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  1. The purpose of a term such as a beer review is to make the losing party complicit in their own defeat. By pushing them to accept this "fun" term and act as if everything is fine between them and those who just attacked them and forced them to surrender, the victors are able to paint the war as something other than an aggressive action by using the defeated's one words. This is clearly obvious in our case, where our opponents actually wrote out a ridiculous confession for us to say. It's much easier to justify an entirely unnecessary war against an opponent who has no chance of victory when you can point to their own words and say "well, they agreed it was justified!" Joke terms, confessions, apologies, they all serve this function.
  2. Man, where was this neo-realist attitude when we were all in Continuum together? A little late to the !@#$%^& party guys, the world moved on.
  3. Heft

    3 CN Mindsets

    This reads like a Cracked topic page, except actually entertaining. I approve.
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    Love you dear!!!!

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