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  1. Bundy....yeesh. Cringe to the max. Well handled. Cheers again to Lucius for admitting to wrongdoing (always rare on the internet) and taking the consequences.
  2. *Slow claps* I came here to ask wonder out loud if Sparta was still alive. Not disappointed.
  3. *Chuckles and kicks a bit of rubble in Grady's nation.* 46,131.50 Strength Lost in one war.
  4. LH needs an excessive amount of attention. Quite exhausting. I'll give props for this post. I haven't seen someone say they were wrong on the internet, much less CN, in quite a long time.
  5. KORT has 62 nations in it and posted treaties. Attacking them is raiding?
  6. Y'all are goin' to make WC work overtime again. So mean.
  7. Three points. 1. You said only Lyanna talked to you in August. I joined Cobra in late June and am wondering when you ever talked and where. It definitely wasn't in Discord. Don't pretend you were ignored and then also say you were lazy and just wanted to sit and chill. Which was it? 2. I am Term's daddy, or at least step-daddy. 😘 3. Ew, you want to hang with LH?
  8. I used to roll around in an OPP alliance, so I'll always have love for TPF. Glad to see this iteration of it. All of you.
  9. I had to look up the word ponce. RV, I salute you for teaching me something new today and for how correct this statement is. RFI, that flag is dope. The green would have been nice too. Well done.
  10. He's gross, he knew who he was attacking, and...SEND IT TO END IT!
  11. Stop giving people so much to complain about...
  12. I enjoy the irony. It's silly to whine on the OWF (it is, it's fun!). No one wants to interact with you! *Proceeds to whine on the OWF and interact with those uninteresting folks.*
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