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  1. You having your balls out getting sunburnt is not quite the same thing. !@#$ alliance is !@#$
  2. Junka, you have had zero original thoughts that made any sense. You can claim whatever you like, it won't make it true. There is nothing anyone can do about you because it already has been done. You can never exit peace mode, you can never grow your nation, you can never fight a war. You can not project power because we took it away from you years ago. You have been systematically stripped of every last vestige of respect and honour. You have been ejected and rejected by anyone and everyone. You have no one left to impress because there is literally no one who would piss on y
  3. Hi Junka You have seldom been right, you are simply a twit who thinks he is someone. The evidence has always been to the contrary. Please consider this official notice that I consider you to be a blowhard moron. Love Grub
  4. This is the only time I wished this forum had LIKE function
  5. I completely get it comrade. We didn't do so good this time and believe me we will learn from this one. Cheers for the good times.
  6. I am glad to provide you with so much amusement. See you next time comrade.
  7. Peace is a Lie. Well done guys, you surprised me with your effort, almost as good as our lack of enthusiasm for a meaningless war. I will return to my bridge until next time.
  8. Why not? I believe we have a massive treaty portfolio to call on if we so desired. Just becuase you don't want to particularly doesn't mean we can not activate our treaty. You are then faced with honour it or can it. Whilst no one has to help us when we attack, it is customary when we are attacked, even in defense, that all our treaties activate. We didn't even make the call, except to Fark who wanted in and didn't distort the balance at all. I think the thing being missed here is that we didn't at all want to have another massacre. We don't actually give a toss ei
  9. God you can be a !@#$%* sometimes.
  10. 3394... more than worth it Nope. What we did was completely immoral and God isn't on our side in this one.... nah, I am just saying I got what I wanted, nothing more or less. I am glad I got to fight against you guys, you have been on my list for so long now. Watching you guys stay in a war for more than two rounds has been wonderful. It is amazing how courageous you get when things start going your way, I wish you had been able to be so committed when times were actually tough. Just in case you reading comprehension levels are what your m
  11. Whether we are winning or losing is a matter of perspective. We chose to fight the war on the current basis knowing full well what the odds were. As I have previously stated, I personally got what I wanted out of this war. As there was no real animosity to begin with between the Knights and Polar and because there was some simple objectives, we had nothing to lose. I am loving watching people get active and do something, even if the Polar turn out was less that spectacular. Destroy as much as you want, my nation has frequently been a crater since GW2. I love the fact that Dirk
  12. Would you prefer that I let my nation fall to your lowest ranges? I am here for the fun not to save my cash, this could be my last ride, might as well blow it all.
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