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  1. Yep it happened again......my trade was filled but through inactivity ive been almost bankrupt. Need trading partners.
  2. well im really not looking to leave the red sphere.
  3. Now another person has gone inactive so I need another 6 resources! Im in need of the following.( Im a tech trading nation so you don't have to worry about instability...always looking so a long term trade partner). MY economy is going haywire so I need these trade deals in by yesterday. -iron -lumber -Lead -Fish -Gold -Silver.
  4. Well now another one of my long time trading partners has died. I now need silver and gold.(plus fur and lead if you saw my other post earlier )
  5. Still in need of a trading partner. Lead and Fur are much needed. (need those extra resources )
  6. Still need that lead so if anyone wants to trade let me know
  7. Hello just need someone with lead and Fur as their items. Good steady reliable partners much preferred. The last guy just stopped playing the game
  8. Ummm yeah the title pretty much says it.....don't know why I even need to write it again down here.
  9. still in need of resource trade guys.....come on down
  10. Two of my trade partners are poof so I need replacements immediately(preferably in the red team but im desperate so....) I need the following resources Gold Silver Lead Jewels And rubber
  11. Pretty much says it all in the title.....don't know what more you were expecting. So anyway 9 million dollars will buy you 100 communist technology. Might not be great at making money but itll keep the enemy off your front porch that's for sure.
  12. Well this post is irrelevant now. People took care of the situation. Pay no mind to it now. (is there a way to delete it?)
  13. XD three powers are attacking you now. I hope they nuke you into the stone age.....lol You deserve it too. All I asked for was my meager 40 miles of land (which after you nuked went up to 140) back but noooo. Cant wait to see how this ends...
  14. Yeah anyone want to take out this guy? Id be willing to give 100 tech for anyone willing to destroy this guy He is easily twice my strength and decided to attack for no reason.(he has nukes and crap I haven't even unlocked yet) https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=36287 PM me for more details
  15. Ive got 100 tech here I'm willing to let go for 9 million get it will its hot
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