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  1. It's been fun. Thanks for the good times guys, as both an ally and as a member.
  2. Mushroom Kingdom has had some good people. Being completely sincere and honest about it. It's unfortunate that those good people are not as vocal and therefore overshadowed by the extremely rude and obnoxious people who generally represent the alliance on these boards and unfortunate that more of those good people didn't stay in the alliance for the whole trip. Regardless I only send well wishes to former MKers as they find new homes. I'm not sure there's any better way to put it than how RandomInterrupt put it in the above quote.
  3. You know, since I joined CoJ I noticed Crymson's fascination, but I had no idea it went back as far as 2011. I can only assume he's butthurt you left TOP
  4. Is this seriously still a thing? And people still think I knew about it before hand? Almost 5 years later? Seriously?
  5. I try to stop by and say hello every once and a while, but it's difficult enough to get me active on our forums.
  6. One doesn't agree to anything before the war even begins. That makes the war completely pointless.
  7. This cancellation makes sense and with the way the treaty web is now, any cancellation that makes sense is a good cancellation to see.
  8. This seems more like a functioning alliance.
  9. In a bigger alliance, that's one of the responsibilities of a war minister. Being unable to check your war screens only shows incompetence.
  10. Goddamnit. I'm allied to Starfox again, aren't I? I just can't get rid of this fucker. I kid, I kid. However, it is nice to see this treaty finally announced. Polar are good people. It's like you think you matter or something. Like you didn't just lose a major war...
  11. As soon as RV gets peace, I'm sure he'll be switching sides again.
  12. I think this thread has been more than just a show. People fail to realize (yourself included) that the OP is only the opening act. The rest of the thread is the main show. And I must disagree. The greatest part is you continuing to come in here and keep going on about how irrelevant the information is, yet you continue to post, proving how relevant it must actually be. And obviously you care about CoJ that much, or you wouldn't be continuing to post. And obviously, it does matter to you what he thinks, and what other people besides you and your allies think, or you wouldn't have spent 24 pages trying to tell everyone how irrelevant the OP is. You keep saying one thing, but your actions certainly state otherwise.
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