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  1. I am typing this from my cross to give well wishes for Lestat's irl safety. also congrats grub!
  2. Kinda fitting that the NSO disbandment thread turned into a trollfest. Celebration of history or happy accident? I wish everyone a speedy flight out of CN and into more productive things in life.
  3. Effective immediately, MI6 is recalling all field agents and ceasing external operations. Parliament has rerouted funding and we are closing up shop. - M
  4. I validate Bernkastel's statement and Partisan's OP. Anyone who has an iota of knowledge about my actions while in Polaris would understand how ridiculous it is to think I was working, even passively, for MI6. The fact that I was a large part of our push to move closer to Oculus and sign with Pacifica is really all the evidence I need to absolve myself of Chimaera's poor word choice lol. I know, right? I bought all this craft beer for nothing
  5. You probably have more of an impact on MI6 government procedure than Chimaera presently does.
  6. The peanut gallery was referring to rainbow text guy who posted within 60 seconds of the OP just to tell us to disband and hakai lmao Pepper thy angus? Chimaera doesn't even play CN anymore dude. Can you and your associates please give it a rest with him, it's getting weird! This is how I feel even as the one making the announcement.
  7. I'll always have room in my heart for you, KZ. The peanut gallery really only refers to one person.
  8. For reference, this announcement is for the purpose of clarity and proper record-keeping. The commentary from the peanut gallery goes unread and unappreciated.
  9. Sorry for the lack of fancy graphics and stuff. We've had some changes over at MI6. EDIT: our old public channel is back. #mi6 - Our new leaders are myself and Bernkastel (but expect new ones soon, we're here to oversee elections and war peace efforts) Please direct all cares to my query on IRC.
  10. I sincerely regret my part in "reigning Mogar in" Pls stop posting in support of Oc
  11. I would prefer to read a rotavele post rather than your's - but I'm not entirely convinced you're not him
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