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  1. Not just a lackey, but a toadie!!
  2. While there isn't really anything wrong with drinking alone, the booze taste much better when drinking with good friends. Also drink to much by yourself and you might find a bottle of alcohol to be your best friend, which isn't something you want to have happen.Oh, definitely, drinking with people is awesome. Thing is, most of the time the people who say drinking alone leads to abuse are the same people who spend every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in front of the toilet because that bud light lime was just too good to pass up. There's something awesome about coming home from a long day, kicking back with a drink and watching something funny on TV that these people are missing out on. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that's a much more responsible use of alcohol than getting wasted with a few buddies playing some stupid drinking game. That's what we Thursday, Friday, and Saturday people do on Sunday and Wednesday.
  3. 1. Drink because you want it, not because you need it. - Besides while in college, yeah 2. Bent over a toilet isn't "fun", slow down before you get there, figure out what went wrong if you do, don't repeat. - Yeah people should figure this out back in highschool 3. Work hard, then play hard. Earn the booze. - What does this even mean 4. Be cool. Violent, passed out, mouthy, and stupid aren't cool. - Passed out isn't cool but is funny at your expense, and I'm just going to have to disagree with the rest of that statement. 5. Never drink alone. - Of course. 6. Courage and self confidence can't be stored in a bottle. - Completely, wholeheartedly disagree. It's called "liquid encouragement" for a reason.
  4. The fact that you're so unimaginative to create a new and unique argument shows how truly useless you are. Better luck next time you rehash the same tried and true CN rhetoric for the 375th time!
  5. One-word posts are permissible so long as they convey meaning.

  6. You do realize you're actually getting mad that we're no longer condoning the OOC attacks that once were acceptable in CN? You're complaining that we're no longer advocating war for OOC reasons, citing examples from the words of our members (at a time when Q still reigned free and reckless, no less)? That we're actually sticking our neck out for a target that plenty of people easily condemn for actions they've never committed? You're morals seems more left and right than ours these days, if only to find whatever jab you can get in. You're better than this, Schatt.
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