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  1. Thanks for your critique, now I know lol. I also understand that my criticism could be taken offensively and for that i'm sorry. The more im called out the better.
  2. Just want to make it clear that I have no desire to try and organize any nations or alliances to go after the top spot. Right now I have to focus on building my nation with only 1k infrastructure. I am very happy to now have a better understanding of the atmosphere the top alliances have right now.
  3. Do you lead or have plans to lead the fight against the New Pacific order. Is the New Pacific order genuinely accepted as the top alliance or is there resentment from everyone against them because there on top. You don't have to be spacific just trying to feel out what's going on.
  4. Can someone explain how to read these charts...
  5. articles 3 and 4 are not solid, alls they do is suggest...
  6. I hope I get the chance to play with the best of you
  7. oh geesh, I made so many typos...
  8. I'm fairly new to CN and have no idea what's going on when it comes to politics of alliances. Is every top alliance rely stagnant or do they still have some kind of goal. What's NPO up to, will there be any change for the top spot anytime soon. I just want to ask around for some kind clue as to the positions the top alliances hold.
  9. well that killed this thread before it even have a chance...
  10. This is so sad, Alexa dont play anything at all Im new to the game, Hello everyone I have something to say. Watching the 8 pages of forms counting down the numbers of players makes me feel sad. I've only been playing the game for about 2 months and have enjoyed every minute of playing. I've been looking for ongoing events in the forms because just waiting for the next day to start a new cycle of turns is boring and I would like to get a better experience. There are things that I like about the game as well as things I dislike but overall CN is the best game i've ever
  11. Hurry up and kill each other so Total Party Kill becomes top alliance
  12. DISCLAIMER - This post has nothing to do with gameplay and is only my outlook on the game as a new player... This game is still relevant gosh darnit As a new player of Cyber Nations I can tell you, this game isn't dead. It's just bogged down with cluttered forms and old style web pages. The game mechanics are all there but lacks a few things that make it a hard game to get into if you have never played before. Firstly being the visuals of the website itself. When a new play first clicks on to the game its immediately hit
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