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  1. I have always looked forward to your postings pro or con. Congrats on 10 years. You made Planet Bob better with your sharp well educated verbosity.
  2. Thanks for everything Sengoku. You gave us a home when our forum died and treated us as members. A debt that shall not soon be forgotten. Look forward to following our new Umbrella overlords. May they be bloodthirsty and righteous like Sengoku. o/ Sengoku o/ Umbrella edit- Gre will protect the Sengoku AA indefinitely
  3. MHA has nothing to be ashamed about in this war. They put themselves out there often against higher tech superior nations without a second thought. You cannot ask more of an ally (and we are not allied).
  4. There was a chance years ago to do a reset or at least launch a new world. The userbase was still decent enough to do that. Instead we got the answer that TE itself was a new world and there was no reason to launch a second world or a reset. CN has been dying an inevitable death since then. It seems that the general consensus in the admin community is to just let it die a natural death. I'm afraid that is our answer.
  5. If the tech IS available 100% of the offer time and the buyer doesn't pick up that's tough luck on the buyer. If it's one of those things where the tech was only there part of the time then it is on the seller to offer it again. Simple way around it is to send pms and if they were not opened you know the buyer is at fault. Keep the cash and go buy candy.
  6. This is sad but true. I remember (as do most) when you would have 5+ comments in a minute on a hot thread. Anyway all hail our great Pacifican overlords! Thanks for trying to keep CN interesting.
  7. Gizmo


    Tech deal. If you need to know how join a larger alliance and they have all sorts of guides etc. to help you maximize your growth while giving you protection.
  8. ^^^ This ^^^ I offered peace to the peeps I am fighting and they didn't accept so we are all happily flinging nukes at one another, I imagine until the wars expire. - (Hats off to Joel James for an effective and destructive turtle campaign. Zzniperr not so much.) So the following makes little sense to me-
  9. Is there a minimum hand size to be a cowboy?
  10. Grämlins unreasonably supports Cowboys and Sengoku. o/ Cowboys o/ Sengoku edit- that was suppose to be "unreservedly supports" but unreasonably work too.
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