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  1. And as exciting as that must have been for you, we prefer that you don't. Ordo Cyberneticus has every right to defend themselves and call in their allies, as do you.
  2. Inviting a Dual NG/COBRA gov member with full trade slots and a 3BR TC into an econ ring is clearly a more likely explanation. Can you provide screens. I will admit that I was wrong if that is the case.
  3. I didn't say it was you. But I suppose you must he held accountable for the actions of your followers. A perfectly healthy exchange of casualties that bears no relevance on the series of events currently being discussed.
  4. NLoN had nothing to do with this. An attack upon their sovereignty in seeming retaliation for an affair they neither sponsored, nor participated in can be labelled as roguery. Furthermore, attacks against Ordo Cyberneticus and attempts to poach from our Non Grata allies are not something we take lightly.
  5. For the record; Sigmund Freud launched attacks within a reasonable timeframe of events. He was part of the first wave of attacks, not, as DBDC assumes, part of a second wave in retaliation for NLoN (no such attack was organized) Since I am in charge of organizing war parties, it was on me to inform our troops to stand down via inbox (in the event they not notice the announcement posted, which was the case here) and I was at work. He was contacted as soon as this came to my attention as the following screens will confirm- Absolutely n
  6. We don't drink nearly enough blood from the skulls of our enemies these days. Mongoose would have more members, I would imagine, if it were not composed of a single rogue who got caught launching spy ops and rage quit rather than reach out first, or a stalker with a bruised ego.
  7. Feel free to help with the heavy lifting!
  8. Jack Layton bless us all. We ride to victory or to paradise.
  9. As he was unable to save Veracity from PZI, he has moved on to less questionable endeavors.
  10. War is always an option . No one was plotting against you for days in advance, our forces are perpetually prepared because there are several hostile elements currently targeting us. KNB is an interesting choice btw.
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