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  1. "Here's the story of Cybernations, a land both fair and great. On July of 2016, a fair and independent state! They can send their men to murder... they can shout their words of hate! But the cost of keeping this land free can never be too great! [OOC]I'm mixed Native-Hawaiian so go ahead and pull the race card on me[/OOC]
  2. I am torn between impulse and rationality. Half of me wants to livestream my glorious conquests on twitch, but my rational half realizes that you are effectively as useless as a cripple, and literal world conquest would not change your opinion. I console myself with the fact that the status quo for you is little more than death.
  3. Im not the one banning every dissident from all hegemonic-controlled clan discord...
  4. Lol, what does the NPO struggle for, fool? I maintain what you would call a mafia by the day-to-day maintenance of dozens of accounts with tangible cash-value. Don't you !@#$@#$ talk to me as though you do anything worth any amount of money. The fact I even post here is because of the "privilege" your indoctrinated children ascribe to, and and the pure !@#$@#$ hatred I dedicate to your corrupt kind. Fantasy world? I speak what I think at will, and the best you can do is censor me on various discord and forums. Yet regardless my ma
  5. What struggle have you fought anytime recently that resembles the Francoist struggle? [ooc]i.e. choking down delivery [/ooc]pizza[ooc] or some other kind of [OOC]fight[/OOC]?
  6. You as a [ooc]bourgeois white male[/ooc], are less interested in discarding so-called "fascist" imagery than I am in preserving it. Francoism whether by imagery or aesthetic provided much hope to my islands in my youth. I do not respect any coward that distances their cowardly selves from the origins of their roots. After all [ooc]how can you provide inspiration to my people the Kanaka Maoli when you abandon your own in order to find acceptance?[/ooc]
  7. Cute analysis. The problem is that self-flagellation and mass suicide does not count as Order. Nothing you could bring from this world into certain others I govern could dislodge me of my position. Francoism began as an inherently materialist ideology... and in a realm where [ooc]accounts sell for thousands of dollars[/ooc] my grip remains as strong as ever. Your tale is that told by an idiot... full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. You have to abandon your ideological foundation to survive, whoring out your name to benefit from the momentum of your ancestors... whereas I con
  8. It's good to remember how this world doomed itself. Literally banned from NpO discord for nothing more than remembering the past. Not a surprise they are relegated to irrelevance.
  9. On another note, I cannot possibly condemn the efforts of those who seek truth, in opposition to others who have sought truth in times past. How can I condemn those, seeking the truth as they see it, when those in authority have clearly subverted truth to reinforce the truths of the unworthy in authority... Francos_Spain would desire no less than blood shed! Let those who seek truth, shed blood under the authority of those who would compomise!
  10. I tried to strike compromise with the New Polar Order in particular. I raised the highest honors I earned on behalf of Emperor Dajobo during the Doom War. I censored my own words. In return, was banned; therefore, they have reduced their own honor to meaninglessness, guarding the cowards who would hide from the ideological challenge of one of the heroes of their own Order. I curse them, and any who conceal themselves in such cowardice...
  11. To the true adherants of the New Polar Order, and the New Pacific Order... the leaders of both seeking to deny the origins of our Francoist Orders:
  12. Oh, the irony that drips here. You who so quickly sold the soul of Polaris to feel the quick thrill of power again. I cannot make you choke on your own blood, old man, but at least I can now find others, in other realms, to take your place.
  13. The only way to win this war is by going into peacemode [ooc]and playing another game[/ooc].
  14. I do not sell anything to those who cannot pay. My sole interest is in informing those of you who suppressed us your failure in the end.
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