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  1. This guy loves when stuff glows.... :nuke: o/ FARK
  2. Yeah...generally this sucks, but on the same note I knew I had a ton to clean up. I have taken control of and tightened security during the past couple weeks, and ironically that has not been enough. At least one post above is from a thread restricted to just a few members. As of today I've removed admin privileges for others, but sadly too late. At least 4 valued members have had their forum profile deleted in the past 2 days. I'm pissed, but not at this thread...it has helped me identify who I believe the culprit to be.
  3. Thread would have been more EPIC with no replies....that said I've fallen into the trap and posted also.
  4. o/ CCC (hmmm...is it a sin to hail / bow to you guys) o/ RoK o/ CCC's God o/ Britishdude
  5. [quote name='Baron Flynt' timestamp='1339640023' post='2982467'] What a dumb justification - nobody really cares if you have a valid CB or not, and coming up with this half-assed excuse just makes you look stupid [/quote] lol, yeah might've been a good time to pull out one of the below CB's a) We don't like you...BOOM b) We're bored...bingo you're it c) Umm...yeah, just because.
  6. hmmm....so MK takes a guy in that has a known ZI sentence, and blames the other crew. I have no personal issues with either party frankly, but I have to agree with the post above, IG peace messages are hardly diplomacy. Maybe other efforts of diplomacy were made, but as the point was made to show the IG screenshots of the Peace offers, yet no other efforts were mentioned I'll assume they weren't. As such... LOL-CB
  7. [quote name='Tequila Mockingbird' timestamp='1327909277' post='2910468'] Any attempt to remove Emperor Bob Ilyani or Regent Joe Stupid from their rightful positions within Ragnarok will be met with extreme military force. Yours truly, Tequila Mockingbird, Vice Kommandur of the Ragnarok Liberation Front. [/quote] Tequila, We appreciate that you don't like the end result of our internal strife. However the warriors of Ragnarok have spoken with this move, and our remaining allies have also recognized the new government. RLF is not recognized as a factor in our sovereign decisions and the
  8. [center][IMG]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a388/Adelheid130/Forum_Pics/RoKLogo.png[/IMG][/center] [center]Over the past few weeks Ragnarok has faced a storm as we came under leadership that didn’t share the spirit of our culture, nor the values of our charter. This was not a coup led for popularity or any frivolous cause. One of the key principles within the charter forbids OOC attacks regardless of alliance affiliation. For our former leadership to not only engage in an OOC attack, but against our founder and former emperor & empress was beyond what our membership and remaining l
  9. Per the terms of our Ragnablok Pact http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Ragnablok our signatories are to bring us to the diplomatic table in conflicts with other alliances PRIOR to escalation. SUN has repetitively displayed a disinterest in any advice, assistance or other involvement from our advisors and government members. Their current response of continuing an attack on former member after he has applied and been accepted to another alliance without any diplomatic attempts is a breach of this agreement and frankly a final straw to our patience. Effective immediately, SUN, is expelled fr
  10. [quote name='Balder' timestamp='1299788659' post='2658918'] I really don't think you understand the position I placed myself into personally. Both sides ended up thinking I was singularly aimed at defending the other. In addition, Lazarus please fact check before making ridiculous assertions about my leaving. I never once hid that should Ragnarok choose to leave the Super Friends, I'd be immediately returning which is exactly how it turned out. Your Empress and Ruling Council were well aware of this from the beginning. I'm done deflecting your snide comments. If you'd like to address the c
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