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  1. You did in fact inform us that you were leaving to have your fun. That was your prerogative and we didn't care.. until you forced us to care. You were treated the way you were because of what you chose to do: rogue an IRON ally while wearing the IRON AA (accident or not), less than 24 hours after working to help bring peace to that ally in a conflict they were engaged in, and then ignore the request of the Council you were a part of to peace out of that war with that someone you were allied to 5 minutes prior. You could have had your fun, like so many have before you, without hitting an ally and you would have been remembered for what you did in IRON and not what you did on your way out of IRON.
  2. Yes, shame on us for acting on literally half a dozen CB's given to us. Shame shame shame.
  3. Thank you for your work here, Gopher. No one here could legitimately blame you for making this decision. Best of luck to you!
  4. Great news! I wish you all the best on your recovery Dajobo. We'll keep you in our prayers.
  5. The Warrior

    The 'C' word

    Excellent news!
  6. The Warrior

    The 'C' word

    God's blessings Daj. Beat the c-word into submission.
  7. The Warrior


    We know what you are alluding to. Thank you.
  8. I have experienced similar things in the last several months through my diplomatic responsibilities Rush. I agree that this trend has probably touched each corner of the web in some way or another and it is indeed unfortunate.
  9. Hey BnT. Good to see you on. How are you bud?

  10. This looks very reasonable. I am really interested to see how Sam Bradford works out in the NFL also. He looks good in his work outs and as you have mentioned he packed on a lot of muscle.
  11. Baw baw baw. Really? Entirely? Let's be serious now. Five years doesn't sound reasonable in any context of the word. We attacked no one to "rule the world". Don't pretend that what you are doing right now is what CnG was "founded to do".
  12. A well thought out post Bob. We shall see what the next round of peace talks bring us.
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