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  1. I think Dilber more subscribed to pants being redundant
  2. The cherry on top is the nation with zero casualties declaring with 0 soldiers. Good news is I am back to #10
  3. I think reading comprehension is not your strong point. No Polar ever cares about being attacked during a war, we love it. He was more questioning why you would not directly help the nations tearing your alliance a new arsehole. But please, carry on thinking you are winning something.
  4. What treaty did you use to enter the war to defend your ''allies''? Did you do the maths before you did? Did you look at the combinations of alliances that would be prevented by treaty from engaging anyone, at least immediately? Did you consider the odds? If you did and you want to complain about what happens next long before it has even had half a chance to develop, then it is like you expected to get thrashed again? If not then you were pretty stupid and cavalier, especially where Polar is concerned. You haven't exactly generated a whole lot of goodwill along the way have you? You can be grist for whatever mill crushes you, but you can shut up about it when you knew the consequences, you knew why we did what we did and you could predict our reaction. There is a whole lot of data available to anyone regarding alliance behaviours. We guessed yours pretty accurately. You must know ours by now. There is no such thing as a fair fight, only fights you win and fights you lose. I could not give a toss if I have a thousand times your NS if that is what it takes, I am only interested in the outcomes I want. Likewise if you can out weight me, as has happened many times, I will accept the loss, rebuild and do better next time.
  5. The mission of Non Grata was not ours. Whilst I want to contribute in the final hours of Bob someday, I don't necessarily want that day to be today. Non Grata remain our friends though. I have never had an issue with people defending their allies, that is why you sign treaties. Likewise I have never had a great desire to prevent my allies joining our fun if they so wish. Right now we have a pretty little war 3V1, KoRT being essentially as you described, weak willed and useless. They have done well to call in the Christians, they have been looking for a cross for a while and there is no better time that Easter to kill a Christian. TTK surprise me. They have watched in the wings dozens of times and always manage to spring out and yell surprise just in time to get slaughtered. If anyone can explain the dude who declared on me, self anarchied to 0 soldiers and then didn't attack, I will be truly grateful. Maybe the Camelot Clowns weren't so confident in the arrival of allies today? I wouldn't have been either, well apart from watching them build up all week. I applauded when they finally mustered the courage to sally forth. today.
  6. I guess we should applaud their efforts this one last time.
  7. Well done my good and faithful servant. You can rescue Camelot for Easter. Welcome to the rinse and repeat that is TTK v NpO. Maybe this time you will be better at this?
  8. Greetings Christian soldiers. Thank you. My final bucket list item can now be crossed off for Bob. Good Luck and Grub Speed I look forward to dying on the cross for Easter, but remember, I always rise again.
  9. Greeting Caustic, I see rumors of your impending demise have been overstated.
  10. It is almost like we could not care less about you, but I understand how you would over rate yourself in this regard. If you feel provoked, wake up your treaty partners and have a shot at the title. I am sure the NADC members will be able to guide you to war far more competently that your previous efforts.
  11. You are one of Polar's T-Shirt alliances. We have no interest in you at all, you are amongst the worst dance partners of all time.
  12. I can categorically state the following. There is no blunder, just a straight up aggressive war because Polaris is ultimately an aggressive alliance and always has been. There is a reason for the war, but it is our reason for the war and nothing to do with the peanut gallery. If you are sitting in the bleachers watching, wondering, contemplating, get off your arse and roll tanks if you so desire. If you don't we will wonder about you. I have been aggressively attacking alliances and being aggressively attacked since 2006. I used to pretend to care about what the larger community thought about what I was doing, but I am far from the first person to drop the pretense. I have been genuinely aggrieved many times and not started wars, but sometimes I had to look hard at the justification. KoRT knows why they were hit, if they don't they are even more stupid than they present, which is pretty stupid. Roll tanks and try your luck, I have no care or concern either way, win or lose. At the end of the world there will be Order and it is none of my concern whether you continue to exist beside us or not.
  13. It is true, the Trollmaster 2000 takes a lot of energy to get fired up though. The honest truth is I didn't read this rubbish until yesterday because there hasn't been anything worth reading for such a long time. in 2006 I was in my 30s, In 2020 I in my 50s. Shortly I will qualify for my Senior Insurance discount. I am still a complete !@#$%^& though, somethings will never change. See you on the battlefield TTK.
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