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  1. Yes, but I came like an hour ago. You ain't special fam, you're just a groupie. Where is PaultheWall? Still imaginary?
  2. Lololololololololololololololololololol As of this post COBRA damage dealt/taken: 451 079/397,687 KoRT damage dealt/taken: 416,913/461,659 https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/alliance/war?alliance=COBRA&start=2021-01-02&end=2021-01-15 https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/alliance/war?alliance=Knights+Of+The+Round+Table&start=2021-01-02&end=2021-01-15 Yes. Yes they are.
  3. And just as sure as there's a crackhead mumbling incoherently outside of every 711, you can always count on Lickscock doing the same in every COBRA thread.
  4. When your trade network is rogue-accessible, it's only a matter of time before our endless wars make it to your happy kingdom. Life Hack!
  5. Yes well. Good for you, now sit back and enjoy the show.
  6. If I remember correctly, you declared war on everyone and started using sanctions against people who spoke out against you. Now I'm no expert, but this seems like a good time for you to stfu
  7. You are not. But keep trying, we believe in you! Meanwhile, at KoRT Headquarters-
  8. yeah, no !@#$ the guy wont even show me his screens, only copypaste versions! It can be rather frustrating.
  9. No Stop trying to inject your Doomed agenda here Gtfo
  10. About events surrounding his former rogue status, sure. Not about him personally. Tiddie isn't even mentioned directly. Self anarchy, peace offers, tearful PMs, and friendly fire saboteurs. Sounds about right for 2021
  11. Well you can always cite our flimsy CBs in a DoW of your own! Activity is always welcome on Planet Bob.
  12. That actually makes sense. Yet for the purpose of our CB, I think you missed the bigger picture- Don't send aid to anyone on the long list of rogues who plague our lands. And if we ask you to stop, it shouldn't have to take sanctions to keep your sympathies from surfacing on the aid screen.
  13. All excellent observations! As we make our way deeper into the Lake Camelot region of the KoRT domain, we will be sure to keep it in mind. However, seeing as ours is not a war of conquest, but rather one to settle accounts, our objectives are not entirely farfetched-
  14. Knights of the Round Table- lemme see ya war faces!
  15. This isn't about TDE He can leave if he wants The CB is clearly stated KoRT broke their supposedly self presented neutrality several times after repeatedly being asked not to and their continuing to do so hindered our ability to defend from further rogue attacks by enabling said rogue to continue his roguery. Tldr
  16. It really only stopped because we managed to get him sanctioned on green. Even CLAWS was more responsive to us in this regard, and that's saying something. It follows that if we are not able to communicate in their preferred language, we will inevitably resort to a more native tongue. Everyone can speak war, afterall.
  17. Tainted of late, are the waters of your rivers, your lakes, and your shores. From gallant knights to meddlers, enablers, and provocateurs. I've seen now your fall from honor, in the depths does it boom I've seen you bend knee to the darkness, and thus succumbed to the doom. It was once protocol to engage in diplomacy with the Emerald Throne, should the need arise. Afterall, we were always on fairly good terms in the past. But diplomacy has repeatedly failed us, and we do not consider this a coincidence. The return of certain elements to Planet Bob, and the recently perpetuated organized roguery against our sphere of influence is no longer considered the spawn of isolation.
  18. When you visit TIE, you truly leave a little piece of yourself behind
  19. And some dark night, when everythingIs silent in the townI'll kill all those tyrants one by oneAnd shoot the floggers down Follow me Follow me into the bush.
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