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  1. Things to consider: .power politics permeates almost every level of the game .asymmetrical warfare is a perpetual preference .widespread use of proxy warfare .competition for limited resources (specifically, control of new alliances) .propping of recycled ideas via recycled political posses (old guards) There is no one solution, but an entire host of them may just do the trick. A myriad of ideas need to ferment before anything like that can happen though. Please share this link. Far and wide.
  2. “I shall now be great above all the beings created and formed. I am the sun, the light, the moon,” he exclaimed. “Great is my splendor. Because of me men shall walk and conquer. For my eyes are of silver, bright, resplendent as precious stones, as emeralds; my teeth shine like perfect stones, like the face of the sky. My nose shines afar like the moon, my throne is of silver, and the face of the earth is lighted when I pass before my throne. “So, then, I am the sun, I am the moon, for all mankind. So shall it be, because I can see very far.” So Vucub-Caquix spoke. But he was
  3. Death to Fur- Oh !@#$, wrong thread. A celebration is in order. I guess I can bring the tacos- I was talking to Velocity before it was cool.
  4. "He who laughs last didn't get the joke" "Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first" “Je vous ai compris!”
  5. I would join o/ NTB May their balls make a resounding impact upon this cyberverse
  6. The inhabitants who still dwell here hold your creation in the highest regard. We still use it and we value the lore and history provided therein as an irreplaceable part of the CN experience. Even as is. Thank you, from all of us.
  7. Lol,I always mean to change it but it slips my mind. At this point, it's more nostalgia than spite.
  8. Sportsmanship is key. We will be providing a map, free of charge, so as to prevent your chosen champions from getting lost on the way- And whether flowery or otherwise, we will meet you on the battlefield. o7
  9. We can pow wow when the proposal is accepted I suggest you find yourself an excavator for that big ass hatchet you finna bury
  10. It wont end well for you It wont end well for Banned But if that is the last card you can pull, by all means. It reeks of desperation. Like Caustic said, Quit while you're behind
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