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  1. I am late on this one for sure, but want to wish you good luck and health...and thanks for serving...anchors away!
  2. This is delusional. The fact is we were happy to see them take the tLR acronym. After which they spammed our IRC channel everyday, calling themselves TLR...and if you notice every thread where we are mentioned they make the same joke over and over. The TLR acronym is our identity and we have used it for 9 months, but if The Last Remnants want to use it, causing confusion, it is their decision. Just don't make up stories.
  3. This is so not reality....we never cried ...haha....was more like we debated.... we were happy with the tLR...some of your alliance members are using it...others choose to use our acronym ...TLR.. making it confusing ....
  4. no offense but I never heard of you either Bob
  5. TLR has been The Last Republic's acronym for 8 months...it is on many documents, the war was fought using it and everyone knows it is us. The only thing you are doing is causing confusion... even the people in your own alliance use both tLR and TLR... and it is not just 3 letters ...it is an identity.... I hope you will be reasonable and prove you have some common sense
  6. Happy Birthday and may you celebrate many more....
  7. Congrats to the new government members...Good Luck!
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