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  1. First and last advice: next time I'll see the word "autistic" in this board, used as or coupled with derogatory terms, I'm going to make a mess and perhaps even to withdrawn from the current alliance, it depends by the situation.

    There's an user who have Asperger in this board: Nich Mar.

    He have his problems, and there's no need to add further pressure on him.

    Needless to say more.



  2. I'm not sure Trump is going to win: according last Rasmussen report Clinton is ahead of 2 points, and Rasmussen isn't biased.



  3. I fully agree with an idea of a cultural revolution as the only antidote against the excesses of individualism but I think that the main problem is that individualism has already infected on a very deep level even the progressive front: identity politics is another face of individualism and it split the progressives, making them divided and weak. A truly progressive front would focus against the main source of privilege, that is wealth and especially family wealth. Instead wealth doesn't seems to be their main concern, nor even a concern at all sometimes. Spider
  4. Never had a facebook or twitter or another social media account. It would be useless: due my job it would be necessarly extremely "official" and by so very boring. I can be myself just only when I'm with my family in real world, with few good friends in real world, or through an anonymous account on a game like CN. I think that Malik is absolutely right: good friends are extremely worthy in life, but good friends can be, by definition, just only few people, and I mean no more than a dozen, usually about half dozen. Acquaintances and the likes are absolutely unworthy, they're just a loss of time. I hear all my friends and relatives on average once a week, on the phone, or meeting them, and I don't need social medias for such thing. Vampir.
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