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  1. Well obviously she was talking about Argent...
  2. If you want war, just ask Or don't We also love surprises!🤰
  3. That would be when they let aNiMaLz take over their alliance and basically handed it over to Furry. Pic related;
  4. Welcome back, apparently. TLDR .Methrage and Junka were eventually defeated, but a bunch of Furries adopted their kids .Oculus thinks they run the show, but DBDC is actually in charge, Doom won .And pixel hugging is still a thing If you found any of the above repulsive, please visit gulag
  5. RIA, I hope to see more of you in the near future. o/ Non Grata :frogsiren:
  6. I'd make the 'sounds more like a merger' joke but someone already did.
  7. I'll give you that, in the distant past maybe. Going rogue on Nordreich (and WAPA), hiding, claiming retirement, then jumping back to AA was not exactly characteristic of traits once associated with your person. Strong word for a strong bond. We burn often, true, but we burn together and we burn for a very long time.
  8. And since you edited out my other response, I'll just post it again- These are all just numbers to you. To us, they are family.
  9. Oh darn, I guess I'll have to let you walk all over my friends now! Lololol You are a coward Cowardly moves are predictable
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