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  1. Thanks. Nice meme btw, you're improving sort of And I got myself an abacus so my counting abilities are improving!
  2. I hope this isn't a widespread attitude within NPO.. If your aim is to ultimately see this world go inactive then do us all a favor and at least consider neutrality as an option. As it is, the top alliances are already all tied up somehow and anytime anyone moves an inch, the same group of factions get together and make it about them. CN Avengers seriously need to reevaluate at least one in their company-
  3. Anything not created to glorify NPO dominance might seem like stupidity to you, but it got you here didn't it? Without community (even a toxic one, as you call us), why even log in anymore?
  4. I'm glad my presence affords you ample time with which to practice your pettifogging mediocrity.
  5. Yeah there's no way it could've been a typo *rolls eyes* Getting pretty good at that.
  6. Because me writing the letter B instead of M is indicative of a mathematical failure instead of a nightshift induced typo. Yeah, you totally got me there bruh I can already see @Canik rolling up with the Count Dracula memes
  7. Lmao oh yeah I said billion instead of mil Still funding our war though
  8. Yes, I recieve aid from my brothers in arms, how astute of you to notice. But just today, your "newbs" dropped over 4 mil, hence my loot box comment. cLeArLy
  9. But you won't find any WMDs and neither will they. Just because they signed it doesn't mean they will condone it all the way through, even if it's just something they may keep to themselves.
  10. The loot boxes you send my way are good enough compensation. You go ahead and keep funding our war on Furry though, if that's your preference 😉
  11. Right, right Either way, always happy to help keep things alive up in here.
  12. Seeing as the one you use often has been rejected and thrown out in another, maybe it's only a matter of time it happens here (Stonewall and company staying clean this time around, I hope lolololol) Or maybe not, depending on who's pulling on them strings. We still have plenty of fight left in us though, and we will make as much noise as the odds stacked against us will allow before giving you the satisfaction of going limp.
  13. It wouldn't be relevant to an alliance that learns by trial and error, but the garbage heap you call an AA still only has the one move:
  14. Only because no one would follow you there and you know it.
  15. Would you ban a member for sending inappropriate images to an underage individual though?
  16. Such a Junka-like response. Here is a screen of me being wrong about you relying on others for a potentially difficult war- And here is one of me being wrong about FtW first securing CLAWS intervention to fight a micro-
  17. A well placed downfall meme is all it took. Guess it's time to declare Hollywood and History Books as Rogues now. Smhd Meanwhile, we have members of NPO's otherworldly factions sending questionable content to literal minors. Guess that's fine though cus NPO has the rights to morality reserved right.
  18. Methrage had the backing of Oculus at the time. You can relate, right? Lmao Also, you shouldn't even mention Methrage because you went and adopted his wild ass kids (insert sPoNgEmOcK aNiMaLz here) Real fine cuckolding there. At least Marti is growing his alliance from scratch and doesn't have to take in a bunch of losers to make himself look bigger. Marti for Aqua Team Senate bruh Did you just make fun of someone for relying on their friends to gain a seat? When you literally rely on yours to even gain permission for a piss? Lolololololololololololololol. Tell us all about that time you planned to hit FAN but didn't because NPO didn't, or how about when you refused to defend SNX from Polar because you couldn't get anyone else onboard. Or what about that time you hit COBRA but only after making sure CLAWS would be there- Lucius grew his micro through a drawn out war and he didn't have to cheat. More than I can say for most of your followers, tbh. And I didn't change the subject, I added on to it while still addressing the original point. Something you can do a bit more of instead of trying too hard to match memes and waiting for DA to come back to validate your existence here.
  19. Same. I was never in that server to begin with but if all members are to pay with diplomatic disassociation for the actions of one, then we have arrived back to page one; NPO's objective is to disband NG entirely, or at least as far as the safety of FtW is guaranteed.
  20. And how many of your puppies did the same for fear of a Polar Invasion? Lolololol it's 1 of ours for every 10 of yours. Don't try to change the subject either. Kaznawim never voted for anything and his presence on Brown was just a vestigial aNiMaLz caprice tolerated by his keepers for the sake of appearances.
  21. This is exactly why I bring up the topic. Not because I'm pretending not to know, but because I actually was not aware of that detail. But again, is it fair for the rest of us who didn't participate directly? You were talking earlier about the good old days and interesting people but I know questionable content was once more widespread than it is now. That is nothing compared to some of the things that went down in IRC once upon a time.
  22. Good enough to run you out of Brown finally got a Senator who actually participates in the Senate instead of just taking up space and letting those votes go to waste. Shtanto > Kaznawim
  23. There's all sorts of havoc that can be distributed while at war, you simpleton. Besides the fact that it was your Protector DA who pointed out the correlation between CB and ToS. So everyone from NG who was on your Discord did this?
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