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  1. o/ All involved, good to see peace. House Stargaryen ftw
  2. Let's show these ladies the door, gentlemen. o/FTW o/ROWL A man after my own heart. I'm the Treaty Whore of Babylon. lmao, Canik the wordsmith
  3. Damn, that flag is sexy. Let's get some! o/FTW o/ROWL
  4. A nice change in pace from the normal humdrum of this place. I'd be interested to see where you take this news thing, next.
  5. Thank you, my friend! Glad you enjoyed it. My thoughts exactly I couldn't think of a better inaugural holder of the award, in both categories. Thank you for the nice words and stopping by to accept. Regarding the stuff you all have been doing, it's the effort that's noticed by the voters, I believe. And, maybe a repeat's in order next year? I am glad that this conversation came up. In part, I was hoping that some form of retrospective over the prior year would either encourage a conversation in terms of how to work with what remains of CN and how we the few who remain (and remain engaged) can ensure that the game stays interesting. And, maybe, it's the little things that make up a larger whole. I think a rebirth of 2006-2007 politicking would be fun as hell. Am I saying manufacture drama, wars, etc.? Well, how else do you think "reality" T.V. shows are so damn interesting all the time lol?
  6. The Year of the Parasol Person of the Year: Roquentin Runner-Up: Noctis Lucis Caelum Alliance of the Year: Umbrella Runner-Up: Sovereign League of Armed Powers 2017 has been proclaimed “The Year of the Parasol.” By popular vote, following an open nomination period, the people of Planet Bob declared that this year’s Person of the Year was Roquentin (in-game Monster), the longtime President of Umbrella. The accompanying Alliance of the Year was none other than his own alliance, Umbrella. At first glance, one would think that perhaps the Person of the Year and the Alliance of the Year would be intrinsically tied, in that the leader of the latter would be a likely candidate for the former. However, the early favorites and near-contenders, Noctis for Person and The Templar Knights for Alliance indicates that this thought isn’t correct – at least for this year. What began as a simple conversation in the collective retrospect of the most recent year of Planet Bob quickly became a forum for players behind the rulers to truly discuss who had been the most influential. Rightfully, and thankfully, the conversation indicated that this wasn’t a popularity competition. This, perhaps, aided in the quick establishment of this newly-created annual award’s prestige. One must only look at the fact that the nomination period bent in strong favor toward Noctis, a widely-controversial figure. In fact, many of his nominators were in-game rivals or enemies. The parameter for this award was based on one simple question: What Person/Alliance, for better or for worse, has done the most to influence the events of the year? “Influence” can be subjective in definition. After all, Hitler was Person of the Year in 1938, as was Pope John XXIII in 1962. However, it is clear that “influence,” for the intentions of this award, most definitely refers to the role said Person or Alliance had in the year’s events – whether that role be good or bad. So, without further ado, here is why 2017 was The Year of the Parasol. *** Roquentin, the President of Umbrella, is the fountainhead by which Umbrella acts upon Bob. No treaty or declaration of war from CN’s 4th Ranked alliance comes without the nod of their longtime leader. Umbrella has been a major player in three of the year’s four largest wars (War of Maroon Dominance, XX-Sparta War, and the Gh0s7busting War). Umbrella’s role, it should be noted, was tied to that of Oculus, the world’s dominant MADP bloc. Perhaps, their role in these wars could be attributed to their membership of the aforementioned bloc. However, the principle behind Occam's razor states that the theory with the fewest assumptions should be chosen. Therefore, we won’t assume more than what is clearly seen from a journalistic standpoint. Therefore, based solely on Umbrella’s active military and diplomatic participation in these wars, it can be seen why Umbrella would be chosen as the year’s most influential alliance. But, what of Roquentin? Why was he chosen as this year’s Person? The President of Umbrella for most players’ living memories, he is noted for his quiet and reserved nature – but, also, for his determination and clear-sightedness in his desires. One only need see his role in some of Bob’s largest wars throughout its history to see that he is an experienced statesman, unrivaled by but few. As previously noted, all treaties and declarations of war do not come from Umbrella without his permission. But, is that enough to be this year’s Person? After all, can one truly tie the success of an alliance to a person, or vice versa? Despite his quiet nature, he is everywhere. Little happens without his knowledge. Even less happens without his approval. He does not have the public profile of some of the other leaders within the Top 10’s Foreign Affairs circuit, but it is often the quietest who is the most influential. We cannot assume that this year’s Oculus moves happened with his permission, but we cannot also assume that they happened without his nod. Oculus had a most defining role in this year’s foreign affairs landscape, obliterating alliances and raising others up. Roquentin is most definitely a leading figure within Oculus, and, for this, his influence is noted. These two intertwined entities, Roquentin and Umbrella, defined and dominated the politics of 2017. This was truly their year – and, perhaps, without one, the other wouldn’t have been as successful or influential. It was Roquentin’s steady hand and deft maneuvering, matched by the awesome power of Umbrella’s war machine and dynamic treaty web, which moved the mountains of Bob. Chestnut, Sparta, CotM, and TTK all fell; Polaris joined with her new allies in Oculus; Maroon was realigned; yet, Umbrella and Roquentin remained atop their peak. With so many titans falling, it is wondrous how one alliance could always win. Skillful politicking, dedicated leadership, or something else? For all of the winners and losers of 2017, Roquentin and Umbrella showed that they have not quite left the show – and this year’s events would have been quite different without them. For, the Parasol shrugged, and so the world shuttered. Note: Thank you all for your wonderful participation in this inaugural event. Without your nominations and votes, it wouldn't have been the same. Here's to 2018!
  7. o/ All's well, thank you! Just letting the interns do some work for a change o/ Thanks, KH, very much appreciated. I might just stop by from time-to-time to help with new CBs lol. Thank you, always appreciated Thank you, my friend! All's well, thank you! o7 Canik Thank you, my friend, for letting me be a part of the greatest team on Bob.
  8. As of 12/18/2017, Maegor has resigned from his position as Triarch of Foreign Affairs. All further FA inquiries should be directed toward Canik, until a replacement is chosen. -The Triarchy
  9. I agree, it's pretty cool Read the instructions first, Canik Sadism at its finest lol. And hey, everyone secretly wants to vote for their own AA. Only a few more days until polls close, folks. Vote now while you can!
  10. The nominations thread has put forth some interesting and surprising choices for the Person & Alliance of the Year. The nominations also rightfully displayed that this is not a popularity contest, but an objective look at who/what "for better or for worse, has done the most to influence the events of the year." The Person of the Year nominees have all been given reasons beside their name, but the Alliance of the Year nominees have not, as that's far more discernible on one's own than the former. The poll will run until midnight on the 17th, after which, if there isn't a tie or the margin of victory isn't too tight, there will be a feature posted (with a nice Time-esque cover to boot) about 2017's Person and Alliance of the Year. If there is a tie, or the margin of victory is too tight, a run-off vote will be held (for 72-hours, at most) between the top candidates. So, please vote for who you think is the Person of the Year, and for what you think is the Alliance of the Year. Voter's names are not public, but feel free to comment/discuss below about your choice and why you chose them. Thanks for participating!
  11. Hey, can't blame the journalists for that one . I thought of ways of achieving that, but I think it's impossible. No worries, man, we've all been there haha. If we don't get any more nominations by tomorrow-ish or so, I'll open up the vote threads. So, put your nominations forward while you can!
  12. What, afraid of something a little different on the OWF, SW? Consensus seems to be headed that way. The vote may just be a formality at this point. Hadn't thought of that one. Good one, though. I'm adding it to the list. Noctis in War of Maroon Dominance? The Leo of CN... I could see that lol. I couldn't agree more, my friend. And your nomination for AA of the year is ISX? NPO as a major player as an AA, for sure. But, the people behind Pacifica's flag vs. the individual, overt impact folks like Junka or Noctis is definitely up for debate. And, unfortunately, with so little happening on the OWF past treaties and DoWs, it's hard to distinguish what may be very impactful moves behind closed doors to those made in front of everyone. I agree. Seems to be the Year of the Comeback. And TTK's been added.
  13. I was curious who was the single most influential person who impacted the game this year? (Not impacted by Time's announcement a few days ago, at all.) Then, I realized that CN wasn't just about the people, it's also about the alliances. Alliances are people too (I think). But, they are undoubtedly driving forces in the game, perhaps moreso than the individuals behind the flag. So, I wanted to see what you all thought on who was the Person of the Year and the Alliance of the Year? This is based off of who/what "for better or for worse, has done the most to influence the events of the year." You can nominate up to the three Persons and three Alliances, and you can give reasons for your nominations, if you'd like. (Yes, you can nominate yourself and your own alliance.) Once we've gotten a decent amount of nominations, I'll put it in a poll, and we can have a final vote from there. Please note that these are my personal opinions, and not the opinions of my alliance. My own nominations are: Person: Immortan Junka (now The Zigur) -- The running rivalries between ISX and other AAs drove a lot of FA this year, and Junka was the Emperor behind it all. Love him or hate him, he made the game interesting. Noctis -- How someone with so few members can 1) make a much larger AA surrender, 2) get a Senate seat through someone else's war, and 3) get a coalition for the 2nd largest war of the year to crush his ass is beyond me. But, somehow, he managed to do it all. Gh0s7 (posthumous) -- Do I even need to explain this one? Again, "for better or for worse," his impact is unquestionable. Alliance: The Nordreich -- War for Maroon Dominance and Maroon Rehabilitation War made Maroon Great Again (and the most interesting Sphere of the year), and the Reich was a major player throughout it all. Plus, I love KH. ISX -- Pretty much ditto from above. SLAP -- The Kingpin behind the AM/NW/TDB (choose an effing name already, geez), COBRA, and anti-Junka/ISX coalition, SLAP was a counterbalance to ISX and provided an interesting rivalry (and rivalries drive the game, baby.) Plus, their wars have been interesting (like GPA). Put your own nominations below!
  14. The IRON Kingdoms I. Sovereignty Freehold of The Wolves (FTW) and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) both recognize the inherent sovereignty of the other, including but not limited to borders, governments, and the like. II. Non-Aggression Neither party shall engage in nor support acts of aggression or subversion toward the governments and peoples of the other. III. Mutual Defense Should either of the two aforementioned be attacked by external forces, the combined forces of the other shall come to the defense of their ally, including but not limited to militaristic and economic means. IV. Non-Chaining Exceptions to the above clause are attacks warranted by overt provocation or another treaty obligation. The other shall not be bound to defending the other in the event of a chaining war, though the right to join the conflict remains optional. V. Commonwealth FTW and IRON do hereby declare their wholehearted intentions to assist one another in the growth of the other’s economies; to share appropriate intelligence with another; to maintain embassies with the other in proper diplomatic venues. VI. Optional Aggression Should either alliance engage in offensive measures against another entity, the other party holds the right to withhold or offer assistance in such measures. VII. Cancellation Should either alliance desire to cancel the treaty, seventy-two hours’ notice shall be given in a proper diplomatic channel. Signed for Freehold of The Wolves, The Triarchy Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor Rhizoctonia, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor Hertt, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor Mandarijn, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor
  15. Space Dragon-Wolves XII Article I. Alliance Sovereignty Both alliances remain sovereign and independent under this arrangement. Article II. Military Intelligence Intelligence possessed by one signatory relating to the military security of the other should be shared through secure channels. Article III. Nonaggression Both signatories shall refrain from all acts of military, economic or ideological aggression against one another. Article IV: Optional Defense Should one signatory come under attack, the other is encouraged to provide military and economic support, and other situational support as deemed proper. Article V. Optional Aggression Should a military offensive be organized by one signatory the other may be invited to participate. Both parties agree to observe sound information security principles and deploy in a disciplined manner when coordinating any military offensive. Article VI. Cancellation A cancellation notice should be presented to the other signatory 72 hours before taking effect via secure channels. Article VII: Que? What’s a dragon-wolf, and what’s up with the XII? Freehold of The Wolves: -The Triarchy Imperium of Supernova-X Emperor: Galerion
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