word, with the reasons why they fought. In conclusion, the topic of Vox Populi is starting to tire even me. It amazes me that still, to this day, 4 years later, that anyone would still try to debate our reasons for Vox Populi's existence. We had given you all of our reasons on a silver platter, yet you still debate them? And I will re-emphasis what Starfox said. Vox Populi never truely disbanded, it only had a charter suspension. That charter can be re-enacted at any point. However, regardless of what many may think or say, now is not the time nor place, and anyone who thinks it is, or has been at any point in the last four years, does not truly understand what made Vox Populi so successful. Hopefully, this may be able to help open some eyes to that.
  12. These new forums are pretty fancy

  13. Between the hours of about 12:30 AM to about 4:00 AM is when I'm at my peek. It's when I think the most. It's when I get the most work done. And it's generally when I'm most efficient and effective. I'm not sure what it is about the night time. Perhaps the serienity, calmness or just general quietness of the hour. Or perhaps I'm just weird. Who knows. It was during those hours on the First of July in 2008 (My brother's birthday no less) that I read one of the most epic threads in Cybernations history. A thread that helped start it all. De Profundis. During this thread, Doitzel brought to light information about the Orders and the strained relationship between them. One of my favorite Doitzel quotes was brought about in this thread. And about a month and a half later, on that fateful 13th of August, after several players quit and after several wars had started, a revolution finally started. At about 4 hours before update, Starfox101 made an epic announcement. This particular announcement would change the world. At the time, Vox Populi was basically a suicide pact. None of the founders knew what it could and did become. In just a couple of hours, Vox Populi gained almost 50 members, growing faster than any other alliance I can think of. Of course, Vox Populi today is not known for it's size, as we spend most of the revolution at about 30 or less nations. But those 30 or less nations had a voice. And a voice is all you need to start a revolution. A voice is all you need to change the world. And that's what we did. Over the course of the next 10 months, we fought. You saw us in every hegemony announcement. If we felt the announcement was good, we praised it. However, generally, we didn't think the announcement was good, and that's when we did condemned them. With each debate we gained more influence. People began to listen. One of the revolutionary things about Vox Populi was also spies. It was a known fact that we used them. We not only used them, but we bragged about it. Publications such as The Tattler and This Week in Pacifica were huge hits with occasional parodies of This Week in Pacifica still happening today. We also made friends. FAN and OcUK were in similar situations as us at the time. It only made sense that eventually, we could come together as one bloc. Friendship is a powerful thing, and some friends are just destined to be together. To this day, I am ever thankful and respectful of FAN and OcUK for all that they did for us. Our words were our weapons and our spies were our fuel, but our determination was what truly made Vox what it was. Every member of Vox Populi that I remember was highly motivated and highly educated in the ways of Cyber Nation politics and with several prominent members of the CN community within Vox Populi, when a member of Vox Populi spoke, people listened. And while NPO and friends continued to call us irrelevant, the rest of the world watched in wonder as we continued to dodge and weave around them. We did things never thought possible before, such as electing our own Red Team Senator. If I remember right, we even had the green team for a day or two. Another one of our more memorable acts was getting TOP sanctioned by ghosting their AA, and then downgrading GGA to the "Imperial Green Village of the NPO." Our thoughts and opinions were made clear and well known. The best part however, is that eventually, people started to agree. People grew tired of the hegemonic regime and after just one tiny incident, Karma was born. A destructive force they proved to be, scarring most of NPO's allies so much that on April 21rst 2009, after war had been declared on NPO, the alliances known as IRON, MCXA, OG, NATO, GGA, Valhalla, TPF and Echelon all canceled their respective MDAPs with NPO and chose not to come to their defense until later. And with the birth of the Karma War, came the death of Vox, as all good things must eventually come to the end. On May 20th, 2009 the former Vox Dei of Vox Populi, Doitzel, made the final Vox Populi announcement. Those words continue to ring true today, regardless of how well people listen to them. However, today is a day of memory. Today, on this August 13th (the Four Year Anniversary of the founding of Vox Populi) we should once again give thanks. We should give thanks to all who dedicated their efforts towards the cause Vox Populi stood for. We should give thanks to all the spies, soldiers, allies and politicians who helped make Vox Populi what it was. So remember today all the freedoms you have. Remember how little you fear PZI, and appreciate how you can post on the forums with out having to worry about 20 other rulers posting about how stupid you are, just because your opinion doesn't match the opinion of the hegemonic regime. Remember the revolution and look at much the world has changed since the start of it, and how much it's changed since the end.
  14. It's hard to believe it's been four years. Vox Populi was the greatest alliance it's ever been my pleasure to serve in. May she forever rest in peace.

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