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  1. After hearing this, plus bros' recent predicament, I'm convinced that CN gives you cancer... Best wishes Bilrow. Hope everything goes well for you.
  2. Thanks for making this community something a little more special. I guess I can volunteer to help with occasional updates, as I'd rather not see the Sanction Race go defunct. If no one else stands up to take over, I can confidently say that I could provide monthly updates at the minimum. Being honest, I'll never be able to do daily updates on a consistent basis so maybe warstats will need extra hands.
  3. Hopefully you'll find new enjoyment in our old game.
  4. Sorry if that bloc still exists, but you weren't/aren't politically relevant enough to warrant exclusivity of the phrase. This entry is going to be about Polaris, XX members and former members, ex-SF, and that general sphere of influence that has maintained, by choice or force, a certain isolation from the main grouping that we would consider the treaty web. I wanted to discuss the formulaic use of the "Usual Suspects" as a political and economic tool of warfare against certain undesirable members within the popular coalition. How many times are people going to repeatedly curbstomp Polaris, XX, and ex-SF before they realize that people such as Pacifica, MK, TOP, Umbrella, and others are throwing peripheral allies against an isolated piece of the treaty sphere in order to politically weaken ties between desirable allies and undesirable members of the coalition, or in order to keep certain peripheral alliances from growing enough to be a statistical threat. How many times will the non-leader alliances be content to "wait until after this next war" and resign to the fact that "the targets are written in stone."? I won't speculate on which specific alliance(s) are to blame for the manipulation of the "coalition" at-large, nor will I bother listing the non-leader alliances, as I would enjoy being able to bump this in the inevitable future just to demonstrate the literal formula that certain groups use to ensure their own dominance at the expense of every single periphery group in CN.
  5. Maybe that's what needs to happen to bring some life back into our world. More wars = Less large nations = less of an ability to grow to such heights = less emotional investment = less pixel hugging = more wars? We just need the first domino to fall, and to fall on someone other than the usual suspects (XX, former SF, and co.).
  6. This reminds me of old CN drama and I like it.
  7. NPO: This is our job. NSO: We'll $%&@ it up, somehow. Kashmir: YOLO. RIA: Post more llamas and let Ogaden handle everything else. TLR: Is RushSykes still here? ODN: "Democracy" NpO: We're just nice people doing our thing. TOP: Let's talk about this a little more. Umbrella: Idk about war guys... DBDC: I wonder if we can break this game... LSF/UCR/Any Commie alliance: Surely people will join our just cause! NoR: Questionably racist. GATO: We're on brown for a reason. MI6: Recruit all the players. IRON: We don't know how we have so many members either. Non Grata: Maybe if we use our tongue more... GPA: Other people besides Jerdge? Valhalla: How about we just make a Declaration of Support? RnR: Is there an alliance we aren't tied to? FAN: Still lurking. STA: Still angry.
  8. Within the context, it's implying that "constant" will only remain so as long as the New Pacific Order exists. So for the NPO, it is a constant. It just so happens that the NPO may turn out to not be as immortal as our ideas.
  9. Within our world, it seems the concept of the Constant Revolution is lost on many. The spurned want to discuss the evils of Pacifican-Past. The uninformed want to bring up the inefficiencies or deficits they think still exist. The propagandists would tell you that the Constant Revolution was merely a way for Pacifican leadership to distort our pseudo-philosophy to whatever they saw fit. In this short entry I will explain the concept, its goals, and its practical applications while dismissing common misconceptions on the idea of: The Constant Revolution Any student of Darwin can explain, at a base level, the theory of evolution: The idea that organisms adapt to their environments based on their circumstance and need. The concept of the Constant Revolution was crafted in the image of the evolution within our natural world. Seeing the advantages that adaptability has within the animal kingdom, it only makes sense to bring that same adaptive quality to an alliance. The Constant Revolution is an idea that advocates for constant reevaluation. A common misconception is that the Concept itself argues for continual change and trial-and-error type scenarios to be used and reused within different context to try and form a more perfect Order. Nothing could be further from the truth. The idea is to constantly reevaluate oneself and the Order, to analyze and identify what can change, what should change, and what will change for the greater good of the alliance. It is not just a systematic concept, but a personal one as well. The first question any ruler might ask themselves before changing their alliance: What they can do to improve themselves and be the change? The common claim is that this Concept allowed Pacifica's leadership to distort our alliance's shape and motivations until it fit with their agenda. While no alliance can claim an entirely pure history, bereft of corruption or its share of mistakes, the Concept itself is not as open to abuse as one might think at first glance. Not only is the idea designed to enable swift change when needed, it was also built purely from a scientific standpoint. The only change that can truly be justified through the concept of the Constant Revolution has to provide empirical evidence supporting the change. We deal purely in the Material. No moral concepts nor emotional states influence the Constant Revolution. It is purely motivated by material facts and empirical data. Nothing more, nothing less. While no ideology is immune from the corruption of man, the Constant Revolution strives to raise itself above unflinching ancient ideologues and become less of a set-in-stone concept and more of a progression towards a more perfect Pacifica. Holton, Voice of the Order
  10. I gave this a chance because you linked it in another thread and honestly I got down to the third paragraph and skimmed other important-looking bits of your argument. I don't want to come across as harsh, but you're really trying too hard to make NPO out to be a bad guy. Not only is your argument full of holes and uninformed, it's actually completely false on some points. I like the effort you're putting into everything. I think if more people cared like you do this game would be more interesting. I just want you to do it in a way that doesn't make people laugh or ignore you. Again, not trying to be harsh. Just my analysis.
  11. Master Holton


    If I might use a metaphor: Imagine I formed a rogue alliance. In said rogue alliance we had a sizable group of people, say 40 or so. The name of my alliance is "Ghettoville". I role-play the black leader of an inner city gang and the members all role-play black members. We create propaganda pictures, avatars, etc. of stereotypical black people. We post with poor grammar and slang. We declare war on NPO for being on the red team because our gang colors are blue. The whole time I portray this war as a gang war between inner city, majority black gangs. I make a few announcements about how the NPO is encroaching on our turf and stealing our drug profits. Offensive or satirical? It's all a matter of perspective and how thick your skin is I guess. Satire is meant to be offensive/shocking on certain levels, that's the appeal of it in some ways. Mushquaeda rubs me wrong in some ways (like the joke threads about "identifying jews in CN" on the MK boards), but it's clear that they're just role-playing a satirical role. Nothing more or less. No need to take offense where none is meant.
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