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  1. I couldn’t tell any of you were alive when your Senators never cast a single vote. I’d say welcome back, but it seems rude to be happy that anyone is still playing this game.
  2. Could have ended the sentence here. I was allied to DT and on Black Sphere forever. Not once did I see even a hint of life from the alliance. It is downright shocking to see two DT folks posting anything.
  3. Truly this. If you have CMs to spy away on hand than you deserve all the worst in life, including reading this thread.
  4. It is my last CN dream. I'm down to try again any time (and I'm sure I can get the others to chill and let us have a real chance). Thank you!
  5. I do so wish we could have managed the most destructive war. Perhaps another time! 😍 Edit: The mention of war chests makes me laugh when it comes from the quitting party. My war chest is diversified in my NG friends, it never ends and you can't pilfer it all.
  6. I'd also add the statement that the last two minutes of that tank game video are "totally worth watching." Just baffling ideas all around.
  7. Strong alliance. Now there's three active folks between the two alliances.
  8. This is the real joke. Maybe the real joke was the friends we made along the way.
  9. Yes, annoying that must be. @Kapleostop whining that NG destroyed Boog. NG simply swept up the ashes from what you all destroyed.
  10. I have a few things to offer: Cheers to @Van Hoo X Extra nuke buttons for @firingline An I told you so for @Kapleo An I hate you all for everyone else Hmm, one more than a few. Several? What's the term for four?
  11. I think a dam game would honestly be super fun.
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