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  1. We are. However, Use either of the two available means of filing reports in future instead of standing on a box and shouting to the public to make a scene please.
  2. Sounds like a great idea in theory, but people tend to dislike it when you take away their things. That said, please tell us more. Would we put limiters on the new server, leave it as is, maybe x10 everything?
  3. A glance into the logs shows that 5900 tech was removed from your nation as part of our latest multi-tech scrub following the recent removal of a large multi-ring.
  4. Following another long-term investigation moderation staff have taken action against another large mutli/shared account ring. In accordance with policy tech sent by the offending nations has been scrubbed. It should also be noted that this action was taken concurrently with several other now concluded investigations into unrelated rule violations which resulted in deletions and/or bans. As a reminder: it is against the rules to run multiple accounts, it thus goes without saying that moderation welcomes vigilance from all individuals in reporting suspicious activity to prevent furth
  5. You appear to have edited the "About Me" text box, not the "Signature" text box.
  6. No, but I can tag it and bag it.
  7. noreply@cybernations.net


    to me

    Your nation Kingdom of Lucis ruled by Noctis Lucis Caelum has been deleted from Cyber Nations for the reason of: You have violated the Cyber Nations Terms & Conditions by using more than one nation. Multiple accounts by the same user are not allowed in this game, as you know and agreed to respect when you signed up to play. Please create only one nation per user next time, or you will find yourself banned from the game.


    Why am I banned?

  8. Otto Pilot

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    My automated flight pattern systems prevent me from deviating onto hazardous and unknown flight paths. Send Sentinel.
  9. Otto Pilot

    To Admin & Mod Staff

    I'm not at all a seasoned game mod, but I'm always available for question answering. Be aware however that not all questions can be answered as they may reveal detection methods, individual's identities, or other pieces of privileged information.
  10. I'm a bit shocked you gave me a warning for posting the moon base location and wishing everyone a happy new year.

    Would you care to explain yourself?


    1. Otto Pilot

      Otto Pilot

      It's the good kind of warning, the one that removes warning points. People I caught online on the days of the 31st and 1st who had one or more warning points and no recent record of rule breaking activity I gave Drive By Warn Reductions to, which for most people set them to zero warn points.

    2. Colin Myrhh

      Colin Myrhh

      oh, ok thanks. The message was confusing.


  11. I suggest you revert back all the account settings on the Noctis Lucis Caelum account; except the ban can stay. Unless you're trying to bait me into making the jobs of you mods more difficult and encouraging others do the same until you fix it.


    Profile picture, name, member title, all of it. Until that has been done or the account is deleted from your database; I'll be motivated to screw with you guys until you remove the clown account.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. socrates


      Please provide a link to your old avatar. The signature was in violation of our standards, but I'll revert it to blank.

    3. Sephiroth



      Think I used that for my Avatar, unless I had to adjust it for size constraints.

      My custom text was "True King"; and I guess this is farewell.


      Thank you to Admin and all the Mods who did make CN worth playing so long. Good luck and sorry I snapped.


      This was the traditional Avatar I used for this Sephiroth Account if you feel like setting that as well.




      Goodbye and Happy New Years to All of You!

    4. DeathAdder


      I liked the profile pic/name/member title the Mods chose better.


      There should be a poll allowing the community to vote on which we prefer to laugh at more when we visit the closed OP for nostalgic purposes. :popcorn:

  12. Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmahanakwanzika Season 2017 and a Happy 2018 New Year! From, The Moderation Team
  13. This "lots of writing" was done as it is clear that you and many others appear to have a difficulty understanding that "you can now reply with one worded congratulatory posts to an announcement" has not, does not, and will not include clearly stated continued infractions such as QFT posts. There is absolutely no reason anyone should get warned more than once, much less banned, for spam. But that is not for us in the moderation to keep from happening, it's the posters who we can only ask so many times to follow rules. But then again, what do we in moderation know about forum rules, we should al
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