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  1. Austrailia

    Special Prosecution

    99 years in the folsom pen!
  2. Austrailia

    Special Prosecution

    oh lordy, it looks like there were tapes after all
  3. Austrailia

    House Stark Joins the New Order of the Ages

    Bout time this happened, welcome to Oculus, Polars! o/ Hannah Montana
  4. Austrailia

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    Heresy shall be rooted out wherever it lies. To war!
  5. Austrailia

    Make Pastries Great Again

    What is the Order's stance on cookies? The answer to this question will determine the future of relations between our two alliances.
  6. Austrailia

    To Camelot!

    Great dow, have fun Pacifica.
  7. Austrailia

    An Announcement from the Viridian Entente

    announcement of treaty cancellation
  8. Obsidian Entente III Article VI: On the morning of Sunday March 5th, Sparta notified our government privately that they were activating Article VI of the Obsidian Entente III. We respect their decision, and the required 72 hours has elapsed. With this public announcement, all requirements for Article VI have been fulfilled, the Obsidian Entente III is now null and void. We wish you the best on your path forward. Supreme 142, Lord of the Entente Austrailia, Duke of the Entente Azure, Secretary of Defense Blkandwhtlion, Secretary of Economics
  9. Austrailia

    A Joint Statement from VE and GLoF

    referring to the image in the DoW
  10. Austrailia

    A Joint Statement from VE and GLoF

    Wow, couldn't you afford more pixels
  11. Austrailia

    What should this war be called?

    The last war
  12. Austrailia

    The Iron Mage Entente

    Royalties for using the word entente in your treaty title is payable in the form of tech sent to my nation. Congrats.
  13. Austrailia

    Comic NAP fulfilled

    You were one of our newer allies, but still some of my favorite peeps. Sad to see you folks go, but at least you'll be staying close by. Keep the comics going.
  14. sengoku leaving oculus confirmed