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  1. I'm just a little out of the loop here. Are we talking about people benefiting from their own multis? If so, good show! Or are we talking about people who have (unknowningly) bought tech from nations who turned out to be multis? I'm not aware of any such purchases in my past, but I have sold donations, and one such nation was deleted during mid-payment (I don't know why, however)...I'm concerned if I am going to have tech randomly disappear from my nation, will I at least get a message about it? It's not as if I have knowingly traded with rulebreakers. If I am applying a $25-30 donatio
  2. I'm selling the donations. So I'm paying the $30 or whatever. :P
  3. Yes, this is acceptable. I'm doing multiple donations, so if others are interested, please shoot me a PM. I'm also especially looking for a re-occuring deal.
  4. Still doing this, and donations got an upgrade!. :) Any donation level. 600 tech for $30 500 tech for $25 400 tech for $20 etc.
  5. Please send me a message here or in-game. Thanks!
  6. Ahh MK...in all my wars, I had never been at the receiving end of a 3-nation quad before, it was indeed magical... I apologize to my opponents, I worked too much during the week to really participate in this war, to my regret. But I did get some hits in last weekend, which was all I wanted. And of course my goodbye nukes... <3
  7. [quote name='Captain Nathan Brittles' timestamp='1341095824' post='3000791'] This has all the earmarks of putting yourself into anarchy which would result in giving yourself a defeat alert. This would account for the infrastructure and tech losses as well as the missing spies. were you missing any money? Overdeployment could do it directly. How sure are you you only deployed to just above 20%? Or you could have indirectly become overdeployed. It's possible if you were real close to the line that winning the GAs put you under the 20% and caused you to anarchy yourself (the land gained fr
  8. I am either experiencing a very weird bug, or my account was compromised and someone is messing with me. I performed the following military operations today, and experienced these weird things: I had 800 spies (I checked before sending). I performed a successful spy op, but lost 20 spies. When I go to rebuy, however, I am missing 32. When deploying, I keep 20% of my soldiers (just over). Yet I was put into anarchy (I am not sure if this happened when I deployed or did my GAs). When doing my GAs, I won both, but I am down 101 infra. I also won ~32 tech, but I am only up 6.73. I am
  9. [quote name='ktarthan' timestamp='1340244204' post='2990939'] Zeal with it. [/quote] Exquisite.
  10. You just watch yourself, MK. We're wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems.
  11. [quote name='Megamind' timestamp='1327925652' post='2910540'] Also it appears to me, as a casual observer, that the decision to remove Bob and Joe was made by a few people, that just happened to include the owner of the forum, and not by the membership. If the removal was done with the backing of the majority of the membership, then why would there be a need to ban Bob and Joe from the RoK forums? If this was truly about what the majority of the membership wanted and not just a few coupers taking control, why was Bob and Joe not allowed to make their case to the membership? [/quote] From w
  12. [quote name='Megamind' timestamp='1327918439' post='2910509'] If possible, would you please explain how it is possible, under the RoK charter, for you to remove Bob and Joe? [/quote] If possible, would please explain how it is possible, for Bobby Joe to actually rule RoK if the membership doesn't support them or doesn't follow their orders? Would Bobby Joe, after cancelling all of their other treaties, have come to NATO, NSO or NoR and gone, "Our members don't listen to us, we need you to attack them so that they'll do as we say." Apparently, though, they would have gone to MK and TOP.
  13. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1327909440' post='2910473'] And here I thought we were done with the whole GOONs thing. I guess it's better than always being an inactive bottom feeder alliance, like NATO is. [/quote] That was honestly a typo on my part, but I'll stand by it.
  14. [quote name='Chickenzilla' timestamp='1327909128' post='2910466'] This is scarrrrrryyyyy [/quote] We at NATO know fear: [img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-va1ci-ZcVzQ/TyY_warjoNI/AAAAAAAAAuk/45hL-fex-mQ/s400/Chickenzilla.png[/img]
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