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  1. Get with the times Auctor, either you're on the bus or under it. I expect a moderation related comic shortly
  2. love Kushmir, however Smurf admitted to making up the ranking numbers so you might not want to use that as a barometer
  3. God isn't real, you are just a collection of electric impulses, there is no purpose to your existence other than to exist. Find what happiness you can and ride it out :|
  4. you're all @#$%, if you stop and think for 5 seconds what an autistic kid has to deal with in their life, you'd all know better than to mock it or use it as leverage to call out someone. The fact that something this serious is brought up in an online game environment is disgusting.
  5. I'll strangle you with my e-peen :| Just read your other post, excellent thoughts and something I hadn't considered before, very cool!
  6. Ninja scroll was my favourite anime :/. Haven't watched any in forever
  7. Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert Heinlein
  8. This just in, AA using its gigantic tech levels to decimate opponents think its unfair for further tech shipments to be interdicted. More on this story at 11 .
  9. Now I'll never get a chance to use my IYIushroom Kingdom sig
  10. Up declaring into Umbrella does wonderful things for your T:I ratio
  11. I just hope AI's lap is big enough for us all to live in
  12. Well I'm still a little sore about the whole legion thing, but they are our treaty partners and you guys took a swipe at them pretty harshly. But I don't dislike NSO, I opened my coffers after the war and would do so again gladly. Other than RV that is, he's an idiot.
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