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  1. The Zigur

    How is this place still alive?

    Imagine not wanting to join an old spreadsheet game dominated by a handful of decade old nations with napoleon complexes. 🤔
  2. The Zigur

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    Updated rules following several Antifa spam attacks: https://discord.gg/cz2Ny7h One Discord to rule them all, One Discord to find them, One Discord to bring them all and in the Dankness bind them --DISCORD BILL OF RIGHTS-- 1. Users will not be harassed or persecuted by moderation for holding politically correct or incorrect viewpoints. Users have the right to express their political opinions in a respectful and constructive manner. 2. Zero tolerance for intimidation, sexual harassment, or threats of violence. 3. The server will be managed according to the principle of social capital. Those who contribute the most to the content and atmosphere of the server will be recognized as trusted stakeholders, with increased influence and responsibility. 4. All mutes and bans will be documented and transparent for all users to see. 5. Users will not be required to disclose their identities to moderation staff or the public in general. 6. Subversive behavior intended to disrupt the smooth functioning of the server is prohibited. This includes poaching, spamming, derailing, and other conduct that may detract from efficiency and good order.
  3. Others in Oculus chose to rub shoulders with them and their ilk for years, forgoing principles for temporary military gain. The "Order from Chaos" mantra of Oculus is fraudulent when people with no such beliefs are allowed access to political power.
  4. The Zigur

    How is this place still alive?

    Al contraire, my stature as a Meme God™ has only grown as I have captured the rapt attention of lustful admirers as well as the hardcore tankers I call for. You could say an obsolete browser game constrained the greatness of my spirit. Don't worry though, I shall remain here to remind you of your insignificance.
  5. The Zigur

    How is this place still alive?

    This is barely worth responding to, but leave it to Grub to respond to my facts and logic with bloviated ad hominems. And top it off with a fictional narrative about me somehow worshipping him (citation needed). A good example though of the lessened quality of remaining government leadership in Cybernations. Glad I have moved on to develop a cult following in more fertile realms.
  6. The Zigur

    How is this place still alive?

    I play something completely unrelated, requiring infinitely greater reflexes and skill.
  7. The Zigur

    How is this place still alive?

    That's true, but when I say toxic, I mean the prevalence of government officers who are motivated by exercising petty power-trips over other players. I've lost count of the homophobic insults made by Grub, Term and others towards myself, along with the bragging about driving people from the game. That's a consequence of competent political players leaving the game for greener pastures, but it's also an overlooked catalyst that drives further community decline.
  8. Oculus hegemony-backed senator goes rogue, why is this surprising?
  9. The Zigur

    How is this place still alive?

    Dead game + incredibly toxic alliance governments = Low activity.
  10. The Zigur


    Lol, nice to see GK behaving like a petulant child, as usual. Congrats to SNX and FTW on peace.
  11. The Zigur

    The Second Alta Accords

    Reminder that Hansenn will be the first to bandwaggon against Polar's allies if it is politically convenient to do so.
  12. The Zigur

    Dear God I hate discord!

    I remain here to remind the plebs who think they are important, that they are not.
  13. The Zigur

    Dear God I hate discord!

    Bingo. The real solution is to find a more active game where absolute power isn't held by a handful of toxic people. I moved on to a very active game clan-wise and I'm much happier now than when CN was my primary game of social interaction.
  14. The Zigur

    Dear God I hate discord!

    Im on Hawaii time, and Im already a few hours behind mainland US time, so I know how it's like to be on while people are asleep. I found this listing of Australian discords that have people in your timezone: https://disboard.org/servers/tag/australia I used to use history and politics which is usually active 24/7 until I got banned for memeing too hard: https://discord.me/page/history-politics Always welcome to visit my personal server as well, though its not always active this late. None of these are CN alliance discords ofc, but being that CN is dead you're probably out of luck in that regard. Good luck finding a good discord!
  15. The Zigur

    Frozen Orange juice

    That's alot to ask of someone who rivals a certain supreme court justice in frailty. One must pity the unfortunate ministers assigned each day to administer his spongebaths while he struggles to read the fine print of these treaties.