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  1. The Warrior

    Wolves have Claws too!

    Congratulations FTW and CLAWS!
  2. The Warrior

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    The worst part about it is that he probably has no idea what you’re talking about.
  3. The Warrior

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Yay GATO! And also yay us! tl;dr Congratulations to us both on this most momentous occasion. Surely this will be brewers the end.
  4. The Warrior

    House Stark Joins the New Order of the Ages

    Well this is just a busy night for us. A new member and a war?! Who said Planet Bob was rotting? Welcome Polaris.
  5. Pastoralis Praeeminentiae "Dieu n'est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume" For over a decade The Templar Knights have been combatants in many large wars. They have lost some Crusades and won others. Following their defeat in the Maroon War Crusade and receiving lenient terms, The Templar Knights sought not for peace, but instead the start of a new Crusade. They worked alongside other dissidents to exert their influence into additional alliances for the purpose of expanding their aspirations at the cost of their pawns. However, neither their plotting for a future Crusade against the Church of Oculus nor their dispatching agents to other alliances to intercede on their behalf have gone unnoticed. In recognition of their heresy, The Holy Church of Oculus now orders the arrest of all Knights Templar and lays claim to their pixels for the Church. Other constituents may be subject to further penalties at a later date. Retaliation against any member of the Church will be considered as an attack on the entirety of the Church. It's judgment time for the Templars... Signed, The Senate and People of Oculus
  6. The Warrior

    Mars Hotspot

  7. The Warrior

    Peace for Avalanche

    Congratulations to all!
  8. The Warrior

    The Sally Port is Closed

    Congratulations on peace!
  9. The Warrior

    PSA RE: IRON Deficiency Anemia

    You are probably experiencing an increased amount of IRON in your own body through osmosis, SH. This is a common side-effect. We are glad to be able to offer this service.
  10. The Warrior

    You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

    Happy hunting folks!
  11. This is a public service announcement from the Independent Republic of Orange Nations regarding Iron Deficiency Anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is a serious matter. It is, of course, caused by a shortage of iron in one's body. Your bone marrow needs iron to make hemoglobin. Without it, your body cannot produce enough hemoglobin to make red blood cells. We at IRON are seriously concerned for the well-being of all of those Legion nations who have been at war now for the last seven days. Seven days of war.. that is a lot of blood loss. And if your bodies cannot produce enough hemoglobin to create new blood cells, bad things could happen to you. In order to help out the fine people in the Legion, the Independent Republic of Orange Nations activates the defense clause of our treaty with NATO and declares war on the Legion. We are bringing the IRON injections that your body needs. Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor Rhizoctonia, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor Hertt, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor Mandarijn, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor
  12. Bingo. Such is their prerogative. Posting here to remind the world every 6 months that this is still ongoing to try and gain any sort of sympathy is hilarious though. Firstly, there is no sympathy to be gained when you rejected a simple admission of defeat; secondly, there isn't anyone who will give you sympathy when you've made it known that this is your swan song anyway.