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  1. No, CN is literally the cockroach of the inter webs
  2. Seems legit, almost overly diplomatic if you ask me, not sure why it came to war
  3. Never did I think I'd see this day in a million years...or the 5 I've been playing this game o/NpO o/NPO Now, let's blow $&!# up!!!!
  4. Time to have a Farkan party!!!!! Congrats guys!!!
  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa!! There was no chest thumping there. I was merely pointing out, after your boisterous "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech that not everyone of your nations have taken up the cause. You have the bravado to try and sell this to your members as some sort of righteous fight. That the attack was unwarranted, when the truth is that they are suffering because their leader's ego has put them in this spot. I don't know what lies you feed them, but the rest of us don't eat it.
  6. Sooo, you're definitely not proud of this guy right? Cause he didn't even fire one shot yet.
  7. Darn, were we supposed to be voting Grub all this time? :P o/NpO o/Sengoku
  8. I like this!! Congrats to both!!
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