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  1. I see the retardo aeternus has surfaced to pretend he in someway influenced this outcome. At least Terminator took his fate head on instead of cowering in his crater. He has a big mouth but he is prepared to stand behind it. If and when you ever do the same, feel free to sprout your nonsense far and wide, until then back in your hole lest you embarrass yourself even further
  2. Not complaining, observing. There is currently two clear sides, one just lacks the fortitude to do what must be done whilst the other sits waiting for them to make their move. If you want to do something however, you actually have to commit to it. That means you have to take a risk or two but those with courage and vision are long gone from ''Side II''. If everyone from ''Side II'' dropped their external treaties they would have a proper shot at the title..... but no one is giving up their ties to Oculus anytime soon, both because they are lazy and because they know the end result.
  3. If you are going to push buttons you need to be reasonably confident of what happens when you do. The world is so asleep I bet I could attack a single alliance, no one would defend them because they wouldn't notice or care, quite probably including the alliance attacked, threaten them with all kinds of demands up to an including moving color or disbanding and then peace them out when I felt like without really achieving anything. This is the real issue for me now, what do I do that achieves anything? Everyone has a treaty with everyone else or at least an ally of someone else, and the OWF is a cesspool, so there isn't even the minor joy of getting the Trollmaster2000 fired up. Hard to find motivation to be an evil attention seeking arsehole when no one notices?
  4. The game is as it is because the reality was there was only ever a few handfuls of people actually driving the masses around the board. Many of those people have left, or retired to the point of almost inactivity and there has been very little interest in taking their place. There was a lot of talent here, most of it is gone. The run of the mill alliance player was never good enough to make things happen, and so they sit here and contemplate why the community is as it is. Too many stupid people, with a complete lack of comprehension of what drives the game, having input into driving the game for their own agenda rather than the global community effectively killed whatever resistance there was. Here we sit, waiting for someone to do something and the people who could, after careful contemplation, couldn't be arsed anymore. For me personally, everyone I wanted to hate me probably has at some stage hated me, everyone I wanted to kill has been killed and as far as I am concerned, I have SFA left to achieve that is remotely interesting to me. Therefore, unless I get inspired, I won't do too much too often.... and unfortunately I am not alone in this regard. Face it, the game was won a while ago now, we are just waiting to turn off the lights. Please sweet lord, turn off the lights.
  5. Comrade, be extremely clear, I wasn't posturing. I have always done what I believe is right (or wrong) with great sense of occasion. I have communicated clearly our position in relation to a collective of semi-rigid alliances beating the crap out of our friends. Whilst they are enjoying it, have fun. When the time comes for peace, do it without being knobs. You were granted a limited license nothing more or less. If I decide that you have gone too far I will say so, give you a chance to rectify and then take whatever action is appropriate. All this nonsense about Oculus is merely that, nonsense. Oculus has no responsibility to declare anything to anyone, it also has no part in this ''war''. The discussions we had were between your alliance and mine, nothing more or less. Polar is still alive and well and we will react when called on to do so, it is very hard to constantly be the aggressor in every war, so perhaps now you have tried it, you might like to try again. You know where we are if you so desire, you are on my list of alliances that I need to roll for old times sake.
  6. ''Supposed to'' and ''Grub'' often go together in a sentence, just sometimes with other words intervening.
  7. I am hardly the one posturing. It is not my alliance that is being used a convenient chess piece pal. Do you want to watch the world burn, some days I do.
  8. It is indeed a very long time. Perhaps you should cast your mind all the way back over that 8 years and think in context. The faux swagger doesn't suit you Legion, you have achieved sweet $%&@ all but survive... barely. Tone it down and leave the swagger to people who actually do something/anything other than hang around the fringes waiting to be told what to do.
  9. Seriously, I mean seriously? You aren't defending anyone. Enjoy your minor win while you can, I think you might find it costs you far more in the long run. I am actually yet to see Legion defend ''all'' its allies. Perhaps you should pull your head in.
  10. AlmightyGrub

    The 'C' word

    It is great news, let's hope reasonably well turns into really well really soon.
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