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  1. Things weren't the same without your large scale vision tbh. It was always enjoyed regardless of how cutthroat it got. Thanks and best to you as well.
  2. [i]General Robert E. Leet lets out a hysterical laugh, eventually collapsing into a fit of coughs from his well-worn lungs[/i] There was once a time this here Delegation and our greater Kingdom fought alongside those who came with us to this vast land from Greatfaqs Britain. However, a time came when random stragglers chose to follow godless men rather than the one true lord almighty. The year was Two-Thousand Eleven. I know the history books indicate quite well how the ensuing years were justly cruel to the followers of godless men.
  3. General Robert E. Leet lights up the finest tobacco south of the Mushlim Doomhouse line and grins I do see that y'all have stepped up to meet us for this final march! A well met foe with cheek to boot! Let there be no mistake however. There will be no surrender, for these sun soaked hills will be spattered and stained with the treasonous Viridia blood ten times over before I draw my last breath! Then, and only then, will this conflict cease. There'll be no victors here. Only a few brave and blessed men getting their last rites for their just crusade against the leeches of society.
  4. Why do you think MK still has all those nations "not quitting" on our AA? ;) Good luck Umbrella!
  5. I think we both know the point he's making is to not dignify those of us who follow the one true lord with a honorable response.
  6. General Robert E. Leet stands before a crowd of wounded, battered, and broken Mushlims In the end, it was indeed our great Delegation who stands alone and victorious from the half decade long entrenchment within our greater Kingdom. The Mushlims and their false prophet Gunnhamed have run scared, dooming themselves to caves throughout other lands. And so it is high time we make our final stand right here on these rolling hills and sun soaked lands! The good Lord has let it beknownst to us that our day of salvation is upon us! We mus' make good of our faith and our beliefs, for without them we are nothing. Over the past six years of righteous conflict, a state we've been in since nearly the moment our Kingdom was founded, we have subjugated our inferior opposition to the whip and gallows. We have struck down every foe that has stood in our way, with our supreme marksmanship and tactical superiority which became known from Atlantis to Pacifica. Our great Kingdom may not have always been the largest empire, but we have always garnered the full faith and attention of this here land. In no order, our unified and supremely privileged forces have taken down the empires of Paradoxia, Pacifica, Polaris, Super Friends, and even those damn folk south of the border in Dos Equis. Their empires were once vast, their subjugates passionate and delirious, and yet they all fell before us and became enamored to our endearing southern hospitality. For once you fell at the ends of our bayonets, we took you under our wing and gave you shelter. Food. Guidance. And most importantly of all, the good blessing of our lord Archon. While you fervently plowed our tech fields, we gave you a kind protection that not one of you had experienced before. And yet, in the end, there was one alliance who, while full deserving of our scorn, never received it. Due to the good umbrella of protection they received over the years, they never received what should have been served to them long ago. This group stood firm with godless and disarmed folk alike. They are a plague upon this society that must be cleansed. And so while the Mushlims and their false profit chose to take arms against the weak and helpless, it is those of us of faith who must do what is necessary for this land one final time. By the powers vested in me by our fine Delegation, it is time we RISE UP one final time! Let no round go unfired! Let the Viridian menace pay for their sins! Signed on this fine Seventeenth of October, Two Thousand and Thirteen Robert E Leet - General of the Delgation and former Crown of the Kingdom
  7. Lol keep telling yourself that bud. Only a handful of alliances were really deserving of receiving the defeat admission.
  8. The Mushroom Kingdom was the first place in this world I truly felt at home, and remained that way for a solid half decade. That's a [i]large[/i] amount time. The Kingdom long ago accomplished the initial goals it sought to achieve, and only through continuously striving to one-up itself were they able to remain at the very top of the political structure. Eventually this became quite tiring and repetitive. Despite how anyone may try and spin this, the truth of the matter is that MK simply out grew this game to the point that apathy took hold. [OOC]You have to consider how long it's been - six full years of existence. Considering for a moment the size of the community, which was never fond of mass recruiting new members, only poaching established friends and diplomats. These are people who were roughly in their latter years of high school or early years of college when MK was created. Today, many of them have much more rigorous higher education studies, jobs, families, or all of the above. The time commitment just wasn't there anymore nor the will to keep repeating the same tired actions.[/OOC] MK over its time has considered nearly every corner of the globe a friend at some point or another, even if never formalizing it via treaty obligations. I think that should be the greatest takeaway from how successful they were as an alliance - their relentless pursuit of keeping the game on its toes. In a world where reactions dictate generic alliance policy, MK was one of the only alliances that was regularly proactive in its action. My only regret is my own failure to help you guys get here today. I'm so happy for you guys and wonder what in the hell I'm doing myself.
  9. Oh hey, my name is on something again. Fittingly, it seems to be as worthless as I am these days
  10. Awesome. Time for us to kick off Phase 3, Ardus.
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