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  1. kongland

    Citadel DoW RAID....2

    We have a few members, who are new both to TE etiquette in general and to Citadel's rules specifically. For that episode, I apologize.
  2. kongland

    Citadel DoW RAID....2

    What can I do if people don't read all posts? /me shruggs
  3. kongland


    Yes we will :)
  4. kongland


    Yes, nothing is better than smell of napalm in the morning :)
  5. kongland


    You are trying hard to accomplish something I don't know what, but read what I wrote: "they were offering it to us even before Krabz rushed "to the rescue"". Individual nations bombarded us with peace offers and we've decided to offer peace to those, who wanted it and fought the rest. Their Leader got my pm, but didn't respond. Trying to catch me on lieing? What the hell happened to you last year? You look like some sort of Kaboom's imposter, who hijacked his account. Please stop screaming - we can't fight you forever. We'll abide by our promise for the Christmas Armstice. If you would like to fight after Christmas, let us know and we'll continue our relationships.
  6. kongland


    Kaboom, I may be a coward, as you call me and the rest of Citadelians on your nation's page, but I'm an honorable coward (at least that's what I believe). Krabz basically came to "help" you in your struggle against the evil CItadel, they are your allies. I, for one, never would even consider leaving a war, leaving my allies fighting alone. Our cowardly principles won't allow us to leave Krabz over there fighting alone for both of you. In the future, please don't bother everybody OWF with questions about your future peace day, just contact Krabz' government as a good and trusty ally of theirs and they would inform you when the peace would come, because I don't know the answer. If you ask why we are giving peace to NloN - they were offering it to us even before Krabz rushed "to the rescue" and we've decided to grant it to those nations, who want peace and keep fighting those, who don't. They hadn't been drama queens after all.   I'm just an errand boy in Citadel, but consider this post an official statement from Citadel's government.
  7. kongland


    You're missing my point there - nobody here is interested in your love, really. Enough babbling, let's war. I feel  it will be a very interesting war ;)
  8. kongland


    Robert, mantra about "huge Citadel down declare " had been flashed here again and again. Many missed the fact, that we went with bare arses against nukes and ratio of nuclear strikes till now was  more 1 to 10 against us..we have former Daleks as well, which changed our level quite a bit. ..but whatever. Also, you don't need to like us anymore, really :)   Just my personal opinion. Let's fight - it's a long round, ladies and gents :D
  9. Reminds me drawings in SE..been long,long time ago lol.
  10. kongland

    Citadel DoW RAID

    You guys can laugh and mock some Citadel government actions  as much as you like, just be aware, that due to RL circumstances the old guard is somewhat semi-present in their mind and not making decisions at the moment, but still is out there. The new blood had been given a fair go. However, if the situation requires and someone in Citadel gets really pissed off, there will be actions. Cheers :)
  11. kongland

    TDO Announcement

    Absolutely - there must be some sort of an established order to prevent chaos. TE is flexible enough already. Cheers :)
  12. kongland

    Euraisa is out of control

    I'm fine thanks..and Paul -maybe it might be surprise for some, but you have some ironclad principles which I respect.
  13. At the moment, the leadership in Citadel is in transition. Skaullin will be the Citadel Leader from now on, so if anybody is interested in joining Citadel next round or if you just have some sort of queries, don't hesitate to pm him. I won't be around.   Cheers
  14. kongland

    Euraisa is out of control

    Not everybody is strong enough to carry on and not to crumble ..so, yes, I'll leave you there.
  15. kongland

    Euraisa is out of control

    I'm a mature person, so you may call me naive if you like. My soul is not for sale though.