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  1. If I recall correctly they where linked to UPN via CDT for a long time. This was years ago and ended on a bad note
  2. You do know, RIA posted these stats when the war first started, before they knew how they would be pulled in, (They hold a treaty with NSO who is on the opposite side of where they fight now) right?
  3. RIA has taken in much worse than me, like you! <.<
  4. Stop being so old. Seriously though, congrats in 8 years. I'm surprised you made it through me :p
  5. Nope don't mind me I'm still inactive <.<
  6. Could have done this 2 years ago when I suggested it <.<
  7. Literally the only thing i find interesting in this thread is that darkfox is still around. Anyway interesting too see such a close coalition that merged fall apart so easily. This is why you should keep an open relationship instead of putting a ring on it. Just saying.
  8. I hear that remnant guy is pretty terrible. Nice to see another alliance hasn't disappeared.
  9. You guys are still around? It's nice to see some old faces. Good to know decent alliances still exist.
  10. [quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1326925498' post='2902388'] Speaking of hard feelings, you and I have a date, remember? [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img] [/quote] Woah, i thought it was one advance, that's not a date D:
  11. [quote name='Kongo Jack' timestamp='1326705501' post='2900830'] Cora still needs to burn for the nonsense she put me through with CDT. I suppose being in an alliance that nears the strength of 'NPO Applicant' will suffice. [/quote] It's nice to see you have no hard feelings.
  12. [quote name='Judge X' timestamp='1326684269' post='2900628'] RodRod likes it. o/ BFF [/quote] Gtfo Judge D:< Also, I have invested in a rape whistle Chax D:
  13. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1323320218' post='2868371'] To NPL: I look forward to settling our differences on the battlefield. Oh btw GOONS ghost decs on GDA via Europa. Signed, -Sardonic GOONS Pilot. [/quote] Is this legit?
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