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  1. Glad to see this finally come together. Been a long time in the works. Here's to a long and fruitful friendship!
  2. its nice to see this finally happen. I feel we've gotten close in the past, but the stars never aligned. Its been great getting to know you folks the last few months, and here is too a strong positive future relationship
  3. ::grins:: You know i'm your favorite caustic! Just couldn't get enough. Not even IRON can compare to your love of me! ::smirks:: If nothing else, its fitting. Since its been our luck (curse?) that we've had to fight alongside you in every war... win or lose... of NG's existence. So nice to get a few hits in as you guys vanish into the sunset. lol while I admit I always found your 'issues' with us a bit nonsensical from a logic stand point, you do keep things interesting. And no one's ever been able to call you guys scared of a good fight. So, yeah. If this really is your last rodeo, then glad we could be part of it.
  4. ::amused;: well thats rather random. I always found your grudge kinda amusing/odd. But whatever floats your proverbial boat. Least it keeps things interesting i suppose. Well ok. At youve always been fun to fight against. So here's hoping we have a good time for however long this lasts. No reason we can't engage in these things in good spirit, yeah?
  5. It is with great pride that the Complaints and Grievances bloc welcomes out newest brother, SLAP. CnG is one of the oldest blocs on bob, and we have managed to last for as long as we have by building our alliance on a foundation of trust and brotherhood as opposed to any single political goal. When looking for a new member, we search for someone who we know will have our back through thick and thin no matter what. CnG has been through tough wars and tough times together. We've seen honored members come and go as the planet shifts around us. But our bloc has endured through all this turmoil by a firm commitment to each other and our ideals. We are lucky to have found this sort of alliance in SLAP. Words are cheap, and anyone can SAY they will put friends before infra. But SLAP, over many years and countless wars, has lived up to this standard and demonstrated it with actions, as well as words. In many ways, this announcement is just a formality, making official a relationship that has existed for some time in spirit. Welcome to CnG SLAP. For the Orange Defense Network: Bucovina, Secretary General Peonn, Assistant Secretary General OsRavan, Secretary of Defense Franziskaner, Secretary of Interior Nikolay, Secretary of State Senate LXXVI: Cashua, Dr. Hrmmm, Exalted, Hawspiper, Soccerbum For TLR: The Triumvirate of TLR For Global Alliance and Treaty Orginization: Crv24, Assembly Chairman Alexio15, Deputy Assembly Chairman Overlord Wes, Minister of Foreign Affairs Diomedes, Minister of Defense Sir Kiloist, Minister of Finance Armen17, Minister of Domestic Affairs General Assembly of GATO For Sovereign League of Armed Powers: Banned, The Blood God Supreme Emperor Daeg, The Hand that Opens eviljak, The Hand that Fights Devialance, The Hand that Feeds claude, The Hand that Guides
  6. The network hungers! See you on the battlefield Legion
  7. sad day. You all have been great friends for many long years. I wish you well wherever you end up
  8. I would agree Adder. I would also say tbh that its irrelevant to the topic at hand. As in, my personal opinion (which people can message me privately if they are curious) actually had no baring on whether we went in or not and nothing to do with this dow really. But anyway said my piece so i'll go back to warring. I'm enjoying my clashes with you so far sparta.
  9. Heh, im one person and I would hardly say my personal views reflect ODN as a whole. Anytime you gather a hundred folks together there's going to be places people agree and places they disagree. However, if ODN wasnt of one mind in backing our allies involved in this war, we wouldnt have. So no, I dont pass my views (which I dont think forsparta is even aware of) as perse being representative of ODN as a whole. But my personal views also had little to do with ODN going to war here. Or with ODN liking and supporting our good friends in NPO for that matter (NPO is widely trusted and respected in our alliance. As is fitting for an mdp ally). So mostly I would chalk the question up as irrelevant
  10. ODN and TLR DOW ODN and TLR, fighting side by side again, honor our MADP with Atlas and declare war on Sparta. Sparta, we are looking forward to a fun war and will see you on the battlefield. You have always been honorable opponents. The Network Hungers. Secretary General: bucovina Assistant Secretary General:Hawspiper1983 Secretary of Defense: Overlord Shinnra Secretary of State: OsRavan Secretary of the Interior: King Obsidian Secretary of Economics: Peonn Senate : Carson, Hobbies0310, Soccerbum, ThreeOfSpades, Twizzler The Triumvir and associated Rabble of the Wasteland of TLR
  11. My friends and brothers.... this is a sad day. You were the truest allies that could be wished for. I wish your members well wherever they go. We had some great memories.
  12. STA you were great allies and great friends. I'm sad to see this day come. I hope a few of you that ive become friendly with decide to stick around just for the pleasure of your company. I wish those of you leaving for good best wishes in your future endeavors. And i'm honored we are able to do this last service for you of protecting your AA while you go through this process.
  13. Ohh I meant to comment earlier too. This quote is in a nutshell exactly whats wrong with this place ((OWF and all its attached places). Someone posts some BS, such as schatt does. If you DONT respond, the talking heads will go 'ohh you agree with him you were scared to contradict.' If you point out the blatant BS nature of the comments, you are "trying too hard" and must be lying. In other words, in this particular venue no one actually cares what you say or don't say, its just propaganda circling propaganda. And people wonder why theres a lack of intelligent conversation in this venue heh.
  14. Wow. You really are obsessed. Even topics that have nothing to do with me, there I am. ::amused::. I wasnt aware that we are now blaming alliances that happened to fight in the same war for reps demanded by third party alliances. What on earth GOONS.. an alliance never allied to me... demanding reps of you has to do with me I have no idea. Unless you mean that no, I wouldnt peace out separately in a coalition war. That, like not demanding reps, is something I dont believe in. I'm consistent like that. What you're really saying, is my stances have hurt you personally so you've an axe to grind. When you find *ME* demanding reps you can come make your point. In ant event, point, on balance i'm a fan of this treaty.
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