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  1. We are all looking out for the end, may as well do it with a few more souls..
  2. DT is not opposed - does it come with free wifi?
  3. It brings me great pleasure to announce the following: It was a pleasure to coordinate alongside Pacifica in this past conflict, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future. (also yes the flags are slightly off deal with it hart and Auctor)
  4. Glad we have recognized that Fark is the attacking party here.
  5. Fark hits WFF, gets hit by Int, then Polaris freaks out over this escalation because its not a new war when Fark does it! Peace is on the table, Polaris has just decided they would prefer to remain at war.
  6. PR strategy: Don't have Tywin in your alliance, automatic win.
  7. Fark (or really just Mr. Vicarious) claiming this is a separate conflict from the one Fark is engaged in is laughable at best. Fark (or really just Mr. Vicarious) only messaged DT/GLoF tech sellers to go $%&@ themselves, not ODN or NoR. Fark (or really just Mr. Vicarious) ignored reason and decided to continue to be a !@#$ about the whole thing. Best of luck to WFF fighting off the assault from smontag and Mr. Vicarious's mouth.
  8. Our tech import to DBDC is making a big difference in this war, you are right. They are really ripping into Polaris! Or..that already happened and you haven't had an active war with them in months.
  9. I thought Polaris was planning to fight us forever!
  10. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/87815-dt-foreign-policy-statement/ Sorry what?
  11. If you want to attack our members, expect some retaliation. You attacked our defenseless members since you couldn't attack DBDC, so we attacked your defenseless ally like you attacked our defenseless members.
  12. This is a very confusing thread for me.
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