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  1. No music please! Sound is the worst thing one would use in his browser based game. You won't stay on one page more than 10 seconds so any sound is pointless to play.
  2. Far better idea for a CN world map - 1) Make a world map into a hex grid. Count all land hexes. It's better if there are at least 10k-20k hexes. 2) Let all alliances join the map within 3 months. Each alliance has to choose the "capital" for their nation. Only one capital can land on one hex. 3) Alliances describe what part of the world their alliance wants to conquer. 4) The capital will remain for said alliance whatever it's size is. If the alliance disbands or whatever, it will be erased and maybe substituted with another alliance that wnats to join the map project. 5) When all allian
  3. What I read from this is that only Rebel Virginia is allowed to look stupid. Really? Maybe it's because he has no way to NOT look stupid. Well, there are other people too. We should allow them look stupid too. If they coloured their lame posts then we would automatically know not to read the low-quality posts...
  4. Apparently, it is the very same hotspot we had in June.
  5. [quote name='Sal Paradise' timestamp='1282516966' post='2426966'] It's Worst Alliance [i]Ever[/i]. GGA no longer existing does not affect its claim to the title. No alliance will ever come close to GGA. [/quote] I just wanted to say that
  6. I hope MK will enter the war somehow. Maybe we will see some decent propaganda then.
  7. Yeah. I didn't mean to criticize you but the situation as a whole.
  8. First of all, I do not approve this behaviour because it's e-lawyering and it will not take us anywhere. Everyone has his own opinion on things and considering that this is internet, people will most likely ignore all reasonable posts if they contradict their own views. [quote name='Horatio Longworth' timestamp='1281455496' post='2409729'] I'm going to try and diagram Fernando's argument. Tell me if I'm doing this wrong. 1. Spying is an act of aggression. 2. Sedrick was spied upon by TENE. 3. Whereas 1+2: TENE initiated an aggression on Sedrick. 4. A rogue is an individual nation that
  9. My point is still valid. People complaining about the CB. Keep going, I don't mind. Also, The way I see it, NSO didn't want it to be cleared diplomatically since they kept doing whatever they did without even trying to figure out what was on with the guy and RoK didn't want to keep the war from happening after NSO sent the aid. NSO pretty much started the war even though they could have used the diplomatic path.
  10. That's what happes when you don't feed them. Someone broke my fish tank so I just use someone else's.
  11. I don't see this coming unless every alliance does it. And if one aliance says it will protect all inactive nations, it will get enough power to kick every other alliance back. Your fantasy will never be real. Also, most alliances are looking to increase the amount of players not decrease it by forcing them to leave the game.
  12. It might be 08/09/2010 but is it really? Maybe it's 08/09/2010... Just wait and see.
  13. Another thing related to GR. Look at our sigs and look at today's date. We have been wearing the sigs for about a month now. Does anyone else see the fish swimming counter-clockwise today?
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