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  1. Before someone politicizes this, I just want to say enjoy the war and this community you just joined on here, and I'm sure you will get help for getting back to where you were pre-war at some point post war.
  2. I must have used a lot of foresight stepping down in December because of this...
  3. No, you haven't. You make up lies and post them and hope no one calls you out. And making up a lie that someone said they would disband alliances over tech rates in a public channel was a particularly dumb one as its easily verified as not true. You have engaged in a systematic pattern of slander and !@#$%^&*, alliance and personal attacks, and repugnant behavior in both public and private. The result has been war. I hope the membership of SNX is happy with what they are defending.
  4. I have logs from everything said when I am in #sengoku. Nothing you said happened. Saying it is just speculation is as false as all the other trash you have said. Your alliance is now at war because of your comments, that you won't take any responsibility for them isn't really surprising at this point.
  5. And when was this? Hopefully one of the many people who spend time in that public channel can confirm your story. Or if not, your members will know what I know. That you are a lying bag of filth, who has thrown out reckless claims like that and brought this war upon yourself. Fortunately, public channels are public so this one should be easy to resolve.
  6. Okay, my turn to ask. 10:20 PM <•Immortan_Junka> He said in #sengoku the other day that he had no issues disbanding an AA that sold tech at rates he disagreed with Mind providing the logs from this public channel? Thanks.
  7. Your log dumping with selective editing shows your lack of integrity. Everything you do shows your lack of integrity. You are slime. You have engaged in public and private lies, slander and ic and ooc attacks after a peace deal which prevented your ally from being attacked, and which your ally supported. I summarized my stance on the negotiations earlier: And I summarized my position to you after seeing your before post peace: <hartfw> A peaceful resolution happened because people supported peace and worked to get it for snx there <hartfw> and you turn and publicly &#33;@#&#036; on that <hartfw> You seemed to want war the other day <hartfw> I'm happy to see it go that way next time after witnessing yoru conduct in public here. You have continued to assert that Sengoku (who wasn't even a party to the talks) supported disbanding an alliance who I made clear I had no qualms with and supported a diplomatic solution. You have continued to assert that you were threatened by me (or the non-existent Sengoku) when not one such threat occurred and no such claim can be substantiated. You have log dumped the talks and highly selective conversations -- including ones you weren't even a party to -- in an effort to slant the framing and call into question issues that cannot even be addressed here. You have made deplorable comments in public and private, comments that I won't repeat here. You have gone over and beyond in making yourself repugnant. So, at least give the community the decency to finish your latest log dump snippet. Maybe not to the point of calling others Moo, and maybe not when you called people criminals IRL. But at least to the acknowledgement that my ill will right now is solely the product of your behavior: [15:13] <hartfw> your slander will not be forgotten [15:14] <hartfw> Ive encouraged people not to war you on more than one occasion [15:14] <hartfw> those days are done. [15:14] <Immortan_Junka> Ok, well it seems I've been constantly threatened over the last few months [15:14] <hartfw> your slander will not be forgotten [15:14] <hartfw> Great [15:14] <Immortan_Junka> Slander is something that's false [15:14] <hartfw> Well, add one from me now [15:14] <hartfw> I will personally hit SNX at some point over yoru public comments <hartfw> after personally egtting peple to not hit snx <hartfw> and then having you slander <hartfw> And wehn I do <hartfw> Blame yourself (apologies for the typos)
  8. I now know you to be the slime and filth that you are. Encouraging that situation to not go to war was a mistake. But the peace that caused you to behave so poorly had literally both sides apologizing to each other and everyone satisfied with a non war outcome but you.
  9. Except the fact that my position was made abundantly clear that I wanted a diplomatic solution. And I went on record supporting SNX's right to exist. And have in the past talked friends down from attacking SNX. The entire point of the talks was to get a non war solution -- which succeeded. And would have ended the matter if Tywin did not start attacking me personally repeatedly from about 6 hours after everyone went on their merry way from there. But yeah, if you ignore all the facts, and start from a position of ignorance, I could see how you could jump to a faulty conclusion. However, thats your bias and ignorance not the reality of the situation.
  10. Pretty much, yeah. And after peace was agreed to by all and everyone went on their way. But Tywin made clear his position that he didn't intend to actually stick to peace a few pages back -- claiming that a bad peace was worse than war -- and thus went out of his way to be so repugnant that a war would happen anyway.
  11. We definitely are a small alliance. On the other hand, the transgressions of your government are real and well documented. Shame that SNX government sees fit to act so deplorable to small alliances, necessitating war.
  12. At no point did Cowboys or myself express a threat to SNX. In fact, we started the talks on good terms you and I: Jul 10 14:08:44 <hartfw[Cowboys]> While I am trying to get this resolved diplomatically Jul 10 14:08:59 <hartfw[Cowboys]> I would like to add on the record that Cowboys has no issues with SNX's right to exist Jul 10 14:09:11 <hartfw[Cowboys]> and just hope all our allies can achieve appy resolutions here *(should say happy)* Jul 10 14:09:26 <Immortan_Junka> Yeah I know you guys are reasonable You had an Caustic demanding Shark Week and a Minc looking to 'disband' SCOTLAND, and yet peace talks ended with peace and an apology from Minc as well as from SCOTLAND. That I had tried my hardest to get a diplomatic solution might not be something you believe. Despite the logs showing it was my stance. Perhaps just magically everyone stopped wanting war. But after your public posts I told you I wouldn't encourage peace again for SNX, twice was feeling once too many. Your personal attacks, selective log dumps, and general just &#33;@#&#036;%* behavior has been deplorable and compelled me to act in the exact opposite way I was encouraging others to act a day ago. Having seen what was said in those logs after I left as well as here, it is clear you simply desired to start an aggressive war. You just went and did so in a particularly slimy manner. Your alliance deserves better than you.
  13. Your despicable behavior resulted in this war, when otherwise there was peace.
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