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  1. Shout out to PSO and Rogal as well, I literally couldn't begin to name everyone who helped us to become who we are. If you weren't singled out remember the company you stood with.
  2. Comic NAPs can be a pain, but we signed it and we'll honor it. Sengoku has always been a plain spoken alliance, and I don't think this is the time to change that. We've had a good run, and whether you have agreed with us or not, I'd like to think that we've made your time on Planet Bob more interesting by being here. Although we were never a large alliance, I'd like to think that we did what we could to leave our mark on the game, and that history will prove that mark to be a positive one. As we close down shop I hope everyone here realizes that Sengoku didn't accomplish anything.
  3. This right here. Sengoku and SNX both walking their seperate ways benefits all involved parties, for those not involved try to not read more in to the agreement than there is. The wording is plain and honest, take it as such.
  4. Back at you and Galerion for sitting through the talks and everyone for adulting.
  5. You're right about the objective of this war being totally different, however your understanding of what the objective of this war is is suspect. I'd try to enlighten you on the point but everyone else has failed on that point for a long time, no reason bash my head against the wall too.
  6. You'd accept peace today except you are at war so you can't? Wow. The Emperor of SNX, everyone.
  7. Saving this here for when you ask for peace in a week.
  8. I would assume in a private log somewhere. Seeing as you're the only one sinking to the level of dumping them here and releasing that info wouldn't be in your favor we'll probably never know exactly what it was. Of course there is the possibility that Immortan Junka never said anything that could be taken as slanderous in the entire conversation. Seeing as we have no proof either way everyone not involved in the conversation will just have to decide whether or not that is true based on their previous dealings with you. Shouldn't be too difficult.
  9. So you said slanderous things about someone who encouraged others to not hit SNX in the past? But that is OK because someone else may or may not have threatened your alliance some time ago? It all makes sense now, totally legit. Carry on SNX, carry on.
  10. In SNX's defense the personal attacks could have been worse. No one called hartfw Tywin.
  11. When I find myself agreeing with L_H I know it's time that I take a break. But seriously, what is this oddness coming from SNX that resembles a thought out and nuanced opinion? I applaud your attempt at adult dialogue, if not your type point choices, Kingthero.
  12. Couldn't agree more, some of my fondest memories of SNX revolve around those times that I totally forgot you existed. That being said, as much as we would love to continue ignoring your existence threats and insults directed at our members trying to diplomatically defuse a situation cannot go unaddressed.
  13. If the Imperium's only duty is to make things as painful as possible for everyone else then you being in charge suddenly makes a lot more sense.
  14. Technically you don't own it until you finish all payments laid out in the 36 month lease to own contract.
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