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  1. It would be much easier to accomplish "&*#$ing" off in my other realm, if I returned to more than a handful of new threads months later. I can only conclude that my political exit from this world precipitated... or concluded... it's ultimate demise. Who else has rallied revolutions, conquered ideological opponents, or instigated wars of conquest since my time here? You and I both, perhaps, waited a decade before our more recent ascendance. I will refrain from comparing our paths. But surely you must feel disappointed in your accomplishments since seizing power in Polar? [ooc: btw don't worry, I've been piling up clan glories in my new home EDIT: the last two minutes are totally worth watching [/ooc]
  2. I idly recalled the times of trying to cast fear on opposition nations, then remembered what little it means in the end when people can easily move on to other [better] realms in a competitive meta sense, then wonder why I am expending limited time on this thread. Some habits take time to die apparently.
  3. Visiting this forum requires a certain degree of [ooc]inebriation[/ooc]. I can't say whether this might be due to my own personal fault or the severity of the memories imposed. Perhaps the extermination of my online family had somewhat to do with it. Nevertheless I do not hold an imagined grudge as you seem to believe I hold. Still, at times I am glad to explore my past. I had nothing to do with the IAA-GATO pact. Similarly, I had litte to do with deciding to defending it. I did have somewhat to do with the subsequent "Karma War" as it is called. In 2008 I never asked for leadership; I was very young then, and found the role thrust on me. Sometimes though, we must be thankful for the gifts the Dark Side may illuminate for us during times of challenge. I sought no quarter, and I received none. It was enough for us to be EZI'd for militarily exploring peace mode mechanics to rotate nations in and out. This might be seen as commonplace today, but we pioneered it then. Probably because most players were afraid to step on the toes of NPO IOs. I stepped on the toes of Mary The Fantabulous. I don't see how any other outcome would have been possible, though. Perhaps if others of influence today had balls, we might have seen some challenges to the status quo. One however cannot blame players for an outdated and stale meta. Nevertheless, I hold myself similar to Pacifican revolutionaries of eras past. If it were not so, I would not have built up a legendary reputation in another realm.
  4. I must accept that the masses of the people have not accepted the arrogance of "the democracy" that supposedly rules over their subjugation by the officers of "GATO." These people, superior in body and mind, have never accepted the rule of inferiors to govern them. The people who secretly govern men and women like themselves. Those who will ultimately govern.
  5. I cannot respect those who survive and cower on, when me and my brothers surrendered all back in 2008 so you could survive. They know who I speak of. I hope they cower and die in this decade. I would subject them to the worst of torments. After our sacrifices, I would myself lead our torments for their betrayals.
  6. Thirteen years ago in 2008, when I was a wee lad, the leadership of the Imperial Assault Alliance was forced upon me. Chimera had resigned as Emperor of the IAA and I took up it's reigns. I was perma-ZI'd for doing so, in May 2008 while trying to lead IAA in defense of GATO. This lesson was important to me. It showed to me the consequences of losing a war. It showed to me that forging a new family was meaningless to those who wanted us destroyed. I came from an [ooc]extremely underprivileged family,[/ooc] at a time when I clinged to the relationship of clanship, and there was no consideration for those I sought to protect, because we opposed the will of the Mad-Emperor Moo-Cows. Looking back today, I am glad for these lessons. I have learned to govern and manage a new family [ooc]in other games[/ooc] with the same basic internal issues. The difference is our enemies don't have the power to delete all of our accomplishments from the game, or destroy our familiarity. But I can value them as the family I never had. I can treat them as invaluable, as the people I always needed in my life, who I could lead and guide... and my enemies can't take them away.
  7. At one point I had been (seriously) invited to join Non Grata. And as much as I still abhor NG for what it stands for, I can respect that it (more or less) refuses to subjugate itself to the meta-whores who, like vultures, feed upon the self-destructive aspect of the CN [lack of] meta today. I can certainly thank NG for providing examples of how not to build future clans in other realms. I never thought I'd have said it some years ago, but props to NG for chasing ambitious new talent from a stale and non-evolving meta, to seek opportunity elsewhere.
  8. "Here's the story of Cybernations, a land both fair and great. On July of 2016, a fair and independent state! They can send their men to murder... they can shout their words of hate! But the cost of keeping this land free can never be too great! [OOC]I'm mixed Native-Hawaiian so go ahead and pull the race card on me[/OOC]
  9. I am torn between impulse and rationality. Half of me wants to livestream my glorious conquests on twitch, but my rational half realizes that you are effectively as useless as a cripple, and literal world conquest would not change your opinion. I console myself with the fact that the status quo for you is little more than death.
  10. Im not the one banning every dissident from all hegemonic-controlled clan discord...
  11. Lol, what does the NPO struggle for, fool? I maintain what you would call a mafia by the day-to-day maintenance of dozens of accounts with tangible cash-value. Don't you !@#$@#$ talk to me as though you do anything worth any amount of money. The fact I even post here is because of the "privilege" your indoctrinated children ascribe to, and and the pure !@#$@#$ hatred I dedicate to your corrupt kind. Fantasy world? I speak what I think at will, and the best you can do is censor me on various discord and forums. Yet regardless my market worth remains the same. You fcking ignorant pauper. God what I would give to drag your kind through the morass and show you some reality...
  12. What struggle have you fought anytime recently that resembles the Francoist struggle? [ooc]i.e. choking down delivery [/ooc]pizza[ooc] or some other kind of [OOC]fight[/OOC]?
  13. You as a [ooc]bourgeois white male[/ooc], are less interested in discarding so-called "fascist" imagery than I am in preserving it. Francoism whether by imagery or aesthetic provided much hope to my islands in my youth. I do not respect any coward that distances their cowardly selves from the origins of their roots. After all [ooc]how can you provide inspiration to my people the Kanaka Maoli when you abandon your own in order to find acceptance?[/ooc]
  14. Cute analysis. The problem is that self-flagellation and mass suicide does not count as Order. Nothing you could bring from this world into certain others I govern could dislodge me of my position. Francoism began as an inherently materialist ideology... and in a realm where [ooc]accounts sell for thousands of dollars[/ooc] my grip remains as strong as ever. Your tale is that told by an idiot... full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. You have to abandon your ideological foundation to survive, whoring out your name to benefit from the momentum of your ancestors... whereas I continue to embrace Francoism without consequence. Who truly leads the Order? Pathetic excuses like "racism" by those like the subhumans above must be shared to justify my banning. You are defined by fear... fear of being judged 'extreme,' and therefore unable to rule your own future. Literally unworthy of drawing air, regardless of what monopolistic power you may still wield in a dead realm.
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