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  1. Your still around. Hope all is well with you.
  2. The irony LOL. NG were Oculus puppets for what seemed like years.
  3. Another NPO boogeyman topic. Nothing better to talk about I guess.
  4. Glad to hear your back and feeling better!
  5. Thanks for the updates Quantum Leap, very much appreciated.
  6. Splendid news, glad to see you back posting for yourself. I hope to see many more!
  7. conistonslim

    The 'C' word

    Fantastic news! Thanks for the update QL.
  8. conistonslim

    Enjoying CN?

    Been around the game about 5 years now and still enjoying the game. Nice to see a reverse in player count recently even if the gains are negligible.
  9. A very accurate description of the STA.
  10. The war mechanics should be the next item to be updated. Finding the right balance so we have less time between wars. Quicker post war rebuilding or less damaging wars, not sure which way to go. But what it really comes down to is retaining new players and the best way to do that I believe is to get them in an active alliance where members bond and become friends and CN almost becomes secondary to thier alliance community. We have many longtime members in the STA who keep playing the game simply because of friendships made over the years. Many have friendships outside the game. Should our alliance go the way of the dodo I would guess 60% of our members would call it a day.
  11. I could never get behind his policies, he seemed like a decent guy outside of politics and I really do feel for his family and friends.
  12. I would like admin to ban or cap reps as a consequence of losing a war(The precedent is there with viceroys). This is the single biggest factor that is choking the life out of the game. The lenth of time it takes to pay off reps and rebuilding time after reps are paid is staggering. Remove the reps and perhaps alliances would be less concerned about the consequences of stirring up some drama. At the very least it is a starting point without any major changes to the game.
  13. Don't know if Tyga meant you or not Bob, but you immediately came to mind after reading that sentence.
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