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  1. There's more that's come out from UFP the last few days than what's come out of that mess of a bloc over the past year. I'm not going to knock them for it.
  2. That's not a terrible move. The status of a paperless bloc tends to be hard to keep track of when no announcements are made. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. Welcome back, Orville. I haven't seen your name in quite some time Polar can be found on discord here: https://discord.gg/Se5cgEhTCg Pop in and say hi, and we'll get you back on your feet.
  4. Both Polar and IRON have been hard at working improving communication between our two alliances. We've long been allies through Oculus, but we have not had a direct tie for quite some time. We both decided it was time to change that. We have now equipped our bear cavalry with the finest armour this side of Bob and have shared our finest liquor from our most hallowed cabinets with our allies in IRON to further solidify our relationship and declare our support for one another. After many drunken rambles, we present to you The Right to Arm Bears Accords.
  5. I like the theme of this treaty. Congratulations o/
  6. Lat 80, Lon 60 gives 92%
  7. You fire just as many OOC attacks at others and your responses to this thread show that there is no intention on your part to move forward. Quite unbecoming of someone of your standing, to be honest. There is a fine line between OOC and IC that should not be crossed anywhere at any point in time. That line has been crossed multiple times by multiple people over multiple communication platforms. I applaud Stewie for coming out with this apology as a commitment to bettering the community, but the commitment needs to be followed through. I have been watching the tensions between NG and Boognish over the past few months; neither side is innocent in the events that led to the breakdown in relations here, regardless of the claims of either side. There needs to be visible change in the attitudes from members of both sides in order for any sort of resolution to stick. I agree with White Chocolate that we need to be consistent as a community in handling these situations. That being said, there is no official world congress here to act as an impartial party in these matters. Cooler heads are needed in order to effectively get to the bottom of these situations and deal with them. NG is being pressured by its allies to ensure they follow through on this commitment and they are taking steps to ensure this does not happen again. We consider NG a close ally, but the behaviour that has been shown by some members in the past few months is unnecessary and unacceptable regardless of what provocation did or did not occur. Stewie has shown to be more than a capable leader and he has Polar's full support in implementing whatever changes he needs to in order to be proactive in preventing situations like these in the future.
  8. Friends can be found in the strangest of places. Long have the wolves and the bears of the North been at odds with each other, some would say too long. Neither side are strangers to making friends out of former enemies, so the question of why we haven't tried quickly arose. We shared our fish and they shared their meat, and soon enough we were lost in the stories of what once was and what could be attained with peace. A friendship blossomed that was once unthinkable; the beginning of that historical moment is recorded below. The world is turbulent enough as is, old grudges of days long forgotten do not need to add to that chaos. Behold our answer to the chaos and our commitment to a new friendship, The Frozen Wolf Pact!
  9. There comes a time when one must reflect on their role in the world and chart their course for the future. The three amigos in XX, the most interesting bloc in the world, got together to have a such a discussion. We were just about to comment on the dust gathered on the fourth chair at the table when it hit us; a green blur came flying across the room, striking poor 182 square in the face, ricocheting off his forehead and landing in the chair kicking up a dense cloud of dust. As we turned on the fan to clear out the room, we stared in disbelief at what we saw before us... a cactuar had set up shop at the table! Attempts to remove the cactuar from the room were met with endless amounts of needles which, as one would guess, are notoriously difficult to clean up. So, in the interest of preserving the janitor's sanity, we commissioned a nameplate and inducted the cactuar into our most interesting bloc. It then proceeded to paint itself onto the banner and put cacti everywhere. tl;dr: Welcome to the party, RIA!
  10. It is good to see this come to a close. Well done!
  11. It brings me great pleasure to announce an ODP between Polar and RIA. We were close allies many years back, though we drifted away with time. I am looking forward to rekindling that relationship and seeing it rise to new heights. Here's to 1000 years of friendship (without the needling)!
  12. Both Polar and ODN have been working on improving relations with each other over the past few years. We took the first step a couple years ago with the initial treaty and we're ready to solidify our friendship with an upgrade to that treaty. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration to create the perfect beverage for Pingu's Pub with the coldest ice Polar can supply. o/ ODN o/ Polar
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