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  1. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    You are still an idiot
  2. AlmightyGrub

    How is this place still alive?

    The game was always what we made it not what the creator designed. The game itself was and is and always will be fairly crappy. @Sardonic makes some great points, but the biggest issue was and always will be the pay to play set who manipulated the game as they saw fit to achieve the things they wanted. The concessions made to keep these people playing and paying ruined the gameplay and left only the politics. Luckily I do politics... Also really? We are about to roll the CCC, are you down for that?
  3. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Oh Wes, you really do need to pay more attention. I thought they were orange
  4. AlmightyGrub

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Someone passed me at #10
  5. AlmightyGrub

    Thirteen Years of Order

    o/ The New Pacific Order. There is no doubt about it, you do love yourselves, but there is so much to love. Vote Grub
  6. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    They have allies apparently. The only ones with any balls are distantly linked with optional treaties. Why would they put their comfort to the test for someone who refuses steadfastly to help themselves? Not even a little bit. You have to ask yourselves why the NADC continues to exist. It is in the community interest that they merge with someone else who can teach them something.
  7. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Indeed that is the gold standard unlikely to be repeated only because most nations didn't realize they were being attacked for several days
  8. AlmightyGrub

    Alliance Politics?

    I think the more interesting question is whether the top is safe with the NPO on it.
  9. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    How are you allied to the NADC? What nefarious chain leads someone like you to such a position. There was nothing wrong with 2012. Should be more 2008 though
  10. AlmightyGrub

    Alliance Politics?

    I lead myself to water but I can not make myself drink. I also have a small leadership role within a very small alliance who is so firmly tied to the NPO that Hell would have to freeze over for a second time for our bond to be broken. I will defend the NPO with my dying breath against any and all who would choose to rail against the gates of hell. Perhaps you could form a coalition to take on the Orders and their wide circle of allies. The New Pacific Order is the top alliance in every facet of the game except being cool, that is reserved for their colder brothers in the New Polar Order. They do hot very well though. People have always resented Order and always will. Without Order there is chaos and many would like to to take advantage in chaos. As for my actual goals, I like the concept of rationalization. I think in 2019 I might try to consolidate.
  11. AlmightyGrub

    Alliance Politics?

    I have a goal.
  12. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Another day, another 20 bombers gloriously die trying to make a difference.... I know it is not hard, but maybe it is. Also the first peace offer... seriously, a few days in and you are already out of cash?
  13. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Except he hit someone who wasn't attacking an alliance mate... whilst cool and all, it will hardly help their cause. Rotten to the very core, leaderless and directionless, this is the NADC we know and hate.
  14. AlmightyGrub

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Fancy throwing punches in a nuclear war... so typical of the problem.
  15. IMPERIAL DECREE It is time to pay for your mediocrity. It is time to be cleansed in blood, your own maroon blood. It is time to die or die trying. For too long alliances have paid lip service to their obligations, they want a right to free existence but seem unprepared to do anything to ensure their existence at all. It has been a long time since you arrived on Maroon, at the pleasure of the Polar War Machine, and what have you done? The time has come to ante up, you clearly have not taken your opportunity, fading so far into insignificance that only one brave nation found the courage to repel the Non Grata menace that had come to the door of SUN and TTK. You are unworthy of being on a color and having a vote, you are unworthy of being an ally, you are just unworthy. If you won't defend your allies, will you defend yourselves? Your track record says no, but this is the end, maybe you can arrange a whimper? The time has come for you to reach your final destiny, total destruction at the hands of those you hate the most. We will not rest until you are cast adrift, friendless, homeless and clueless. We are so close already, one down, two to go. Tonight the New Polar Order chooses to bring violence to your door, The New Polar Order chooses you NADC. It is time to cleanse the Maroon sphere of the stain you have become. AlmightyGrub Regent & Imperator Emeritus, New Polar Order EaTeMuP - Emperor bdmon75 - Minister of Peace Quantum Leap - Minister of Love bluesam3 - Minister of Plenty HannaH - Minister of and for Truth.