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  1. Preamble The members of Elite SPERG Commandos, to be referred to as ESC, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to be referred to as NATO, hereby announce a new pact based on the spirit of friendship. This pact is designed to promote safety, growth and instill a deep-rooted feeling of trust between these great alliances. Article 1: Defensive Agreement NATO hereby recognizes ESC as a protectorate and will monitor all military actions by and against them. 1.1: Attacks made against ESC will be tried as if it were attacks against NATO and dealt
  2. Excited for this; looking forward to helping you all grow and prosper! (I’ll be posting the treaty later today)
  3. Two friends becoming friends is always reason to celebrate!
  4. Name dropping me like that LLW... I need to do some more research, been trying to find something that will make it easy to build and maintain and so far I've come up dry, hoping I can figure something out and maybe get something built that can less rely on one person to maintain. More to come hopefully over the next few weeks...
  5. Happy to see this signed and done, excited for what’s to come! o/CCC o/NATO
  6. Best of luck to both Cobra and our friends in NG! o/NG
  7. It’s good to be back; looking forward to meeting/reconnecting with everyone!
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