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  1. Your still around. Hope all is well with you.
  2. The irony LOL. NG were Oculus puppets for what seemed like years.
  3. Dajobo you used to buy tech from this nation: https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=601550 You should do that again.
  4. This nation is selling tech, mostly active. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=601550 6/100
  5. Heh, if I had my old nation I would have joined you all with IRON being the !@#$% bags they are. Oh well, my nation and my interest are but a shadow of times past. Good luck.
  6. Not really, if they have better options as I suggested they don't sign MI6 which was a desperation signing.
  7. That is a matter of opinion. I think they would have been in a much better position post war if they had just sat out. I never understood HS's thinking aligning with MI6 was a better option than just sitting tight... but yeah I thought at the time signing MI6 was about as dumb an FA move as they could have made.
  8. What in my comment led you to believe I thought NG was the primary target? Those are your words not mine. TPF/NPO relations were already strained at that point, I was trying to convince roadie to look at the big picture, that NPO/TPF was already done, that TPF were hanging on due to nostalgia and NPO were hanging on because TPF was an asset. TPF could have stayed out of the war and suffered minor PR damage given the number of times they defended NPO and dissolving the treaty after the war. That scenario would have given them a better position to pursue whatever FA plans they had in mind.
  9. TPF reluctantly went to bat again for NPO in that war. I tried to convince Roadie to stay out given their history of always defending NPO, the deteriorating relations and the fact TPF could have activated the non chaining clause in their treaty. I have no doubt if the roles were reversed NPO would have done so. Roadie felt obligated to defend given their long history with NPO. TPF withdrew a month into the war because they wanted to get STA out. Right or wrong that was a month longer than NG got out of IRON. It is every NGer's right to hold a grudge towards TPF if they choose, I just find this a tad misplaced given that IRON ignored their mandatory defence clause in your treaty and had the fire power (unlike TPF) to actually tip the scales from curb stomp to winnable. Anyhow carry on gentlemen, I felt compelled to point out to the few remaining nation leaders in this realm that it was IRON, much more so than TPF, that screwed over NG and your coalition "in an absolutely spectacular way"
  10. Y'all are still going? Impressive or sad... not sure which.
  11. I must admit I have some mixed emotions (sadness and relief) with the official disbanding of the STA. Weird some of the things I remember about CN. I started my nation back in March of 09 and within two weeks was a member of the STA, the only alliance I have ever been a part of. It was an interesting time for me, a fella named Ivan Moldalvi had started a star wars themed alliance. Being a big star wars fan I was tempted to join an alliance called The New Sith Order but for whatever reason a recruitment message from some guy named Crown Prince Mishka caught my attention. Aside from the weird name I think it was the 3m promised to new recruits, seemed like a lot of money and tigers are kinda cool so off to the STA forums I went. Or when I first started tech dealing. Back then there was an abundance of sellers so I was selling outside the alliance, decided to sell to anyone allied to the STA at the time. I got NPO and NpO mixed up, started selling tech to Arcades07 at 3/50. I hated having empty slots so after one of our deals was completed I sent out 50 tech before getting paid. The Karma war started and I never saw my money. Like I said, weird how I remember that. When I think back on my fondest moments I think of Frostbite and the Bi-Polar war, those were fun times. After that it was a slow ride down hill. Met some cool people along the way, wasted way more time playing CN than I thought possible. As time rolled on gameplay became a second thought. Logging on to the STA forums became a habit as much as anything, although I have had some enjoyable conversations with various members. I think that is what I will miss the most when all is said and done. Anywho thanks to everyone past and present who made the STA the unique community it was.
  12. This is correct. Anyone attempting to smear ODN on the merits of not defending the STA last war are barking up the wrong tree. There was good communication between our respective alliances leading up to the war. I personally asked ODN to stay out. Further more our treaty is non chaining giving the ODN every right to stay out had we asked them to come in and vice versa were our roles reversed, that's the purpose of non chaining clauses. And to reiterate for the reading impaired we asked them not to defend.
  13. Hmm... I would like to say I am sad to see this but honestly I couldn't care less. Judge, HS, MP enjoyed our conversations. Have fun on the way out and good luck in the other realm when you all decide to leave. I would stop by your forums to say good bye but that seems rather unlikely so I say them here.
  14. Defending an ally from a losing war doesn't seem like a good idea either.
  15. Aye, he didn't deserve the flak he received.
  16. So you all had your little delay war... how long before you all turn on each other? Also, you all blow.
  17. I assume when Samus refers to the STA's huffing and puffing he is talking about posts from myself and others regarding IRON's lack of spine. For example when Samus or Sheppard opened a topic bragging in the most arrogant and condescending way possible IRON had surpassed two million alliance tech about 6 months after bailing on NG. So if that is the huffing and puffing Samus is referring to then yeah there is plenty of evidence out there for all to see. Otherwise not so much.
  18. We entered on a mandatory defence clause honoring our treaty, not something I would expect an IRON member to understand. We have members escaping to peace mode. Given the numbers against us I would say the STA isn't the only alliance past her prime. ;) Have a pleasant day.
  19. If the STA asked the NpO not to defend back in the day you would ignore us? I doubt it, you all had too much respect for us to go against our wishes in that scenario. You and I are friends Dajobo so I say this to you with respect, I don't give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about ODN or what they should or should not have done.
  20. When you were emperor you ignored the request of your allies?
  21. TPF didn't have to enter that war, they could have exercised the non chaining clause of their treaty, it was only out of a sense of loyalty they went in. I tried to convince Roadie to stay the hell out but he wouldn't listen, too much shared history. Would have been a lot better for the STA to have TPF sit out and we could have supported our then allies at UPN. But yeah, TPF were damn loyal to NPO. Ironic given the circumstances. Steve, I like Non Grata for the most part however I find it amusing there is so much anger from NG directed towards TPF who came in on a non chaining clause. (and TPF fought hard taking huge damage) Yet NG is still allied to IRON who left you high and dry ignoring the mandatory defence clause of your treaty. It wasn't TPF that nearly broke your coalition, it was IRON switching sides because with IRON the odds are pretty damn near even and maybe tip the scales in your coalitions favour. Believe me the NpO/TOP coalition were sweating over it. Main reason why our "friends" in that coalition kept silent when IRON suggested they attack the STA. With IRON flip flopping every other minute they couldn't afford not to have IRON on their side, we were an easy target with few treaties and the rest is history. So be pissed off all you want at TPF but lets call a spade a spade, it was IRON that screwed your coalition.
  22. Just want to clarify a thing or two. ODN. Seems some in this thread and others are questioning ODN's character as an alliance. Bunch of crap. Since our signing ODN have been exemplary allies, always keeping the lines of communication open without compromising their commitments to their other allies. Every time a political issue arose they came to us to discuss. Whenever they were looking to sign a treaty with they came to us to discuss. A simple sign of respect which we appreciate. We discussed the upcoming war on multiple occasions long before it happened, we knew exactly where each other stood, because that is what allies do. I explained to OsRavan personally the STA would not expect or ask ODN to defend the STA in this conflict unless we were pre-emptively attacked. I hope this ends all the BS speculation regarding ODN. NPO/TPF. It has been argued by various NPO members that as TPF and NPO are no longer allied and as such NPO owes TPF nothing, that ex allies fight each other all the time. That may be true however there are very few alliances which had such a long and storied relationship as TPF/NPO. Very few alliances which have stood by through thick and thin as TPF has for NPO. Oculus had more than enough firepower there was no need for Pacifica to declare a single offensive war against TPF. In no way shape or form would such a policy compromise the operational effectiveness of the offensive. NPO you easily could have stepped aside allowing other alliances to fight TPF as a sign of respect for your past relationship instead you chose otherwise. It was a PR blunder, I hope it comes to bite you in the ass. I am sorry for TPF that NPO members don't see how such a small gesture is a sign of respect for an ex ally who sacrificed so much for Pacifica. To our allies in TPF and my fellow tigers. Fight with honor, fight with dignity. Za Sibir!
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