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  1. Get what exactly? Your attention? Oh we get plenty of it. And it's a surplus!
  2. You mustn't hold others accountable for your widespread status as "automatic CB"
  3. It's easy to doubt/believe what is conveniently inconceivable In no scenario does CLAWS fight COBRAlition on their own. Not that this has much to do with organizational capabilities- the framework which prevents that eventuality is more political than anything. We may never know!
  4. As much as I too, am enjoying the sudden revival of OWF participation, I feel that there are simply too many threads already. Besides- as this thread concerns the acknowledgment of error, and subsequent recognition of hostilities from TIE, it follows that LUNN and TKE would naturally find themselves vulnerable to unwarranted aggression. To be clear. Under no circumstances do we feel that they are in any way involved in this particular incident. Ours is a fulfillment of honor in the presence of an ally's compromised protection capabilities.
  5. Effective immediately; The League of Ultra Nationalist Nations, and The Kossack Entente are considered temporary protectorates of the COBRA domain. Authenticity among new alliances is such a rarity these days that we do not deem it necessary to drag them into an affair that is beyond their reckoning.
  6. I can't deny any of that, but they threw in the towel earlier than most, and not because they lacked in spirit, but because they were unprepared for the one-way onslaught you led them into. When you go in assured it will be a quick win, and then behold the opposite, it can be said that you are effectively burning for the actions of others. The Imperial Entente may be unprepared in a similar fashion, but their resolve is something you are contesting without yet observing its fullness.
  7. You led Wagons and Jonesing into NG because you thought it would be an easy win. "Ducks ina row" wasn't that what you called it? And then you dwindled out of existence for some time because you didn't get your way, while those who stayed and fought the duration of that conflict were left to regroup and care for our fallen comrades when they had finally had enough. Where you let your friends burn out of futility and despair, We begrudgingly accept the trial by fire of ours.
  8. Unfortunately for you, my willingness to defend my allies is matched and surpassed only by their willingness to prevent you from gaining the excuse you've been planning waiting for.
  9. Several years ago, Lucius Optimus plotted against COBRA. He launched spy ops against my brother's nation (when he played) and for some time, we lingered in blind frustration. Eventually, I discovered that Lucius was behind it and he had the courage to fall on his own sword. Incidentally, the guy who convinced me personally to let go of that grudge was one, Gh0s7 (a close friend of yours iirc), who would later himself go on to fall on his own sword for his actions. I have no doubt he will find the courage again. And should he want for any, I shall provide.
  10. We do not presume to speak for Lucius. In this scenario, I am inclined to imagine myself in your shoes (not yours, but rather that of your more talon shaped cousins') and I can't help but understand and to a certain degree, applaud your reaction. I like to think that my friend will properly accept his share of responsibility in this affair when indeed that time presents itself. May Jack Layton bless their swords. To CLAWS: enjoy the casualties for they are seldom available now. You know what it's like... don't you? Besides th
  11. And it may well be a forthcoming scenario, one which wouldn't necessarily be dependent on your incessant mouth breathing fixations.
  12. Ghosting is one thing, but why not launch raids from within CLAWS once in a while? You claim to want casualties but what you actually want is
  13. Too bad he couldn't run off to hide in DBDC like all of you do huh.
  14. A creature of habit keeps the same contacts. Where you felt yourself the master, a pawn was making the moves.
  15. Yeah, the difference being the actual followthrough. Even so, why wait until now to "expose" this idea of creating an intel network. Sounds like a matter of gradual de escalation to me. And in any case, is a blanket declaration against all of TIE really necessary?
  16. That's not what spying on CLAWS looks like. This is more like it- Lucius and Tde, his long time mentor gone rogue? Sounds more like an overly ambitious PIAT than a legitimate attempt to plant a mole tbh, but I can't blame everyone for wanting a war right now. It's been a thoroughly dry season.
  17. This really stands out as a radical proposal that is better suited for the game suggestion section provided by Admin. I, for one, would support such a change in game features. I think a little bit of both. We have certainly cultivated a certain potential within the community that allows for exploration of different cultures and backgrounds. True stagnation, for the purpose of identifying lack of vision, should be defined as groups who no longer engage in any activity beyond what the confines of the already stiff in game mechanics will allow them.
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