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  1. A Sisyphean endeavor these days...
  2. You're forgetting an important factor in all of this, and that is- Casus belli The "why of it all. For example_ When is it acceptable to launch aggressive campaigns? 1. Only if the political climate allows it (Check your treaty web privilege) 2. Only if the effort required doesn't surpass that of a real challenge 3. Under any circumstance in which an ally's sovereignty has been infringed upon, regardless of the consequences 4. It is never acceptable, we only play this game out of habit 5. Only if Oculus classifies them as rogues first so we can get a free pass
  3. I agree, that has never been the issue.
  4. (meme shamelessly stolen from @Lyanna Mormont)
  5. No one can hear you over the sounds of FTW being the worst alliance ever (sorry, GATO). Try again when you are able to fight a war on your own.
  6. CLAWS is a great choice if you enjoy defending furries, drinking doomjuice, hiding behind Oc, and hoping Polar will make the first move so you don't have to.
  7. Of course you didn't, there was never any real commitment there so why would you. Also, you weren't looking at any serious retaliation, OP is facing possible counters from Team Furry, which currently makes up a good majority of the game.
  8. Whatever gameplay you've experienced here before is long gone. And judging by your 4 years of doing literally nothing with your current nation, you're not one to speak about making a difference. Only one of two things will ever happen on Bob again. Either- or
  9. In today's world, yes. Especially if the one nation has more stones than most AA's still around. We all know the politics of today make it so that real wars are virtually non existent. Take the Doom/Polar Debacle (among others)- You of all people should know the feeling. It wasn't long ago that you went rogue on NoR (for a good cause, granted) and WC on KoRT; both only to go running back to CLAWS with impunity.
  10. You're definitely a champ among the furries.
  11. Award for most unoriginal comment goes to Smitty. After you, m'lady
  12. Seriously? Your flag and AA description leave no room to validate you calling anyone else a copycat. No chew toys for you, furry. But plenty of sights to see for the bandwagon.
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