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  1. Of all the people to ever be sentenced to eternal war, you seem to have gotten off lightly really. The eternal didn't exactly function that way did it. Nothing says forever like a few weeks after all. You of course have assisted by maintaining your nation as a crater because nothing says courage like literally nothing to lose. I do note that you continue to regal yourself in glorious revisionism to your own edification. The only thing that is truly eternal here is your desire to draw attention to the fact that you have failed so many times to accomplish not much at all. Your relentless pursuit of universal acknowledgement as the greatest martyr of all time whilst also seeking the the title of the greatest CN mind, albeit somewhat misunderstood, is certainly noteworthy. You could of course simply just &*#$ off to your other realm and cease returning to try to convince us of your achievements and credibility.
  2. Covered in glory already, nothing left to prove to anyone, but yet they prevail.
  3. Everything ends eventually. Except Order, Order always prevails. Good luck Canik.
  4. Feed the Trollmaster2000 and you too can get a response.
  5. You don't want to know the truth Hoo, you can't handle the truth. Also hello.
  6. I accept your assertion, you and your friends have never liked conflict, you have done everything you can to avoid the harsh realities of going to war. It is a sickness and eventually it will lead to the ultimate death of this society as the bloat consumes the very oxygen that we breathe. You can have a community, you can all hold hands, but eventually someone will kick you in the balls and you will be forced to engage.... oh happy day. The fact that I am forced to troll some toolbag like you in order to post anything at all is just a symptom of how boring this world is without conflict. It is fine that you don't want to do it,you are too hopeless to make anything happen, but hopefully someone does something interesting before we flatline. You act like I have gone away, I guess it is your hope that people like me are gone forever, but I am still here, with the same influence and power I have held for much more than a decade. I don't need titles to get !@#$ done, I just get !@#$ done. Dream on lover boy, peace is fine for now.
  7. It is difficult to imagine someone who so desperately seeks attention from me more than Junka but here you are yet again lining up for a sneaky little kiss again. I don't think reading comprehension is your strong suit, I also note you completely miss Simpson references. The last idiot who raged against the gates of hell over the wrong position was indeed Junka, so welcome to infamy as the biggest dickhead in CN. I find it most interesting that you act like you have a clue who I am and what I am thinking but the reality is you are still irrelevant, despite your rolling the stone away from your inevitable death chamber, and at least as clueless as anyone has ever been. At least Jesus didn't keep us waiting for more than the long weekend, your dung heap took years to arrive in 2010 after leaving in 2015. Well done, have another shot at the title? I have had $%&@ all to do with you, in fact I wasn't even aware of your existence until you took the opportunity to gang bang us last war. It is ironic really because you never responded to our requests for assistance with such enthusiasm. I am not sure what claim you think you have on me, but rest assured, I don't give a $%&@ about your opinions or attempts to besmirch my fine and detailed legacy on Bob. When you have done anything at all, besides of course being an opportunist cowardly $%&@, then perhaps I might entertain considering your missive with any respect at all. To assist you in your blatantly obvious quest in the study of Grubology, I believe that being friends with everyone in a world that only thrives in conflict only contributes to the stagnant and repugnant state of affairs. I was once allied to you, I chose to not be allied to you because you are pretty much the most cowardly alliance we were ever allied to. You aren't the only ally to whine about assisting initially and withdraw as rapidly as possible, risking $%&@ all because that is what you are actually worth, $%&@ all, but you are certainly the most sanctimonious when doing so. Your amateur attempts score points conflict somewhat with your sanctimonious faux-moral-superiority, at least the leaders before you knew enough to keep their self-righteous traps shut when dealing with their superiors. I know the desire to prove yourself worthy of my attention overwhelms you at times, but you can sleep comfortably knowing you will never be worthy of anything but contempt and ridicule because at the end of the day you can't even maintain your cover story. Please do not take my long response as some kind of validation, you are grist for the Trollmaster2000 and nothing more.
  8. You are correct. Luckily for the world I never change, I would never in a million years been a party to this treaty. It is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord but I did find a bean that looked like a wolf though, so maybe it is all good. Shifting sands are good for everyone as we seek the final implosion of Bob under the weight of a million treaties.
  9. There is nothing to be sorry for comrade, what is done is done. I just make casual observations from time to time. The NAAC didn't hold the balance of power and refuse to engage because they were too scared to. The best thing they ever did was disband and move on to better opportunities. I know I never looked back and have zero regrets about our role in GW2 and 3.
  10. Bold words indeed, especially seeing you have done essentially nothing ever and I am essentially immortal. You aren't even fit to be !@#$ on my shoe let alone try to take a shot at me. When you get the courage to actually be the cause and effect, come back and have another try at putting me in my box. If you think I need Oculus to embolden me and to power my arrogance, you are obviously not paying attention.
  11. I absolutely can not and will not learn any tricks of any kind, new or old.
  12. Be extremely careful what you wish for. There is nothing more debilitating than knowing the truth is not in your favor.
  13. Is it a coincidence that you share a color with the humble cockroach? I think not. Congratulations GATO on 15 years, they say that all that is required for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. You did nothing very well, thanks. You promised so much 15 years ago, for a short time you and your beloved allies in Legion held the balance of power. Being afraid to risk it, you cost Bob its soul. Here is to another 15 years of indecision and belligerent belief, despite all evidence to the contrary, in whatever it is you do. Cheers.
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