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  1. 29 & 31 March 2017 Rogue Wolf under the flag of the White Wolves attempts to overthrow AW government; launches coup and fails
  2. I must have missed the dozens of friends and allies that rushing to assist the Alpha Wolves.
  3. Pull your head out of your ass. That post clearly shows how incompetent the Alpha Wolves government is. Members of a disciplined alliance would never conduct foreign affairs business on their own. You say that message is indicative of loyalty, I say is proof that members are delusional and full of false hope. And once again, if you have a problem with me using this message to promote my narrative then maybe you should think twice next time before sharing private correspondence publically. You reek of hypocrisy and unwarranted self importance. If you cared at all about the Wolves you wouldn't have made this message public. All you're doing is embarrassing a defeated alliance.
  4. I'll use the message as I wish. If you didn't want it used this way you shouldn't have put that misguided wolf on blast and made it public.
  5. Take a good look at my alliance, Al Bundy, because that's the future that is in store for Alpha Wolves. You and the rest of the wolves are finished. Your allies have abandoned you, your nations lie in ruin, and your only friend is crippled and on the brink of ceasing to exist. There is no future for the Alpha Wolves, particularly on the black sphere. The longer you continue down your current path the more certain your fate becomes. I offered my fellow wolves a chance for salvation and I respect their decision to stay. Soon they will realize their mistake, but by then it will be too late.
  6. What's sad is that even in the shape my alliance is in, we're still in way better shape than the AWs. You have members crying out to other alliances for help because you and your government are too incompetent to figure out what to do: To: pjk11 From: Dragonite11 Date: 3/31/2017 11:25:53 PM Subject: Request for help Message: Would it possible for you to command your alliance to attack New Polar Order? They are crippled in their war, and there could be billions and billions of dollars of cash available for the alliance that are fighting NPO, once NPO surrenders. If your alliance joins in, the chance of them surrendering and you winning is almost guaranteed.
  7. Glad you still have the stomach to laugh all while your membership continues to suffer because of your failed leadership. The fact is you kept your wolves completely in the dark. You notified them that war was on the horizon, but did you let them know they were gearing up for a suicide mission? Have you explained to them what they are fighting for? Sparta dug themselves into their current situation and have no one to blame but themselves. The honorable thing for them to have done would be to excuse the wolves of their obligation. Instead they dragged us down with them. Shame. All I am trying to do is educate your wolves, give them an opportunity to weigh the FACTS, and after that let them decide if this suicide mission is worth it.
  8. This must be that significant and major alliance that will be joining in to assist Sparta: To: Luthe From: Dragonite11 Date: 3/31/2017 7:59:44 PM Subject: RE: Alpha Wolves Coup #2 The Message: If you don't reveal yourself, your "coup" WILL BE CRUSHED! Another significant and major alliance will be joining in to assist Sparta.
  9. Nah I removed him for his own safety and advised him to rejoin once all the AWs that have expressed interest in joining are able to collect taxes, dump their current trade circles, and move. Unlike Al Bundy I actually care for the well being of the membership and so I won't make them targets when they are currently suffering from war. Gotta protect them from all of the internet tough guys who made threats against nations who plan on dumping Al Bundy and his blunder wolves.
  10. You must feel really tough threatening a two nation alliance. Keeping up with the ol planet bob principle of fighting wars only when the odds are in your favor, eh?
  11. Really? AWs rolled into war in war mode. Almost every single one of our nations was in war mode when the conflict started. You can't say the same about Sparta. We were forced into peace mode after being decimated while Sparta sat there watching.
  12. That's right, AW did the honorable thing and went to war to defend their ally. Meanwhile that ally sat in peace mode. Over half of their nations just sat there while wolves were decimated. Many continue to sit there, instead letting a low tiered alliance do their dirty work for them. There is no honor in that.
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