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  1. Tell this returned exile of all that he has missed.  Much it seems.

  2. Imagine believing anything/anyone in CN has relevance.
  3. Doubt and sincerity should both be heartily implied in CN. Cheers to you both. I worry for anyone who joins/WANTS to play this game (as opposed to just being too stubborn to quit), but I'm glad you odd Commandos have a friend to help you out.
  4. Your signature is cute, but misquoted and the grammar is wrong. This.
  5. While I do appreciate firingline’s votes (true that you didn’t say each person could only vote once), I say send TWO nukes. bang bang
  6. I now understand why KoRT declared war on Ningal “accidentally” TWICE when we danced. I love this more than anything else right now. To be so entertained without Discord! Free of the infiltrating tendrils of Russia and China! #Blessed
  7. Alliance Name: KoRT This makes a lot sense. Oh nooooooo....Russia and China are going to inflate us posting gifs, making fun of KoRT, and streaming Gettysburg while trying to survive the associated drinking game. I hope they do, they join us, and they have a great time.
  8. An attempt was made, which is more than what most do. *Tiny golf clap.* The notes run long, but a few: I don't think I've seen any Alfred Hitchcock movies (The thought of The Birbs terrifies me though). Why would I talk to Johnny on the OWF? Why would I care about such silly things as a back collect? Is PlasticStraw supposed to be an insult (I heard Tevron likes the veiled ones)? The crinkliness does imply that the straw is likely plastic. This could be much better.
  9. The problem is that LH has shown no examples of moving on and/or attempting to be better. It would be so delightful if they had. We were stoked to do the "champion" war rounds and move on. LH was not.
  10. Then I quite agree with you, and I apologize for the misunderstanding! *Tips hat in jaunty support*
  11. I'm wondering what at all this has to do with what you quoted from me, which is, not at all ironic and completely expected. Your conversation skills have always left me unimpressed. This is irony. That you seem to be upset about this happening or implying that it is bad. Now that, is delightful irony.
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