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  1. You did in fact inform us that you were leaving to have your fun. That was your prerogative and we didn't care.. until you forced us to care. You were treated the way you were because of what you chose to do: rogue an IRON ally while wearing the IRON AA (accident or not), less than 24 hours after working to help bring peace to that ally in a conflict they were engaged in, and then ignore the request of the Council you were a part of to peace out of that war with that someone you were allied to 5 minutes prior. You could have had your fun, like so many have before you, without hitting an ally and you would have been remembered for what you did in IRON and not what you did on your way out of IRON.
  2. Yes, shame on us for acting on literally half a dozen CB's given to us. Shame shame shame.
  3. The worst part about it is that he probably has no idea what you’re talking about.
  4. Yay GATO! And also yay us! tl;dr Congratulations to us both on this most momentous occasion. Surely this will be brewers the end.
  5. Well this is just a busy night for us. A new member and a war?! Who said Planet Bob was rotting? Welcome Polaris.
  6. Pastoralis Praeeminentiae "Dieu n'est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume" For over a decade The Templar Knights have been combatants in many large wars. They have lost some Crusades and won others. Following their defeat in the Maroon War Crusade and receiving lenient terms, The Templar Knights sought not for peace, but instead the start of a new Crusade. They worked alongside other dissidents to exert their influence into additional alliances for the purpose of expanding their aspirations at the cost of their pawns. However, neither their plotting for a future Crusade against the Church of Oculus nor their dispatching agents to other alliances to intercede on their behalf have gone unnoticed. In recognition of their heresy, The Holy Church of Oculus now orders the arrest of all Knights Templar and lays claim to their pixels for the Church. Other constituents may be subject to further penalties at a later date. Retaliation against any member of the Church will be considered as an attack on the entirety of the Church. It's judgment time for the Templars... Signed, The Senate and People of Oculus
  7. You are probably experiencing an increased amount of IRON in your own body through osmosis, SH. This is a common side-effect. We are glad to be able to offer this service.
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