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  1. MrGed

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    Oculus ya'll need to split up, have a good civil war and stop picking on random alliances for the crime of not being utterly subservient just because you're bored, m'kay? o/ The Templar Knights
  2. MrGed

    Who Needs a Horse Accords

    o/ Alpha Wolves o/ TTK Love you guys! <3
  3. MrGed

    Polaris Government Update

    I thought Grub was already the Regent. He certainly seemed to be filling that role. I look forward to meeting the new FA head HannaH though!
  4. MrGed

    Apha Wolves Reach #3

    Congrats guys! I love the timeline. It's important to record your history as an alliance. Before you know it, you'll be a decade old alliance and only the oldest members will remember what went on in the earlier years. I certainly wish Sparta kept better records.
  5. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Lord Hitchcock, everybody knows you are a garden variety troll. Please stop posting.
  6. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    It is NpO that has been betrayed by their government - dragged into a meaningless war with Sparta. NpO's true enemies are their current supposed friends, as will no doubt become clear before the end.
  7. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    I'm sure @DeathAdder will want to contest your assertion about the relationship between NpO and Sparta in Dos Equis. Before my time though. Regarding NADC, I don't see what the issue is. You had the support of all of Oculus in that war, so NADC being on our side was hardly a debilitating blow. So, really this comes down to Grub's injured pride.
  8. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Ah yes I remember now Cazaric. We betrayed Sparta by hurting Grubs feelings.
  9. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Really pathetic guys. We're barely into the war and you're already pulling this &#33;@#&#036;?
  10. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Omg so it really is just that we hurt your feelings with our nasty hurtful words in the embassy that time? lol
  11. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    I know you don't really hate us Grub. You're just mad that NpO has been reduced to a minor player while your old nemesis NPO dominates the game. You feel weak and disempowered - unable to effect any real change. So to let out your bottled up frustration, you decided to attack Sparta since we are no longer treatied to VE. It's ok, we understand. But we do not forgive.
  12. MrGed

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Ugh we have to fight you guys again? How boring. I was looking forward to a war with some real meat in it. :/
  13. So long and thanks for all the fish guys. You're all awesome and I wish you all the best.
  14. MrGed

    Another announcement

    o/ TTK You march forward against overwhelming odds to defend your allies. Sparta has your back in this fight.