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  1. And now, some memes from the children; War Orphan, Age 6
  2. Very reasonable alternative, I urge FTW to consider this offer.
  3. RFI Offers New Terms; Details pending. But it basically looks something like this- Good old WAE, keeping everyone waiting since 2006
  4. It's been 3 years since @Lucius Optimus left me with this tiresome burden. I often wondered what the point of it all was and eventually discovered that the people I met along the way made it worth it. I hate and love all of you equally. 🎭 January 13th, 2016 - TBD, 2019 Order of Business; Upon concluding military operations in the ongoing War against RFI & LoSS (Korlath's War > sNeK eYeZ wAr) I will be stepping down in my capacity as King or whatever- *burps. @Jack Layton appeared to me in a peyote induced vision and spoke the name of my successor, @Johnny Apocalypse Mr. Apocalypse himself. A good choice, you know, given the times we live in. As for me, well- "but if there's nothing shakin' come this here July, I'm gonna roll myself up in a big ball and die"
  5. We've been offering white peace since May. We offered it again recently. Their terms are not about actual post war, long term resolutions.. So far it's been all about their public image.
  6. That would imply we need or requested saving. This is the end and we won't be going gentle into that good night.
  7. We know your fears. We see them. We smell them. Your worst nightmare confirmed oh, Dark lord Sauron. The dead will rise. o/ NG
  8. Anything else is beyond discussion here, as per the rules of the game
  9. Why wait until next year? I Have Sauron cherry picking targets and Kaznawim demonstrating signs of Polar Paranoia (a recent pixel hugging trend among RFI signatories). Enjoy-
  10. We appreciate the support and would like to follow up with an Exposé on FTW lies and deceit; Specifically, one of the newest nations within the Freehold- It does an exceptional job assuring the community that "It WILL nuke any raider or rogue"- _:. Nation Information Personal message provided on 7/8/2017: Land of Lulz is an enormous, superbly developed, and ancient nation with citizens primarily of Arab-Berber ethnicity who don't follow any religion. Its technology is first rate and its citizens marvel at the astonishing advancements within their nation. Its citizens pay extremely high taxes but still love their government. The citizens of Land of Lulz work diligently to produce Lumber and Rubber as tradable resources for their nation. It is an aggressive country that shows no mercy during a war. It WILL nuke any raider or rogue. Yet only a month before, Land of Lulz just sat there and took a beating, not a soul to defend them; not their former alliance, not their soon to be alliance, not even THEMSELVES- vs. :. War Details About Wars War Declaration Date: 5/27/2019 10:14:03 PM War End Date: 6/4/2019 Total Attacks: 89 War Declared By War Declared On Nation Name: Lacedaemon Land of Lulz Ruler Name: Banned Lulzist Alliance: Sovereign League of Armed Powers aNiMaLz Technology Lost: 0.00 1,275.68 Land Lost: 0.000 4,385.884 Land/Tech/Infra: 0.00 Strength Lost 38,169.26 Strength Lost Here we see more fake news- Capital City: Lulztopia Nation Slogan: ##############---------------- NEVER INACTIVE.---------------############## ######-------RAID @ UR OWN RISK, IVE GOT A BIG ASS WAR CHEST.-------######## ############------------------ IN LULZ WE TRUST ------------------############ about that warchest though- You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Land of Lulz. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Total Money: $82,663,857 Our on-the-scene reporter tried to interview Lulzist but the man only had this to say- We expected nothing less from the last (known) surviving member of the Rukunu Regime
  11. This public service announcement has been brought to you in part by Save-the-noobs-foundation The following nation is no longer receiving war aid from their alliance and we ask the public to send whatever help they can. _:. Government Information Ruler: Major Charles Rane Nation Name: Farnhams Freehold Last Activity: Active In The Last 3 Days Alliance Affiliation: The Legion Legionnaire Technology: 2.99. Literacy Rate: 20.00% Infrastructure: 0.00 You might not think it makes a difference, but it does- Aid Offer Date Aid Offered By Aid Offered To Aid Offered Status 7/3/2019 10:34:47 PM "Dongs for the poor" Keltroy Ruler: Talbrys COBRA Farnhams Freehold Ruler: Major Charles Rane The Legion $1 0 Tech 0 Soldiers Pending Every dong helps! Now, for some local art from the children's gallery;
  12. Such a long way from 2006... So many bodies and yet- not nearly enough.
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