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  1. Caustic

    Frozen Orange juice

    Yo Grub, go take a shower
  2. Caustic

    The Second Alta Accords

    I approve of what this means
  3. Caustic

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    It's fine, we'll be seeing him soon
  4. Caustic

    I'm a ghost, I'm gone.

    You could have actually been something... but you stayed in trash alliances the entire time. Oh well, best of luck out there in the real. We'll all be joining you soon.
  5. Caustic

    Bear Force One: Part Two Action Man

    Since this is our last ride, I figured we might as well dispense justice to everyone who deserves it. Why let RON be the only recipient of our special brand of exported terrorism? Yo Os, $%&@ you.
  6. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    We had some great times over the years!
  7. Caustic

    Wait, I thought he already deleted...

    Not a single tear was shed this day...
  8. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    If none of you know Hemingway, I shudder at what our education system has become
  9. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    Welcome back old man, we missed you.
  10. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    One wrong turn deserves another my dear moderator 😉
  11. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    Sorry brb, fitting RON for a pine box
  12. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    Almost as if you're writing the story of MI6 and projecting a bit?
  13. Caustic

    A Farewell to Arms

    We'll find out in due course
  14. Caustic

    Happy Friday the 13th

    jfc I'm glad I'm out