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  1. I have about 4 online campaigns going on. Also pre-order Shogun 2. ktnx.
  2. Its okay guys I got this. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=97411&pid=2587246&st=0entry2587246
  3. Chicago is the best team in the league. srs.
  4. Emperor Brutus

    NHL 11

    Neither do I... So it can be inactive participation Its just for fun, to play with people you know.
  5. Emperor Brutus

    NHL 11

    We could probably schedule times to get on every week/day whatever. Or just go with luck of the draw.
  6. Emperor Brutus

    NHL 11

    Will you be inviting us to this club? And more details?
  7. Emperor Brutus

    NHL 11

    Markt4: Defence/Goalie I know Timberland and Crymson also play.
  8. RV is a great person CN needs more of RV.
  9. Since we're to perfect for the rest of the world a treaty should be made which will bring CN to its previous greatness.
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