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  1. I just fail to see the point of arguing over a CB. At this point in the game, I just don't see any alliance leaping to your aid because they don't like a CB. The war is happening whether you like/agree/see as valid the CB or not. Less Jaw Jaw, more War War.
  2. Like always I'm proud to be in an alliance that is allied with IRON. Who else in CN would care so much about the well being of those poor members of Legion? Not only correctly diagnosing their deficiency, but then finding a way to help!
  3. Enjoy the war. I guess the other 10 or so alliances we as a bloc are fighting just weren't doing enough to keep us occupied...
  4. Damn. Fine you win this round. We will take it into account for the peace terms.
  5. Huh. Well, Good luck. I'm happy you feel your many years of building your nation are being spent in a constructive manner.
  6. I don't know. The nations attacking me seem to have sold off all their Infra (or had it blown away) and just lying their taking punches. Maybe you need some help...
  7. More or less. TBH we could just about (just) handle this ourselves, but like so many other alliances in CN, we prefer a bloodbath to a civilized 1 on 1.
  8. Sure. Enjoy it. Not sure how much fun it will be for you guys in a little while, but enjoy it while you can.
  9. As Grand Master of GLoF I welcome you to the fight. I respect you coming in....
  10. Yay...War! Also this goes against our long standing tradition of not actually declaring war. But meh...
  11. At this point in the game, I suspect Oc will survive longer than CN. Also...who cares what Sparta thinks.
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