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  1. Especially since there are more deserving recipients... Either way, enjoy your war. I just hope CLAWS and company don't come rushing in to join the bandwagon like they always do.
  2. Cus NPO won't let anyone hit anyone else.
  3. Always good to see activity here Have yourselves a great war And happy quarantine!
  4. A vast majority of the player base is concentrated on the upper tier of the top Alliances. It doesn't make sense to label immigration as rogue poaching when the former only encourages activity, while the latter should be reserved for when younger players are coerced into leaving their banner. When I say people want war (not curbstomps) I'm talking about what comes from such a conflict; the passion, the drive, the camaraderie. The actual gameplay we're all here for.
  5. But we did ask them. We asked them and their response was given in the form of resurrection. Many came back just to wage war. Besides all that, there is no need to go as far as the graveyard to dig up corpses for the purpose of interrogation. Plenty of those hanging around we can ask...those that left many years ago, in every sense except the literal. And again, we did ask, but their collective response was interpreted as the results of "poaching".
  6. You make claims without citing examples. "The problem with Planet Bob these days is that nobody drinks blood from the skulls of their enemies anymore." Encouraging activity is all about honor. Take a swing at someone, see it through to the end on your own damn feet. No sucker punches. No jumping in. And especially no holding back. All sorts of people hate each other around here and they'd rip each other to shreds if their leaders weren't so sleepy. Truth is, more people walk out from lack of (proper) war than they do from lack of safety so I can see why you would kick someone just for voicing an opinion contrary to your own.
  7. Seeing as NPO refuses to continue dialogue here (no doubt wary of our hand holding intentions), let us focus on FtW again, this time, to address a question which I think, would find a more appropriate response here; Because the growth of your alliance is not in my best interest @Smitty256 If you want to see these new members prosper, you'd do well to recommend a de-escalation of aggressions between our respective alliances, as we have already suggested publicly. Your noobs are dying and your standing orders to keep them in peace mode have been driving them from this world with bitter thoughts about the game, as evidenced here; Note: While the SUN hosts a great meme room on their Discord Server, it is necessary to engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas when these are presented to us, and even more necessary to have as many eyes on these as possible, for the sake of public awareness.
  8. My assessment of your alliance isn't based on some Freudian defense mechanism. Far from it. This is a clear case of pluralistic ignorance. But keep believing your associates when they tell you those are some mighty fine threads you've procured from NPO
  9. If you feel antagonized, it may have more to do with the lack of respect we have for you- and for once, this isn't me trolling. Several members of prominent alliances have echoed our grievances with FtW, which are much more legitimate than you'd care to believe. If you refuse to see change that's only because you're forcing yourself to consider our war with you separate to the NPO assault, when we both know they are one and the same, at least as far as your safety is concerned. Should NPO withdraw, FtW would follow suit. Not, I think, the other way around. Our attitude towards Oc has definitely changed but the change is ongoing given that we are, after all, engaged in a long bitter war against them. Your flag edit was an opening with which to proceed and begin a mutual descent of aggressions while still keeping our dignity and culture (which is very much a troll culture), but you prefer a groveling surrender, and that I'm afraid, is out of the question for you and you alone. Perhaps given enough time, Oculus can achieve this (possibly even earn it) and you may then piggy back off their success as usual, but don't expect us to demonstrate deference to you specifically, when there is none there to give.
  10. Everyone who has participated in the watering down of our game (because despite Admin's generosity, it's still ours) should feel bad about themselves as Jerdge has already mentioned, and with good reason. Must be exhausting to keep up with it all and I've been advocating against it since I first came here, fighting against it even. But Jerdge is also right in stating it doesn't exactly have one unique source of origin. Sure, I can sit here and point at CLAWS/Doom and aNiMaLz/FtW, or NPO in general, but why point that far? I know there are/were cases nearer home than I'd care to admit, even though I've always been against it myself. Rogue > Multi This thread is doing what it was meant to do, regardless of whether or not Joe Black feels intellectually challenged.. And that is- to generate discourse
  11. Thanks. Nice meme btw, you're improving sort of And I got myself an abacus so my counting abilities are improving!
  12. I hope this isn't a widespread attitude within NPO.. If your aim is to ultimately see this world go inactive then do us all a favor and at least consider neutrality as an option. As it is, the top alliances are already all tied up somehow and anytime anyone moves an inch, the same group of factions get together and make it about them. CN Avengers seriously need to reevaluate at least one in their company-
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