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  1. Yo, mudpuss, I'll take that bet. 9 mil 100 tech?
  2. Too much hair to be my exact likeness but I'll take it.
  3. Generally you try and respect the dead, or they have a tendency to come back vengeful.
  4. Canik, you literally are one of the most incompetent retards to ever disgrace CN leadership. At this point, what we're doing is community service.
  5. CN is dead bro, give it up.
  6. Time to wander down to the crypts and wake up the rest of the dead...
  7. Lest we recall, IRON handled everything we threw at them last year and took it on the chin but never called in help. Respect to that. This is just pathetic.
  8. Please R&R, spare NG from the winter of your malcontent!!!
  9. I'm rather amused at how franz basically shuts down all your pointed questions
  10. We legit just don't care enough about your opinions and the rants of an ex member (who honestly needed to vent that crap or he would have exploded) to bother.
  11. No matter which way you slice it, your alliance is still incompetent as *#@$&
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