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  1. Chickenzilla

    Quick Note from MK

    I don't get it
  2. Chickenzilla

    Lower Tier thread

    The only nation who has fought back is Timberland. Everyone else has been terrible in every round of war.
  3. Chickenzilla

    Quality vs. Quantity

    Why do any of you care on either side. Just fight and stop complaining.
  4. Chickenzilla

    Mushroom Kingdom Official Sanctification

    I shall be his eternal tech farm. In this way I may be closer to Allarchon.
  5. Chickenzilla

    Alliances Throughout the Years

    Uhhh I'll just name some NPO NpO VE GOLD Atlantis, The Republic, MK, Vanguard, Hyperion, Vox, SWF, NoR, some other commie alliance, original VE, NpO again. I'm probably missing some. Oh well.
  6. Chickenzilla

    Because this is apparently necessary

    o/ Such wise men we follow!!!
  7. Chickenzilla

    Proof of Allegations

    What is Nagasaki again?
  8. Chickenzilla

    Will the Real Ragnarok Please stand up?

    [quote name='Isaac MatthewII' timestamp='1327907020' post='2910420'] Bet all those "RoK doomsday" callers feel pretty stupid in light of this and this http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108803&st=0 [/quote] This is scarrrrrryyyyy
  9. Chickenzilla

    Will the Real Ragnarok Please stand up?

    [quote name='cookavich' timestamp='1327905436' post='2910380'] It seems that some outside assistance is needed to restore full power to the rightful claimants to the throne, Joe and Bob. [/quote] Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  10. Chickenzilla

    This Is The Announcement You're Looking For

    Roll NATO over this.
  11. Chickenzilla

    Will the Real Ragnarok Please stand up?

    Joke alliance without the true leaders
  12. Chickenzilla

    Sanctioned Alliance Images

    Oh god this is glorious Edit: I like our filter
  13. Chickenzilla

    Announcement from Non Grata

    Good luck friends.
  14. Chickenzilla

    Announcement from Non Grata

    I'm like 50% sure Spycap is my friend from high school and is probably inactive as !@#$. I could be wrong though.