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  1. You know it’s funny that Horus wants to sit here and bad mouth me, after all this time....lol The truth is, R&R had a helluva run. At the end, there was basically no Gov left. Everyone had gone inactive. I had asked for people to step up and get involved, and no one did, including Horus. The final nail in the coffin was ATG hacking the forums and deleting everything. But yea Horus, go around telling whatever cute little tale you’d like. Maybe if more people from R&R stepped up and helped out, you know, like yourself, we’d still be around.
  2. I've sent multiple messages for people to leave. 20 or so have left. This is the amount of inactivity i've dealt with....lol
  3. It is with a heavy heart, that I announce R&R is officially disbanding. As many know, our forums were hacked, and we lost all the data that spanned over several years. We've done our best to come back from that, but to be perfectly honest, activity levels in the alliance where not the greatest even before that. Some of us are departing for.....far away lands, and will be bringing the power of the &-Ampersand-& there. I'd like to thank our allies, who have stuck by us, and have offered their help in keeping us going: NADC NPO Non Grata ODN NATO RIA Thanks guys. I ask that no one poach the remaining members. I've asked them to take a look at setting up their new homes with our allies. Farewell everyone, DemonSpawn The Last President of R&R
  4. A comic as been made of me......yay?
  5. Too soon man....too Soon.... Congrats on the treaty guys!
  6. Walshington, it's good to see you, and SRA back. We welcome back the 3/5th's Clause, but hope to never have to use it! o/ SRA
  7. Congrats guys! So much sexniess contained in one thread!!
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