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  1. My weekdays are fairly busy. Could you please advise if NpO will be providing individual time-slots for Non Grata Rogues to sign up to discuss threat levels and emotional damages sustained? What would be the best way to get a hold of LoD, would a DM on Discord or in-game suffice? For my personal meeting I would like at least one senior government official present from every Oculus member in the spirit of promoting a unified and democratic bloc. Also, I would like my counsel, caustic present.
  2. I see your point... by being rogue nations we are all separate entities. Therefore, every individual whos AA shows Non Grata and currently feels threatened by Oculus should also partake in any negotiations, help us all collectively move forward.
  3. Wouldn't going solely to LoD contradict your charter in a way? Apart from this being a coordinated joint offensive... as you claimed, we attacked your allies. I saw a small article which read they "shall" partake in diplomatic assistance. Additionally, you state NG was threatening to Oculus alliances, it would be fair if all threatened members took part in any discussions, help us all collectively move forward.
  4. The last of many years in this universe has been a journey. I find no better way to step down as the Ruler of the Roman Federation once our financial stockpile runs out, and our citizens fought until the last man. I am especially grateful that in our final moments we were able to face our enemy head on, instead of being stabbed in the back, as many of those who hail to The Spineless Coalition must eventually face in the months to come, once we are gone. Looking back over the years, at past interactions, it has definitely been a ride, and a fun one at that, from sharing moments of our universes leaders attending High School, the pride which came with their acceptance into University, and growing into their families. From the moments they bought their first cars, and seeing the interactions we shared with one another. We slowly evolved into our adulthood, and some into their grand-hood, but no matter what we enjoyed our time here. There was always a time when the strong preyed on the weak, and formulated coalitions in order to undermine any viable future threat. However, this is not on of those times. Above all, the alliance Non Grata resembles, the bond it shares, and the standard it stands for, won’t be upheld by any other alliance found in this universe any-longer once our fight here is done. The spineless are left to rule the world, and avoid confrontation, living on a foundation of lies, deception, manipulation and their shared cowardice to confront those notions… dedicated to stabbing one another in the back. In these end times, the friendships formed, won’t be forgotten, and in spite of popular belief, for the Band of Friends who left IRON and joined NG, it was never about becoming rogues. It was instead the acceptance of the fact that this universe was no longer for us. It was about making one last stand again the pitiful and fundamentally weak treaties you have signed. Our perception of the way the universe evolved resulted in the decision of parting ways with it all-together, for one last fight, wherever we would have found it… and we did. Outnumbered, outmatched, with an endless supply of enemy reinforcements, Cydonian Knight, RearviewRover, and SeaBeeGipson and myself will stand together and make this final fight worthwhile for our enemies. This will now be my last post on this forum. You can find me in your local war-mode enabled screen in 7 days. friends > infra
  5. So, my question is this, directed to ODN specifically. How can you stand with alliances such as IRON, and FTW, who openly want to see you destroyed, and were happy when NG launched attacks against you?
  6. Stay tuned for further warchest updates. FTW - Ranked in terms of $$$. Ruler: Garageland of ClashCityRocker: $12,464,522,048 - 134k NS Ruler: Wolfy of wolfy den: $10,949,588,966 - 305k NS Ruler: Twistland of SirTwist: $10,566,110 - 1k NS Ruler: andrewb619 of Brennana1: $7,415,123,183 - 181k NS Ruler: pjk11 of BOOM HEADSHOT: $7,256,321,068 - 136k NS Ruler: Valdroth Kai of Khand: $6,498,717,648 - 95k NS Ruler: RedCommunist of DDR: $4,003,149,879 - 105k NS Ruler: Wobblies of Pile Butts: $3,189,963,726 - 22k NS Ruler: BLITZ1 of BLITZKRIEG THE FIRST: $2,967,438,751 - 121k NS Ruler: Lorien of Wing Zero: $2,690,785,790 - 77k NS Ruler: Siderz of Oursiders: $2,230,253,503 - 40k NS Ruler: Camelia of Lemac: $1,883,773,242 - 86k NS Ruler: VitaminTHC of St Lucia: $1,188.467.205 - 79k NS Ruler: BmK812 of Eisenherz: $1,173,668,731 - 104k NS Ruler: Galerion of Blighty: $1,140,591,846 - 127k NS Ruler: Stanovoy of Zawisza Czarny: $800,100,165 - 22k NS Ruler: Nihon Koku of Hakaisha: $860,507,572 - 22k NS Ruler: Femocratic Lands of Greatest Mothers: $873,775,474 - 78k NS Ruler: slmarsch of Rio Grande: $839,903,092 - 123k NS Ruler: stageidea of Provinz Sachsen: $332,210,141 - 64k NS Ruler: Democracy of UnitedNation: $300,391,439 - 101k NS Ruler: Sanctus of Ventus: $290,193,015 - 23k NS Ruler: Lulzist of Land of Lulz: $85,130,550 - 72k NS Ruler: Abscondia of schmutte693: $69,419,04 - 8K NS Ruler: Backdoor of Paraculia II: $47,000,115 - 15k NS Ruler: VelocityVIP of Galcorian Republic: $35,701,274 - 2.4k NS Ruler: Voustia of Junkieturtle: $2,529,244 - 9k NS
  7. In speaking with VelocityVIP of Galcorian Republic, who holds the government position of Deputy Archon of Foreign Affairs, I brought up the case of FTW stealing Non Grata's Flag. Here he clearly admits that during the design phases, an individual had pointed out that this flag did in fact resemble Non Grata's Flag, but those concerns and legalities were dismissed. .
  8. You have my sword for this holy crusade Pope Caustic II.
  9. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - VelocityVIP!
  10. Unfortunately you didn't get the message. It is our superior genetics that allow us to overlook plebs such as yourself, therefore any and all statements made by you & co. are obsolete. Making you and your opinions of little to no concern to our pure and greater cult alliance.
  11. What it really lacked was your Imperial stamp of approval. Shame you couldn't supervise the creation process.
  12. Any chance you could forward your military guides? They seem to be working. :mellow:
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