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  1. For the third time my answer to you is: "kiss my butt". And I say again to ericsw:
  2. If you don't want to be bored, you have just to buy some infrastructures, to the point of at least doubling your actual nation strenght. Vampir.
  3. Kevin and us are here for the very same initial reason: anger against *CENSORED* Big difference being that Kevin created a whole great game, while we simply founded a nation within his game. This kind of reason can be a quite powerful motivation at the beginning, but then it fades, quite fast. Vampir.
  4. You're extremely out-of-range. Anubia against Femocratic Lands would be more or less like North Korea against Russia or China. Worth noticing that I wrote "North Korea", not "Nepal", since your list of military improvements and wonders is good, though not at our level. The Empress of Peace.
  5. Puppies, dogs, top dogs. Empresses are pleased to announce the end of major operations against COBRA's "top dog": :. War Details About Wars War Status: War Expired War Reason: A general dispute War Declaration Date: 4/11/2019 11:53:52 PM War End Date: 4/19/2019 Total Attacks: 135 XP Option: Experience Enabled War Declared By War Declared On Nation Name: Femocratic Lands schitzophrenia Ruler Name: Greatest Mothers sigmundfreud Alliance: Freehold of The Wolves COBRA Soldiers Lost: 213,868 234,103 Tanks Lost: 16,912 26,238 Cruise Missiles Lost: 0 0 Aircraft Lost: 493 740 Navy Lost: 32 48 Infrastructure Lost: 2,163.60 3,570.01 Technology Lost: 708.11 1,126.61 Land Lost: 2,084.916 532.546 Land/Tech/Infra: 13,158.75 Strength Lost 17,141.87 Strength Lost Destruction Rank: This war was more destructive than 926 of 984 existing wars. Our chief of propaganda have been fired, since she was a lazy moron who declared that the war was due "a general dispute". Apart from such litle issue, the performances of all branches of the military forces ranged from "quite satisfying" to "satisfying". The Empress of Peace
  6. First and last advice: next time I'll see the word "autistic" in this board, used as or coupled with derogatory terms, I'm going to make a mess and perhaps even to withdrawn from the current alliance, it depends by the situation.

    There's an user who have Asperger in this board: Nich Mar.

    He have his problems, and there's no need to add further pressure on him.

    Needless to say more.



  7. I'm not sure Trump is going to win: according last Rasmussen report Clinton is ahead of 2 points, and Rasmussen isn't biased.



  8. I fully agree with an idea of a cultural revolution as the only antidote against the excesses of individualism but I think that the main problem is that individualism has already infected on a very deep level even the progressive front: identity politics is another face of individualism and it split the progressives, making them divided and weak. A truly progressive front would focus against the main source of privilege, that is wealth and especially family wealth. Instead wealth doesn't seems to be their main concern, nor even a concern at all sometimes. Spider
  9. Never had a facebook or twitter or another social media account. It would be useless: due my job it would be necessarly extremely "official" and by so very boring. I can be myself just only when I'm with my family in real world, with few good friends in real world, or through an anonymous account on a game like CN. I think that Malik is absolutely right: good friends are extremely worthy in life, but good friends can be, by definition, just only few people, and I mean no more than a dozen, usually about half dozen. Acquaintances and the likes are absolutely unworthy, they're just a loss of time. I hear all my friends and relatives on average once a week, on the phone, or meeting them, and I don't need social medias for such thing. Vampir.
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