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  1. Java is good and easy. Download Eclipse - makes it very easy to write programs. Object Oriented programming ftw.
  2. The median average nation was created at about 20th october 2009... There's lots of inactive nations included though. OWF polls aren't reliable. The oldest players tend to be more active.
  3. Sande

    TOP_v_CnG War Web

    I like the fact that it somewhat reminds me of a nuclear mushroom cloud.
  4. I guess people have bought their first Mars colonies and/or mines to reap the benefits from them. Let's copy the Moon Hotspot topic's idea and update the OP with the best locations for your bases. SEPTEMBER HOTSPOT Latitude = 26 Longitude = 86 100% (Did someone change it for me or is it really the same as june?) Colony gives 5% extra population when you hit the hotspot and 2.5% when you are at 50% efficiency. If you had 100000 citizens and you reset the colony population, you get between 5000 and 2500 citizens. (population at the last reset)*0.05*efficiency/100 Mine gives the effect
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