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  1. Truly peak GGA. Just need \m/ to reform and declare GGA their attacktorate again.
  2. Adios, Chairman Hal. We rarely agreed on anything in-game but it is, after all, just a game. All the best post-CN.
  3. Maybe some day depending on how long it is before we all lose interest in this nonsense once again. Have fun on the way out!
  4. Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement The alliance that was the Siberian Tiger Alliance hereby declares war on the alliance formerly known as Cowboys but now known as Booger Nights. Not sure how many of us are still active but we've been attacked so we will defend ourselves, sort of. Za Sibir'! Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland Former Supreme Chancellor of the Siberian Tiger Alliance and still High Priest and Grand Arbiter of the Cybernations Church of Moralism
  5. Have fun nuking IRON. I'd join in but have done it many times before due to mostly being on the losing side of wars and IRON always conniving their way onto the winning side no matter the gymnastics required to do so. So, farewell NG, I'll enjoy the fireworks of your goodbye tour and seeing the third worst alliance in the Cyberverse burn at the same time.
  6. Again, just my opinion and you are more than welcome to do as you please. However, if you do not believe that the mutual defense treaty is warranted then I question whether any treaty is warranted at all with regards to defense and aggression. Getting to know other alliances can be done in back channels and developing a friendship comes from that. There is no harm in announcing an optional defense-optional aggression treaty but as I said, in my opinion, it is a redundant exercise. Anyway, best of luck to you both. Thank you. I am just occasionally calling in to see what is going on in the Cyberverse. It is certainly a lot quieter these days. As for my fall. I take some consolation in the fact that my fall was via parachute rather than being tossed from the ramparts.
  7. Yes, I did. Thank you. My opinion, of course, but if you aren't ready to announce anything "mutual" then you really aren't ready to sign a treaty at all.
  8. I wasn't judging any alliances at all. Good or bad. Just commenting that it seems a rather redundant exercise to announce an optional defense-optional aggression pact as this, to me, is the default setting between all alliances.
  9. Yes, the great log dump of Sponge's "OOC attack" on Moo that gave the NPO the green light to attack the NpO. Something they and their allies were planning on doing anyway whether this log dump occurred or not. Sponge went AWOL and Random asked me to assist in a semi-legal passing of the crown from Sponge via himself to me to appease the NPO. Unsurprisingly the NPO were not enthused by my appointment so I then appointed Grub as my successor. In all honesty, it was probably my one regret in the game. In hindsight we should have raised the middle finger at the NPO rather than trying to appease them and left Sponge as Emperor, even in absence. NPO and friends were going to roll Polar regardless of who was Emperor and it would have been far more dignifying to go down with middle finger raised than what actually happened.
  10. Hmmm, people announce completely optional pacts these days? The "A Lot of Noise About Nothing Pact" We both agree to do whatever we like should something happen in the future. Signed Some alliances Feel free to use this template in future.
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