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  1. Boogie Nights was kind enough to invite PPO to a dance off. However, there was only one problem, PPO didn't have a dance partner ready. While Kashmir prides itself on being ready to help our friends at a moments notice, we wanted to make sure we were presentable and in style. It took a few days but we finally got our dancing shoes on and are ready to show off our cool moves. The dance floor is kind of packed this time but we will try to cut in when we can. So at this time it is my pleasure to announce Kashmir is officially joining this dance off. See you on the dance floor. Signed for Kashmir, /s/ Kashmir Make sure you click the link below for some awesome tunes that complete this DoW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9LAzNMn8Ow
  2. Morphine

    The Alta Accords

    o/ Polar o/ Nordreich To be fair I always assumed you guys were already treatied
  3. Morphine

    Treaty of Sippin' Sweet Tea

    What a great treaty to break a 7 year tradition of paperless treaties. I look forward to seeing this relationship grow. o/ Polar o/ Kash
  4. Morphine

    Happy Friday the 13th

    When you have to merge 6 alliances just to survive, I'd imagine its time to call it quits. o/ CoTM
  5. Morphine

    A Farewell to Arms

    o/ Non Grata o/ Caustic We've been enemies longer than friends but its been a blast while it lasted. Bon voyage!
  6. Morphine

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Congrats, you guys !@#$@#$ blew it. I am ashamed. Inb4 I cancel our treaty
  7. Morphine

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    He didnt say Pacifica would be the cause of your annihilation.
  8. Morphine

    Declaration of War

    Says the guy hiding in peace mode. If your "right" then why are you hiding while your friend burns?
  9. Morphine

    Declaration of War

    I've never seen a truer quote in my life.
  10. Morphine

    An open letter to Avalanche

    Congrats to all parties on peace.
  11. Morphine

    An open letter to Avalanche

    We got harry covered dont worry. Why dont you come out of peace mode so we can dance?
  12. Morphine

    FTW Declaration of War

    Its easier to just declare war and claim ignorance/negligence to the fact we had a right to be involved. The truth is that they wanted to defend ISX but don't have a cajones to attack Polar, NG, AM, or even their own direct treaty partner Nordreich. By their own admission they agree with the reasoning for the war, they just don't like the fact we are involved.
  13. Morphine

    FTW Declaration of War

    Sweet glorious warm piss. Oh Jack come hither
  14. Morphine

    FTW Declaration of War

    I know what treaties are in play, I meant I am guilty of being a micro.