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  1. Whatever you need to believe, dear. I was ready for a round two. You weren't. Since you run away so much, I can hardly keep up with where you're at. I haven't moved. Send it whenever you feel ready.
  2. No one believes you, Term. Once again, screeching into the void.
  3. Oh, now Term wants to war for more than one round? 🧐
  4. Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice that. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ This is why there are gag orders. Also, tip of the hat to you, Johnny. This was my morning paper today. Jolly good!
  5. Yikes. This is so far from a correct take that it’s sad.
  6. LOLZ UR HONORING UR TREATIEZ N FIGHTING US. Um, yeah, what did you think would happen? That's the point of treaties.
  7. I would never dare to use cookies for such evil!
  8. Completely relevant, but thanks. You didn't mention which gov members you were talking about until after the edit. We had two recently who legit went rogue/want to quit the game with some fun. Al and Alex.
  9. Rogues gunna rogue. Wars are fun. Wanting peace after a day is not.
  10. I could decipher the second part of what you posted. It was indeed him and he's listed as Head of State. Who is your gov?
  11. TIE gov is all over the place, huh? Another gov member (or not, who can tell?) has already begged for peace and has "no wish for war." πŸ˜–
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