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  1. What word smiths do these Wolves possess within their ranks. "A Most Powerful and Tireless Enemy." While their leader looks for peace.
  2. I think you are confusing the words, important, and "special".
  3. God bless you, and your beautiful news network.
  4. Found some time between crying to IRON and the rest of your allies to post?
  5. Insulting your lack of intellect is far easier to do.
  6. You really haven't done anything other than suck up to the tit of your betters in this game. You are the one being intentionally obtuse, sorry that I don't have time to explain to you what your eyes can see on their own. You aren't my friend, I have no reason to be nice to you. Get over it. Man up and defend your ally against someone who can actually put up a fight, instead of picking on micros that you have beaten down time and time again. In the mean time we will continue to burn the furries.
  7. @Tevron If you are so butt hurt about us declaring war on your allies, do something about it. Tell us how you really feel.
  8. All you had to do is look at them next to each other and see the similarities. Where did you get some silly idea that we were friends? When was the last time we talked, eight years ago? Is that what the real problem is, you are upset that someone called out FTW and we aren't all sitting around singing kumbaya and jerking each other off?
  9. Go get your wrangler to help you out with that one. Make sure to wear your helmet, everyone else can clearly see the similarities, sorry that you are too obtuse to get it.
  10. GATO defending flat theft. That first flag, nothing like the Non Grata flag, the second flag, copy of Non Grata flag. They are trying to be Non Grata, they even copied our Alliance Information. Move along before you hurt your brain.
  11. They already have admitted that they copied it, yet you are trying to defend them?
  12. You are a special kind of retard aren't you? How is it that your wrangler allows you to use a computer?
  13. War started when we first attacked you. This is our Magnum Opus. Can't you read the title to the thread?
  14. Fake News Hime Lite. You are in two defensive wars.
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