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  1. Be gentle. They are puppies, after all.
  2. Well there's your answer. I am not now, and I have never claimed to be smart. I am a complete idiot but I know one thing- FTW sucks and they will fade away without ever accomplishing anything on their own.
  3. Sometimes you need a bigger mess for the world to wake the $%&@ up. We can't let your pixel hugging pals do what they want forever.
  4. And 2 rounds is what he was already dealing with when he made the move to Kashmir. The only thing that still made him a target at that point was Canik's contempt for me personally and his obsession that Korlath not out damage his fighters. How is this anything but petty?
  5. We were affiliated with Korlath well before that and we bonded over Discord. His attack of the aNiMaLz AA was met with disapproval. It was Canik who failed to treat me with a reciprocated sense of diplomacy. It was Canik who failed to come to a concrete arrangement until it was too late, and it was Canik who only chose to continue attacks on Korlath because he was (and I'm quoting Canik here) in the "Cobrasphere".
  6. ROFLMFAO You mean that war where you pretended NpO and NoR didn't exist. It's funny you call one week of war "rolled" No you can't.
  7. Saying it is one thing. Name one war you guys held your own, on your own.
  8. @Korlath please get this puppy some casualties- 3/21/2019 3:55:04 PM SquidTheJim Ruler: SquidTheJim Freehold of The Wolves Korlithica Ruler: Korlath The Kashmir 54.70 0%/100% Currently Fighting Ruler: SquidTheJim Nation Name: SquidTheJim Last Activity: Active In The Last 3 Days Alliance Affiliation: Freehold of The Wolves Deputy Archon of Defense Number of Soldiers Lost: 0 Attacking + 0 Defending = 0 Casualties
  9. FTW alone, is incapable of rolling COBRA. That alone has been proven in the past, and with the RFI DoW. RFI- This being your first actual military engagement, I welcome you to the fight. When you have accomplished what Canik could not by himself, I will be assuaged to know my goal was reached and my point demonstrated a thousandfold.
  10. I was wrong. My apologies, good sir. As you were-
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