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  1. So if I don't have Facebook or twitter, should I delete my CN and my irc? Steam & skype too I suppose?
  2. The color change I like, but I was a fan of the dots. mfw ::_::
  3. No Invicta members with windows below the rank of 9 are allowed to post in this blog.
  4. For my part I enjoyed the piece. Pacifica/10 would implicitly praise you. Technically I'm like a sovereign directly myself, so perhaps this is explicit praise of Pacifica. Or rather, my explicit praise of HMS, being implicit praise of Pacifica. To capstone, I hate Pacifica. Explicitly. I hope my intentions are implicitly clear.
  5. Could you explain MI6. You just put Roman Reigns in the middle of your Luke Harper explanation. Confusing as hell.
  6. Much of what was said, esp. Auctor. Alliances that can no longer function and provide the ecosystem for gov't people to come about and do the important tasks, need to fold. Any alliance that isn't doing what they want to do, or is striving to become better (and working towards it), need to go else where, where their assests (members, activity, warchests/tech, technical skill of their members [if any]) can be utilized. Alliances that are more mature members (elite, so each member can mostly take care of themselves, without detriment to themselves or the alliance), or are a less serious alliances (not ones with delousions of grandour, or perhaps are more of retirement homes) I'm okay with (I suppose...). Really though, we need less alliances. And I if DL is to continue to exist, I would love for them to work more closely together (internally), or honestly just merge.
  7. I was mentioned. I must comment. I hope you appreciate the value I add (also plans are in the works for my next-round shenanigans. If nothing else, I do, and will play an active game. Nothing ground breaking, I'm but a single person, but I'll be sure I have fun).
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