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  1. He's gross, he knew who he was attacking, and...SEND IT TO END IT!
  2. Stop giving people so much to complain about...
  3. I enjoy the irony. It's silly to whine on the OWF (it is, it's fun!). No one wants to interact with you! *Proceeds to whine on the OWF and interact with those uninteresting folks.*
  4. The substance is all there. You're just not too bright. Seems you suit each other. Why don’t you bring actual substance before spouting off nonsense?
  5. Nah, I just don't want to hang out with creepers. And there's no way you can argue he didn't know who he was attacking. You picked it. Enjoy it.
  6. I have seen no evidence of such thing. He is a creep and an idiot for attacking a clearly protected individual that he knew was protected. He now faces the consequences. In my eyes, you are also scum for allowing him into your...home...if you choose to call your cesspool that.
  7. No one wants to hear from you, Veracity supporter. (Also, I’ve used walnut twice in this thread already 😂)
  8. Except they sent him aid (including aid from Randalla which means someone asked her to send it), so they were supporting him, you walnut.
  9. Interesting actions from someone who had no idea what they were doing and that would like to descalate things. Someone not looking for a war or drama. CLAWS, you still choose to support this idiot? How long must we wait for your response to this, since you're all so busy and there's no way that you could have seen this already? I ask here and await a response since we're kicked out of your discord, because clearly we're the people in the wrong here... Again, I'll try to hear your response over the shouts of praise from your many, many supporters showing up in this thread...
  10. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with LH before, so this is fun. 100% true. This, right here. Again, I can hardly wade through all these posts of support for CLAWS, I’ll probably have to work late hours tonight to read through them all.
  11. I think it means a lot for someone "on the other side" to publicly share a truth. Cheers!
  12. That sounds lovely and I wish you chose to adopt that style earlier. None of your words have helped the CLAWS cause.
  13. And yet it is CLAWS that keeps condoning this drama over and over again.
  14. You're the one who brought up if the tables were turned how things would go down. What a weird way to address a CLAWS member attacking a CLEARLY protected individual. If we said that about someone under your protection you'd froth at the mouth. No comments on how it's a CLAWS member that messed up over and over again, so that it's CLAWS responsibility to solve it, eh? No comments on much.
  15. Weird, I did just that. And several members and gov were green when it was posted and throughout the day. Crickets. I'll go ahead and say it now, you can feel free to attack me without talking to anyone if I: 1. Attack someone that my alliance has already said is protected. 2. Ever ask out of the blue if ANYONE has been sexually harassed. *I also do not expect any aid from my alliance in these circumstances, and I fully expect to be shunned and have to take my punishment if the above occur, in fact, I would be quite disappointed in my alliance if they did attempt to support me and did not make me suffer for these wrongdoings. You clearly support this behavior, you walnut. All of you in CLAWS do. And why oh why is it always on us to come running to you? CLAWS should come running to the alliance that their idiot member attacked (or those that they're protecting) AND to the alliance that their same idiot member harassed. YOUR alliance member is in the wrong. They knew they were wrong IMMEDIATELY. It's on your alliance to fix this, no one else. Look at all of your supporters stampeding to agree with your ridiculousness.
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