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  1. Homeboy

    The Status Quo

    Dear Friends, This blog entry is to open a discussion with the community on the state affairs of the game. I have played this game far longer than i ever expected and will probably continue to do so until I see no need to continue. When I first created this nation I was eager to grow and become a powerful nation; which in my own respect, I believe I am there. Every so often during the years of my growth, a war would come along and stymie my growth. But I cherished these moments. For me the game was never of political domination, it was about blowing stuff up. I, like many others wonder, what
  2. Thanks for visiting

  3. Homeboy

    The dragon is dead!

    Congrats !! Wish you the best !!
  4. Homeboy

    The 'C' word

    Go kick cancers butt man. Wish you a speedy and healthy recovery.
  5. Gah only 4 more million to crack the top 25...damn MHA, they need to fill up these slots of mine.
  6. Thanks for appeasing our thirst for statistical smugness
  7. We could careless about the rest of Bob but our allies <-- Our opinion
  8. I say lakers and thunder both in 5
  9. I completely disagree with your Nuggets vs Thunder selection, I love how the Denver Knicks have been playing but they are still not enough to take down last years western conference runner up the Thunder. Westrbrook+Durant+Ibaka will dominate this series, plus their bench is much stronger then that of the Nuggets. Also a tl;dr the Mav's will go on to beat the trail blazers even though portland has a really good team I still think that the Mav's will be able to pull through this series.
  10. Your going to need a bit more ram if you plan on a 27 inch monitor and Win7 OS. Also something that might be really helpful for you in the future http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-graphics-card,2569-6.html
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