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  1. Expelled? We left to hit IRON and have fun doing things the way we wanted to again.
  2. The irony is pretty amusing
  3. it's CN in 2021, there have been no major updates. What do you expect? Some of us are still around, but we've mostly moved on to different worlds.
  4. We built a wall around Maroon and made Xiph pay for it.
  5. The entirety of your current power base is derived entirely from Oculus (aka NPO) support. Pot/Kettle etc. Your joke of a bloc would be absolutely impotent from apathy and inactivity were it not for Oculus.
  6. And you want to know why Polar went to those lengths? I'll give you a hint, it's not because your CB was good and definitely not because Bundy is intelligent.
  7. And that's why you peaced out after basically one round? Because you had enough cause? Or did you follow that !@#$@#$ retard Bundy down a rabbit hole that you instantly started to regret because he's too dumb to ever be allowed in a position of leadership? HMMMMMM... makes you wonder.
  8. did you seriously just plagiarize the flyin' Hawaiian? jfc
  9. That's absolutely false. The Pope of Non Grata has made his decree. Deus Vult.
  10. He's even less intelligent than a golden.
  11. From the Pope of Non Grata, herald of the Eternal Crusade; request denied. Get $%&@ed.
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