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  1. Exactly this. If it's just for funsies, just say that. I'm down.
  2. Hahaha. Love this. Torn is another browser game, give it a Google! And the what that we all pray just vanishes someday is this game. Send halp.
  3. *Checks alliance name.* Hahaha. Don't worry, Champ. Stewie - I enjoyed your creation! I was just leaving space for relevant discussion to continue (see, I'm funny too).
  4. So you agree that you have no moral high ground? Glad you could get some time off to come post.
  5. At least this is a reason that we have proof of. 🐍
  6. CLAWS is certainly a far cry from the beliefs of the alliance that gave the acronym the C.
  7. You're the one that boldy put your green arrow on there as if it was relevant. I truly cannot answer that why. The original map is a delight (and the other arrows are fair additions to a campaign map). One of yours was asked what Cobrasphere and Friends is because they used the term. That doesn't relate to your inflated little arrow.
  8. That green arrow is not relevant at all. Your (few) posts have been nice, and you have a like literally a couple of active folks, but the performance of KoRT was nothing to brag about. Our KoRT POW is having a lovely time, we clearly care about them more than the knights do.
  9. The coalition members have picked whether or not to join since not everyone did, so you clearly needed 6 giant alliances for this.
  10. This, truly. If you want to play, I'm happy to host the games, but let's not pretend there's a reason behind it when there isn't. Egregious crimes against RFI? Then why isn't all of RFI playing?
  11. New players (not many, have you seen the countdown thread for the last 3+ years) have the opportunity to fight and learn everyday. You shouldn't shame another alliance for you not preparing your own new players in a major component of the game.
  12. Who is a new fighter in this game and why?
  13. Which one of these did Cobra do? Also, WOOT.
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