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  1. fRrEeHoLd oF tHe wOofS- "They don't need any help"
  2. I have no principles, all I have are my convictions. I am absent of integrity, but behold my intuition. You're a fraud and I'm a dead man. Born of opposite decisions. For I defend my friends, with or without their permission.
  3. The trick to "hiding" is to do it in a place where literally everyone is tryna finish you off.
  4. @Smitty256 may be a clown, but he's definitely sneaky, gotta give him that-
  5. It's just funny how you seemed pretty active immediately before and immediately after that fifteen minute stretch.
  6. Oh it wasn't done under your Wiki Account, not officially. All I know is that at precisely 04:37 on April 6th, the culprit(s) made their move- Here's where it gets interesting, because there's a long pause in your edit activity at approximately the same time. A fifteen minute interval in between your edit warring, indicating you logged out of your wiki account to vandalize the COBRA page.
  7. There were exactly two other alliances that attacked SNX with no proper CB and no official ties to Polar. One of them was Apocalypse Meow. But you didn't hit them because they had much stronger and numerous allies than Kashmir. Lmao Polar and Company had nothing but Terminator's triggered little sad eyes as a CB and you didn't back your allies. Call it what you wanna call it... Your cowardice is showing-
  8. Yes, because you injected your bias, omitted important information, and made a mockery of real CN historians. As soon as I proposed for wiki mod intervention, and Walsh's indisputable work to make changes there, you and your furry friends began editwarring that page, and even targeted the COBRA page until I backed off.
  9. We sent several alternative offers, including a permanent move from Brown, but you insisted on reps because you guys love feeling like you have some leverage over Polar (at a distance). Besides that, it was always just for show on our end while we waited for promises to be kept. Once those promises began to seem more like wishful thinking, we broke it off and decided to reopen negotiations at a later time and with more genuine intentions.
  10. I like how you're ignoring the fact that we were dragged into peace talks under the impression that GATO would be couped and Legion would be countered. Sure, white peace was something we wanted, but not right away and it was certainly not yours to grant on your own since you're ultimately just a puppet wearing fur.
  11. Says the guy who demanded a 2,000 word fiction (portraying RFI as heroes and COBRAlition as goblins) as terms and actually wrote the damn thing himself when he couldn't get anyone else to (talk about cringy).
  12. The bad blood goes back to a conflict in which NpO attacked SNX (FTW Allies) and invited several other AA's to do the same. Kashmir declared a total of 5 wars at the request of their soon-to-be allies. FTW saw this and couldn't resist the chance to be heroic. In their heroism they attacked Kashmir (just Kash) and upon conclusion of that act of bravery, they proposed everyone involved stay out of the NpO-SNX war for as long as it continued (convenient for FTW, who otherwise, had no plans to defend their allies from everyone else hitting them). COBRA stayed out of the SNX affair but countered FTW in defense of Kashmir and called out Canik for being a poser. This led to years of tension between the two (COBRA/FTW) and eventually, multiple military engagements that saw the entry of allies on both sides.
  13. Except it was. Death Adder involved himself because you idiots were demanding things like reps. And he specifically made sure to isolate your tormentors well before anything else. They were very much guided by a desire to save FTW from themselves and their own stupidity. Anything else they used in their CB could've easily been applied to a wide range of entities, including certain Doombirds with trillion dollar warchests and a desire to bring down Oculus from within.
  14. Tied up your lower tier and forced you to call in as much help as you could possibly beg for precisely because you were/are terrified of fighting Polar on your own- I'm still waiting for you to get at that challenge you've been bragging about wanting- Seems like quite a wait though.
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