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  1. This is the only time I wished this forum had LIKE function
  2. I completely get it comrade. We didn't do so good this time and believe me we will learn from this one. Cheers for the good times.
  3. I am glad to provide you with so much amusement. See you next time comrade.
  4. Peace is a Lie. Well done guys, you surprised me with your effort, almost as good as our lack of enthusiasm for a meaningless war. I will return to my bridge until next time.
  5. Why not? I believe we have a massive treaty portfolio to call on if we so desired. Just becuase you don't want to particularly doesn't mean we can not activate our treaty. You are then faced with honour it or can it. Whilst no one has to help us when we attack, it is customary when we are attacked, even in defense, that all our treaties activate. We didn't even make the call, except to Fark who wanted in and didn't distort the balance at all. I think the thing being missed here is that we didn't at all want to have another massacre. We don't actually give a toss either way about any of our opponents especially KORT. None of them have ever remotely hit our RADAR... even TTK who we have fought a few times in wider conflicts. I do find it ironic that we setup a fairly even conflict, restrict it to that conflict without worldwide expansion and still people whinge about it. If there is a complaint at all, look at the whole mess that is the treaty web with cockblocks in every direction for everyone. To hit anyone now is way too hard and takes way too much effort especially with all the direct links. Even we are supremely guilty of this, but of course I am such a !@#$% that if I cancelled all of them we would be destroyed within the first few minutes of the ink drying on the cancellation. KORT was the setup into pretty much this exact match up, if they escalated much more they would have tripped over themselves and vice versa.
  6. God you can be a !@#$%* sometimes.
  7. 3394... more than worth it Nope. What we did was completely immoral and God isn't on our side in this one.... nah, I am just saying I got what I wanted, nothing more or less. I am glad I got to fight against you guys, you have been on my list for so long now. Watching you guys stay in a war for more than two rounds has been wonderful. It is amazing how courageous you get when things start going your way, I wish you had been able to be so committed when times were actually tough. Just in case you reading comprehension levels are what your meme suggests, I had my own agenda, unrelated to anything to do with Polar, which was to fight CCC. I got what I wanted. I have fought some great wars against people who have actually really put some effort in, although most of them could have achieved much more if they had a clue how to actually fight with an advantage. I am glad you are active, you certainly aren't stronger. I am not sure where you get your data from on the individual battles, but I expect to lose when I declare uphill to defend a mate who was massively down declared on. I also expect to lose when I am not nuking every day or even at all and my opponent is. You seem to be quite chirpy for someone I have never heard of before, but it may shock you to learn that this is not the first time I have lost wars, it is inconsequential to me, I am getting what I want from Bob right now. If you are as well, you should be thanking Polar for our efforts. It is not like you have ever done anything proactive ever in your existence. If there was ever a passenger alliance it is CCC
  8. Whether we are winning or losing is a matter of perspective. We chose to fight the war on the current basis knowing full well what the odds were. As I have previously stated, I personally got what I wanted out of this war. As there was no real animosity to begin with between the Knights and Polar and because there was some simple objectives, we had nothing to lose. I am loving watching people get active and do something, even if the Polar turn out was less that spectacular. Destroy as much as you want, my nation has frequently been a crater since GW2. I love the fact that Dirk just trolled me unmercifully at the end of our war having massively down declared and thrashed my when I had no nukes left. I have no intentions of stopping any time soon, I could not care less what the toll is at the end of the day. Watching the Christians actually fight for a change has been wonderful. Once they are all inevitably hiding in dove mode then maybe enough will be enough. Until then, kill or be killed.
  9. Would you prefer that I let my nation fall to your lowest ranges? I am here for the fun not to save my cash, this could be my last ride, might as well blow it all.
  10. You got nowhere in particular, I didn't engineer this war but I got what I wanted, the two concepts are mutually exclusive at this stage. If it had been ''my war'' then I would have posted one of my belligerent DOWs. Please note that Polar nations getting wrecked is all they were created for. If you had different expectations for your nation, I am very sorry. Given the current state of affairs there is no apparent end in sight, so expect to keep on wrecking/being wrecked to continue essentially for the foreseeable future. I am still having fun blowing !@#$ up and will continue to have fun for as long as I have cash to spend every day. At the current rate I can probably last for the rest of the year, how about you?
  11. I could respond with the obvious, Sherg nuked me every day and I nuked for the first couple of rounds then handed off. I also declared massively uphill to help Dajobo. However, Sherg fights well and good luck to her. War is fun for people who actually fight hard instead of pussying around.
  12. Would anyone even notice? Unlikely, right now we are essentially just talking among ourselves. No one cares, or no one can afford to care
  13. You are here to amuse yourself, you chose the persona you wanted to amuse yourself with. You found like-minded personas and congregated together. I didn't choose who I wanted to be or how I wanted to present myself, I am just the combination of entire reason and compassion fused with a mindless arsehole hellbent on amusement at the expense of others. Jerge, I didn't attack GPA ever, you were of no interest, you weren't even trying to play the same game or even endgame as me. You were allowed to build to the point where you did, but even then you were easily toppled and your numbers plummeted because you sold your members a lie that was so conditional on the goodwill of others. We don't necessarily have goodwill at all, in fact I pretty much have none. If left unchecked I would have been embarrassingly more aggressive over the years but the GPA represented nothing but a huddled mass of people seeking something that exists nowhere. I also developed a respect for your positions personally, you alone represented the GPA in a manner I could relate to. It changed nothing because I ultimately wasn't interested in a no-win conflict with you. We all have a choice, based on our limitations and our treaty ties, to do something before the world explodes. I have chosen a path of occasional conflict, often resolved with a peace agreement of no consequence. I build up my cash to sustain another war and a quick rebuild, fight and rebuild ready for the next one. I have pretty much done so since 2006. I was once one of the largest nations on Bob, but constant grinding conflict and a general boredom with tech trading has seen me capped at where I am now, which just so happens to be where I am guaranteed multiple rounds of constant warfare in any conflict. These are my choices. There is nothing you can do to influence these choices if I choose to attack your alliance. All you can do is defend, successfully or otherwise. So whilst you have choices, someone else can just as easily control your fate in the short term should they choose to. As for Oculus, it met its goals, it has ensured its position, as have many others by tying themselves to the various partners of Oculus. You are right, this prevents me, at this stage, from running rampant into alliances I truly want a shot at before we all die in the ultimate meltdown. I wanted a particular match up in this war, I got it. If things had panned out differently I would have gotten much more for my investment of almost nothing. I don't care at this stage particularly that we win or lose these conflicts, my obvious preference is to win, but sitting doing nothing for years on end except talking !@#$ about !@#$ with the same people does get tedious. So we blow some !@#$ up, talk tough for a while, hurl insults and at the end walk away with a better understanding of our opponents. As for lacking the power to destroy, I agree, you can only destroy yourself. My track record would indicate that I can be of assistance in that regard though. Ultimately, survival might be enough for you, preservation of a community might seem a lofty goal but the reality is there is sweet FA community left. Numbers have dropped to the point overall where most of the active community and most of the ''players'' have left us. This has allowed others to shine, but it is still pretty dull in comparison to how it was. lilweirdward, within this framework, doing nothing seems negligent. Right now 5 alliances have wars, fairly evenly matched for now and I am having some fun and getting to know some new people. I have much more at my disposal should I choose to go there but for now this is working as intended. You can have a comminuty without logging in every 20+ days. There is no requirement to have a nation to hang out on Discord and chat to people you like to chat with, in fact I would argue that not having a nation involved in the push-pull of CN would make it easier to be friends with everyone you wanted to be friends with. You also need to distinguish between reality and pretense.
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