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  1. zoskia


    5838 .... The amount of Nations that CN currently has... This is super sad... I love this game... but I think the End if Nigh... and that REALLY stinks!
  2. LOL... I think I have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions... and talk to an attorney before speaking to the police.
  3. I do not perceive my life as grandiose, I simply perceive it as my life... But, you are right... PERCEPTION is EVERYTHING. I.e, I host for free artists involved with Hermeticism, Alchemists and Hermeticists when they travel to my country from abroad. In most cases the person whom I host is the friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. Too many times I've been told: "you are crazy, they are going to steal something from you! They can be dangerous". Guess what... none of them ever stole a single cent from me... all of them gave me gifts in return... and interesting conversations, experience
  4. LOL... I would be lost without facebook when it comes to organizing my art gallery and finding new artists. It is also the best platform to submit my own works... Thanks to FB I will be featured in a few months in a collective exhibition that features the works of some of my favorite artists of the XX century. Thanks to FB I've worked at an exhibition as the performer of a live work of one of the most respected contemporary artists... And we have plans to do one or two collaborative works. Thanks to FB I've hosted at home several times artists from all over the world... And received pric
  5. Is this a rule for the Tournament Edition or is it also a rule for the Standard Edition??? I can't ask in the thread because it's in the TE section and I don't play TE... I am not sure what XP farming is.... in the STANDARD EDITION (in TE I don't care, I don't play TE).
  6. Aaaahhhhh right! Hows the war going for you? Patchy from LSF.

  7. Doing fine in this war! Hi there!

  8. How's the war going? I miss you :(

  9. Vegetarians rule !!!!

  10. i realized what peculiar creatures cats are...

  11. I love it when you talk Polar to me.

  12. you're my one and only

  13. I love your cats. Coincidentally, I had a cat named Kia once.

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