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  1. That isn't why. Its because you say things like this. On paper, MI6 is a good alliance. In practice, who knows what happened. Still have love for my friends over there, but its hard to take MI6 seriously.
  2. All members of the coalition were on board for six months of war? Maybe those involved in the planning were, but there are few alliances along the periphery who seemed all that interested (though there were quite a few people interested).
  3. White Chocolate that is incorrect. The SOP for sending aid to a clearly losing alliance in a lopsided war is to wait until after the war.
  4. Bob

    Who would win?

    Actually Gopher, their top nations can hit NEWs. Remember the +/- 250 spots as well as a rule, putting them in range.
  5. Good. -High Pontiff of Auctor
  6. I demand my signature be added.
  7. do you understand how nukes work you clearly do as a 110k nation in Umb, and I suggest you use that knowledge. Olympus is double teaming people in Acti, making it so that AcTi members have two people who they can nuke each time, while Olympus can only nuke one. This means that if AcTi is active enough to launch a nuke every few days at the beginning, Olympus will have more in anarchy.
  8. not sure how you have missed that
  9. my five soldiers march with auctor
  10. Can't all of NSO just join Legion, and then run for government, and then disband them?
  11. he was talking about your alliance not you in particular and if you haven't heard of Ragnarok I'd be surprised.
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