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  1. Comrade, be extremely clear, I wasn't posturing. I have always done what I believe is right (or wrong) with great sense of occasion. I have communicated clearly our position in relation to a collective of semi-rigid alliances beating the crap out of our friends. Whilst they are enjoying it, have fun. When the time comes for peace, do it without being knobs. You were granted a limited license nothing more or less. If I decide that you have gone too far I will say so, give you a chance to rectify and then take whatever action is appropriate. All this nonsense about Oculus is merely that, nonsense. Oculus has no responsibility to declare anything to anyone, it also has no part in this ''war''. The discussions we had were between your alliance and mine, nothing more or less. Polar is still alive and well and we will react when called on to do so, it is very hard to constantly be the aggressor in every war, so perhaps now you have tried it, you might like to try again. You know where we are if you so desire, you are on my list of alliances that I need to roll for old times sake.
  2. ''Supposed to'' and ''Grub'' often go together in a sentence, just sometimes with other words intervening.
  3. I am hardly the one posturing. It is not my alliance that is being used a convenient chess piece pal. Do you want to watch the world burn, some days I do.
  4. It is indeed a very long time. Perhaps you should cast your mind all the way back over that 8 years and think in context. The faux swagger doesn't suit you Legion, you have achieved sweet $%&@ all but survive... barely. Tone it down and leave the swagger to people who actually do something/anything other than hang around the fringes waiting to be told what to do.
  5. Seriously, I mean seriously? You aren't defending anyone. Enjoy your minor win while you can, I think you might find it costs you far more in the long run. I am actually yet to see Legion defend ''all'' its allies. Perhaps you should pull your head in.
  6. AlmightyGrub

    The 'C' word

    It is great news, let's hope reasonably well turns into really well really soon.
  7. I think it is difficult to justify the thousands of hours we have all spent on IRC and various forums. I also think it is very difficult for people entering the game now to understand why such importance is placed on the systems of Bob, how can you understand when you don't even know why Crymson hates Grub or why Hell froze over or any of the litany of events that have underpinned the game from the outset (and everyone has a series of events that are important to them that shaped the way they play or who they are IC). The game rests comfortably in the hands of its community, unlike most games. The game mechanic has never been the most important function, and usually the community responds to keep anyone who gets too far in front from pulling away in any facet. Until lately you could pretty much see the future in rough terms. It simply isn't for everyone, Candy Crush is more important to millions than CN, but I could never see myself spending thousands of hours playing that. The proof is truly in the pudding, CN survives despite the fact it has never been that exciting, despite the fact its graphic representation is almost nil and despite the fact that the entire world and its technology have changed by at least 300% since I started playing.
  8. I read your comments with an open mind Rush. On balance I find that although you wear your bias like a neon sign on your sleeve, your analysis is fairly accurate. What you overlook when analyzing alliances like Polaris and TOP however is that we were never going to approach people within your circle of friends to build bridges. Those bridges are never going to be built, we have nothing in common, literally nothing. The reason TOP and Polaris could move forwards is we share a common ground that could always be worked with, there are few alliances that this is true of that are no already allied to us and or TOP. In fact I would suggest there is only one major alliance I would ever be interested in working very closely with and their friends simply don't like us and never will. So unless they change friends, or I guess when their friends decide it is time to roll them again, that relationship is also off the table. There are plenty of our notional allies that give me the !@#$% and I am sure likewise, but we are who we are and we are not really looking to change that as far as I can tell. I did laugh when you said your dungheap alliance had earned its rest, I and Polaris are firmly inside that notional 5% of people that have always done more than you, yet we aren't entitled to just watch the grass grow? Double standards FTW.
  9. I rarely remember what lies I told last time, so it is unlikely that I will post a CC of anything previously ranted about.
  10. Actually, we should be trying to leave things as completely natural as possible, only directly interfering when absolutely necessary. Ultimately, your concept is without merit and to continue to think you are onto something is only a delusion on your part. If at any time there was any attempt at a revolution, you would be crushed within seconds.
  11. I think you have over-thought it Helbrecht. The glory of the the NPO is simply their history, it is something no other alliance can ever claim regardless of what happens next. BLEU was of its time and the same could be said for SF. The fact that you know who they are and why they are remembered at all is sufficient. Glory is not Rome's now, but it was once, it does not diminish their achievement. In a realm that is only words, the words that people choose to remember must give them some value. When all is said and done people remember Ivan, Sponge, Moo et al, they will not remember a single ''non-player'' except in passing. When the world ends, no one will remember anything about anything and if they do it will not matter.
  12. It is hard not to be condescending to someone who wants to role play the village idiot, waving his pitchfork and lantern at the tanks rolling over the hill, extolling the other village idiots to rally around his pitchfork and see an end to the tyranny of organized, committed and respected alliances who work hard to maintain their role within the political sphere of Bob. I am sure there are many other people who do not like not being in control of everything that happens, but rather than do something concrete and definitive about it, they choose to mouth off from the fringes or hold their tongue lest they be embarrassed by association with the current village idiot who is taking center stage.
  13. He isn't sure if I called him an idiot and that's why trolling is best practiced by people who aren't idiots. I would suggest that rather than eliciting an emotional response through great genius some people elicit a response because they are genuinely idiots. The beauty of an idiot however is they often believe they are genius class and the subsequent self-justifications provide the best entertainment.
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