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  1. I do not sell anything to those who cannot pay. My sole interest is in informing those of you who suppressed us your failure in the end.
  2. You can tell yourself this if you like, Grub. In reality, I have become central to another gaming community beyond the one I have mentioned as inheriting Francoism here. Indeed, I am writing a new doctrine I call "4orcism..." This world prepare me in the fires of battle against corrupt old bureaucrats like yourself. I take my invaluable experiences elsewhere now. Your opinion matters little, but I enjoy the thought of you languishing in your deathbed knowing I now achieve greater glories than you could ever dream of. For the last time, the call to arms is sounded! For the fight,
  3. Attempted? I haven't appropriated it, I have rightfully claimed it for my own as the Last Francoist. There is nothing they can or will do about it. Before long I will be selling merchandise telling my story.
  4. Hi Grub You are old and senile. I'd say "love" but I'm indifferent to your existence.
  5. The internet was once a frontier of the unknown. The revolution of 2003 was a glittering gem of this frontier, an event almost unthinkable today, when a generation of people rose up uncontrolled by large companies to forge their own future. I came upon this, a naive Native Hawaiian, in 2007. I learned so much then. All these years later, the internet isn't the same as when I discovered it. It is thoroughly controlled, people today expected to adhere to the rules. Rules set by giant corporations and media monopolies. A decade ago we sought to establish Order from our own reason. Now
  6. I had a philosophical discussion with some of my comrades tonight on teamspeak. I was accused of being an alpha male, but I disagree with the assertion. I do not impose my will out of a desire for status. I impose it because of my certainty that I am right. It is this certainty that drives me and those who fight alongside me to establish true order from chaos... not just in this one clan, but an entire world, and life itself.
  7. You are incapable of impressing a toddler. Regardless, you still do not understand my purpose here. It is not enough for me to simply succeed in another realm. It is also not enough to press my success therein in the faces of those who sought to annihilate me. My purpose is higher than this. I do not surrender the future like you do. I do not speak of watching the world end and I never did as ISX Emperor. The future is filled with untapped potential, and our youth can achieve with modern technology things we never could. But without proper guidance, their po
  8. Formal Notice has been posted to the exiles of the XIX Legion. Hail Franco! The 2003 Revolution is alive!
  9. Worrying whether someone thinks you are [ooc]fascist[/ooc] is weakness. Regardless, since you are perhaps the only other person to make a valid claim to the inheritance of Franco, as stated in OP, and you here cede it, I am thrilled to maintain my claim without opposition.
  10. Betters? You can't even run your mouth without researching what you are talking about. You should be (IC) euthanized for being nothing more than a waste of resources.
  11. If you are not here to witness me then why are you in this thread? And why are you so obsessed with talking about children? It's rather disturbing considering all of my fellow warriors are between 20 to 60... some of the older soldiers are not quite so quick on the reflexes, but are valued comrades regardless. Dismiss us if you wish, our battles ranges from 5-10 minutes on average for sessions that can last hours, each battle require intense concentration and voice communication. If you think logging in at update compares to that, then you simply prove you are a fossil of the past
  12. I joined this world in 2007, O hideous one. The difference is between us is that I, unlike you, am not limited by it. You speak from a platform of a decaying empire, your rotting foundations concealing an ugly truth: that your success came only from driving most nations into inactivity. Vladimir himself wrote about this effect in 2010: You have joined in the debaucherous raid-style wars of the Mushroom Kingdom and participated in the final decline of this world. You believe that your reign over this permanent hegemony is a reward for your
  13. My nation is bill-locked, and even if it weren't, their officers hide behind the masses of nations belonging to their undead hegemony, a stagnant array of bloated nations unable and unwilling to commit to any ambition. They endure through mere inertia. This is the only environment they can thrive in. They do not have the strength of will and intellect to forge new empires in new worlds, like Ivan did in ages past.
  14. In the last few years, the "New Pacific Order" has reigned over the longest lasting hegemony in CN history. Let me ask you this. Is this because they have indeed established "Order from Peace?" Or is it because this world is in such decay that those worthy of offering conflict have long since left? I posit this: The peace of this world is the peace of death. Peace has cost them their strength, they reign over nothing more than a coalition of cowards and inactives. What would Francos_Spain say should he see the sorry condition of the Order and it's realm today? One word comes to min
  15. If NPO is foolish enough to follow me into my underworld, where I am known as the true heir of Francoism: "Peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you."
  16. The fact you lack the spine to call it Francoism means you are not worthy of it's legacy. You can't even deal with some whiny soyboys in a world without military force, what would you do in this world were a force ten times your strength were to manifest? Shameless lack of conviction. I could care less if someone attaches [ooc] connotations, I am Francoism. I have always been Francoist and I carry the name and banner now into battle in another world. You lost your way as soon as you chose convenience over struggle.
  17. Francoism again rears its' heard, this time advanced by soldiers of the Ashen Claws, with a 90% winrate; absolute in the belief that we fight not only for our clan but the history of those who preceded us. Those who were once charged by the ambition and anger of unjust rejection, these emotions continue to fuel us today.
  18. We have made an effort to notify all NPO nations of this proclamation. If any individual members were missed, my apologies. However, with the notifications mailed to the best of our ability, our obligations have been fulfilled.
  19. The Ashen Claws, Recalls that, in the world of origin, the New Pacific Order was condemned by World Assembly Security Resolution #268 on Dec 04, 2018, for it's Francoist ideology, as follows: Furthermore, that the current government of the New Pacific Order, under reigning Emperor Lord of Darkness, sovereign of all the branches of worlds inhabited by the NPO, formally renounced Francoism and the Francoist tradition, having capitulated to the demands of the World Assembly Security Council, Aware that His Majesty Ivan Moldavi, as first Cybernations E
  20. Actually we don't need more trash players. But since you still lack clear understanding of my superiority:
  21. Part of me is hesitant to involve my soul here, in this realm deemed irrevocably corrupt by many. And yet, my soul tells me not to write it off, for I do not forget the noble efforts of those past who sacrificed towards our betterment. For whether they be Pacifican, or he of the Imperium, their worth stands not forgotten. Your sacrifice is remembered, and fuels our efforts toward greater causes still. Those who fought alongside the July Revolution, I forget thee not! And indeed, thy chance to contribute may indeed come shortly. Do not think I forgot our cause. Our beating heart bea
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