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  1. Congrats on peace to my friends and allies in the Chestnut Coalition. Happy rebuilding!
  2. However, being a patronising ass certainly is.
  3. Thank you for your assistance, Wolves, and congratulations on peace. You continue to be the most outstanding friends and allies that an alliance can hope for. o/
  4. Rebels, sanction the whole lot of them. It's the only way they'll learn. And please, Hitchcock, please. It's "Citadel" - for the love of God, spell it correctly. This "Citidale" business is embarrassing.
  5. Congratulations, AW. Hell of a milestone! o/
  6. Oh, man. Our betrayal is in the forums and IRC? What year is it? Are you guys going to ever level any charges at us? I've been waiting for any solid accusations for a long time; all I see is smoke and mirrors.
  7. Yes, because the only reason to put nations into peace mode is cowardice. What year is this, 2008?
  8. Yes, AW came in to defend an ally in a defensive war, as per the mutual defense article in the treaty. I can definitely see why you think the treaty has been broken.
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