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  1. Oh god this is glorious Edit: I like our filter
  2. Snafu is already at war with MK...
  3. I love your avatar. Ssssssss BOOM!


  4. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1296177513' post='2606422'] Gramlins died because they had to fight Matt Miller. [/quote] Almost as scary as oyababy
  5. There's 20kish on the NPO front iirc
  6. I only read the end of it. Congrats of having more members than Polaris and the Kingdom.
  7. lol wasn't Legion 1500~ and iirc GOONS broke 1000
  8. We got screwed by MK members inability to stay on our AA
  9. Yes, yes I am. Joliet follows Chicago all the way.

  10. Hey man, you a hawks fan?

  11. el diablo was lookin for you. hes back from the dead and super nostalgic

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